Only one force will emerge victorious, though, and claim this perfect staging ground for further conquest. Welcome to 40k and 40 minutes championships. Welcome folks to our third invitational, 40k and 40 minutes championship series to wrap up each of our seasons on youtube. Weve invited back some fan, favorites and thrown them together in a four game, mini tournament to see who emerges as this years champion. Will it be the resilient death guard piloted by child of chaos? Tycho imiga? Can the orcs run by mr initiative james jones hard enough? Will the necrons and michael buckthorpe see his luck return or is it truly the year of steve and his astral claws? Im your host jt mcdowell and joining us as well? Is tau nick frase, hello, im glad to be here? Jt im excited. You should be master of explosions, its nice to have you. This is shaping up to be one heck of a championship series you bet it is, and one of the things im actually really excited about is this year. How were doing the scoring the overall winner of this years? Title is not necessarily the player that wins both of his games. Right, who you play in round two will depend on who won the previous game, so winner will play winner and loser will play loser. However, the overall winner is the combined game score of both games, which means that, even if you lose your first game, you are not out and you still have a good chance of winning this.

If your opponents score low and you score high, exactly all four players are gon na have to push hard, not let up on the gas and focus on scoring as many points as possible should make for an exciting ride. Are you ready for this im ready four players? Four games, one champion Music. This first round is brought to you by frontline gaming. Frontlinegaming.Org is your go to for all things warhammer, and we are super pleased to be using their terrain and their mat for this first round of our championship. If you need anything, warhammer related, be sure to check out and tell them play on sent you this. First matchup brings child of chaos, tycho immigo up against james mr initiative jones in a death guard versus orcs list that promises to be absolutely slobber, knocking knock down drag out. I am tyco the child of chaos, obviously playing death guard today. Child of chaos, tycho has brought a very fast. Yes, i said fast death guard list with three greater blight drones and two fetid blow drones. He will be pressuring first turn for sure his grandfatherly influence chaos spawn round out his six fast attack choices in his outrider detachment with a plague burst crawler in support and two big squads of pox walkers hes also got some play. Marines and death trout, terminators all led by the corrodinator, his winged demon prince. He starts with eight command points, actually im feeling really good.

I am drinking black coffee for a change. I normally take a lot of cream and sugar. Today i dont need it its warhammer day. What do you think about this list? Tycho has built a really anti death guard list. This list is really problematic for a lot of players. If you cant deal with stuff flying up 14 inches and getting into your face turn one and potentially charging on the first turn, youre gon na have a bad time. What are the players have to watch out in taikos army like what are the? What are the pitfalls in his army that plague burst? Crawler can hit you from anywhere so as important as it is, and as much damage as it can do its a bit of a distraction, its a bit of a trap. If youre trying to camp on objectives with small units, the plague burst, crawler is going to obliterate even fairly strong infantry arent safe from that plaguers crawl. So its going to be interesting, his matchup for this game, one is against james jones, mr initiative playing his orcs. I love this list. This is my favorite list of the entire four lists that we have im james jones im here with my orcs just came to bring it james has countered, with some seriously killing characters in his orc vanguard and battalion death. Skulls are the order of the day with a beast boss on squigasaur war, boss and mega armor, a weird boy, pain, boy and a mech all leading two squads of burner boys.

Two squads of tank busters and two squads of commandos hes got two squads of gretchen for his meat shields, while his mega armored knobs pack, a real punch, his two trucks and deferral of battle wagon should provide some protection for moving up the board with his infantry Im excited to play tycho, i havent played him in quite a few years now. I believe it was about five years ago, wet coast. I played him center objective of the table: flask amazing game second day uh, one of my favorite opponents of that tournament for sure james has put together a real jack of all trades. I can do anything i need to anything. Hes got two squads of tank busters boyle boy of these guys gotten fantastic now and with taikos list having all those vehicles. Hes got six vehicles in his list, tank busters love, shooting a vehicle, they look intimidating and they will hit like a ton of bricks. Tell me about those commandos. I see two units of commandos in jamess list. The commandos are part of jamess strategy to retrieve octarius data, to get engaged in all fronts and theyre really important for him to forward, deploy and play forward. The problem is tyco. Has the ability to charge so james has got to be really careful with how far forward he throws them? Our mission today is scorched earth from the gt 2021 handbook. Six primary objectives are on the board and each is worth five if you hold one five more, if you hold two and five more, if you hold more than your opponent to a maximum of 15 per turn and 45 for the game for secondaries, james has taken Retrieve octarius data scoring points for performing an action in each of four table quarters, bring it down scoring points for killing vehicles and monsters, of which tycho has a fair amount and engage in all fronts.

Scoring points for having units holy within three or four table quarters. At the end of his turn, taiko has also chosen to engage in all fronts, but he has taken assassinate scoring three points for each of james characters. He kills, including a bonus point for slaying. The warlord hes also taken spread the sickness, which is a death guard. Specific objective im feeling like a defensive deployment, is probably going to be the way to go. I think rushing in on him is not a good plan. I need to play the long game and hold back a little bit im going to move in slowly feed him units where i feel its opportune Music. Here we have five commandos, deploying in forward position on this objective Music. I think both players have really set up with their own game plans in mind. Tycho has set up to press those light drones forward and to get into james face as soon as possible, whereas james has countered, with a lot of forward pressure of his own hes, got his commandos in position to not only retrieve octarius data in one of the Hardest zones, but also to score him. Some engagement points its a smart play. I think its gon na pay off for him lets see turn one. The day is mine, its time to seize the initiative. So no bonuses, no is a clean initiative against mr initiative, one dude, i think, thats how this game is going to go im feeling it yeah lets.

Do this? Oh my one more time: oh because when you have this much initiative, they call you mister up to six command points for james as he starts his turn. Hes coming through this crater here, im only gon na be able to move 10 inches. So his movement looks like hes trying to overload a flank in an effort to take control of the board as quickly as possible. Taikos drones move very quickly and hes gon na need to be careful that he doesnt overextend himself here. Okay, so im gon na rod. Now um lets do it in im gon na. Do it in this corner? Okay, so im fully out and moved now, ive rotted in this corner so lets just go into some shooting. Then he hasnt moved up his commandos. He hasnt moved the commandos. I think hes worried about the charge. I think hes worried about taikos counter charge, but he doesnt move up hes, not gon na score. A rod and hes not gon na engage no fronts. Thats potentially six points right there, so im gon na start by shooting the tank buster boys in this truck into your big gnarly, bring it on into the plague, burst crawler, uh, thats, three saved, which means i would take six damage which would bracket me. You know what tycho is spending a command point to reroll a save, and that takes him down to seven remaining then im gon na shoot with the truck itself think that im going to go into the spawn you on fire, so nothing happens.

There now ill move over to this truck here, im going to shoot the tank bus in this truck into the forge world drone, so also yeah, all seven into the greater black room. No, you know what i got ta i got ta do it. I got a split fire: oh yes, hes splitting fire nick. I know its awesome. Okay, so were gon na go four into the greater three into the the uh photo greater blight drone. All of them. Oh, my gosh, four moons at ap2 save two two through four down five left and then three tank buses into the folded drone. Well, the greater black drone is down to half wounds and the feta drone takes a couple wounds but thats it no points for james. Here, in turn, one, i think that was definitely a misplay with those commando so im feeling like a pretty big bonehead right now. Those uh commandos were supposed to push forward. I looked at them and everything, and just i didnt do it. I just didnt. Do it? No engage on all fronts. This turn oops, also theyre not going to rod now in one of those quarters, live and learn all right, so thats your first turn Music. My pox walkers are going to spread the sickness on this objective right here. Spreading the sickness of that objective starts him with the potential three at the end of the game. However, in this mission, objectives can be raised, meaning james could potentially take that away from tycho lets go to the drones over there.

Yes, who are touching that building they can see, i think theyre, just going to unload into that poor commando unit. Okay, so Applause i saved two one commando dies: save one fail one. So then im going to shoot the other drone at your truck at this truck yeah, i dont save either of them. So i go from 10 wounds down to eight and d6. Six hits with the maw uh i saved two of them, so take three more ones down to five. These three terminators are to spurt upon your commandos success. Oh i saved three nice, so i take four wounds. Just just the knob fully a full power knob. Well, powering up who i need to charge if im going to take that table quarter, so this drone over here hes going to fire your drawer, the ma one hit. It wins five up, no take that one. Nine wounds left nine wounds left on that truck uh. So im gon na spend one cp spinning a command point for his plague, burst crawler, to gain disgusting force to go to three damage on that mortar takes him down to seven left uh. The most disgusting force, i think, is going to be ending up into this wounded truck over here and then everything else is going to be into this truck here. So um the mortar, oh damn, surprise, surprise, not enough uh. So everything within three inches of that truck uh is gon na.

Take a mortal luna four up, okay, so the war boss. Yes, so on a five up, he ignores it. He takes it battle volume. Yes, no 12, guys inside how many ones were. Oh, the truck goes down and james loses two burner boys on the disembark. That was a beautiful shot. Attaboy uh entrepreneurs into the truck here. One hit tycho re rolling in a hit for a command point. Hes got six remaining plus three six moves down. Two three all right death guard gon na do some charging james is over watching with the burner boys. Now, for one command point: hes gon na take him down to five theyre disclaimers uh one gets, i think, im going to charge your knob with my drone, so my vetted bloat drone is going to charge the truck all right uh. I have four attacks. I get plus one because i have hateful assault im hitting you on threes uh. We rolling the three wounds at minus two, so they just go through its dead hes dead. All right, Laughter, james, is choosing not to interrupt here. You know, thats, not a bad call. He only has got five command points left and that would cost him two and he really cant kill it anyway. So its not really worth the trade continue lets chew up some burner boys. I hope you have heard about the disturbingness of my favorite weapon in the game, which is the flashmower mow.

Some flesh taikos spending a command point again here this time on demonic, gluttony, so hes going to recover wounds for all the stuff he kills takes him down to five command points. Lets uh chew up some orcs. He talks to get some moons back, so hes back to full wounds, and i have one last fight: yep im going to try and chew up your truck. Its only got three moons left two sixes uh, no, two: peas, theres one word: oh my five dead burner. Boys, when that truck explodes yay, no more burner boys in the whole okay, so now i get to fight back. You get to fight me back so im gon na start with the uh, the battle wagon. So you take four damage: theyre, two! Normally, each by minus one and then over here, im gon na do spend one command point to use tank buster bombs, uh, oh so i select one model in the unit and it just tries to hit you on a three out: Applause, thank god. Okay, but now its two d3 mortal wounds, four, five thanks. I realized at the end of this round that i may have overloaded one of my flanks and under under invested in in the other um meaning my demon prince, i think, is a little bit out of position, but i think thats, the only thing im a little Upset about in terms of how my first round has gone uh it pretty much, has been as good as it can go.

Ive engaged in all fronts, fully uh im getting out there making sure to match uh the objective race felt pretty good and, in turn, sees taiko scored three in a gauge and thats all leaving was an end of one score of three to nothing in favor of Tycho james gains a command point to go to five and also gains ten primary points, and it looks like its time to call the one good turn for you tycho im on the ropes here. This is not good. Oh jt im excited hes going to do it. Hes going to do it, yeah well just go into the movement phase, so im going to advance with this big boy here, so everything except for the mcboy jumps out um. I am now going to move the im going to roll the advance on these mega. Knobs. See how far they go advancing the war boss is just going to advance as well. Music. The grotts inside the building will retrieve octarias data. So now we are going to go into my psychic phase. Your psychic face im going to cast the crunch duck onto that unit of pox walkers psychic phase having to re roll its casting up to crunch for one command point down to four: ignore one: okay, three pox walkers die so uh. We will go into the shooting phase: um im gon na start by shooting these tank buses who didnt move into this back drone im gon na release the bomb squig on them.

This turn as well, so well do the bomb squeak. First, two up: oh boy: okay, what yeah im gon na? Let it go im, letting it go: hey the bomb squig! No! What is he doing? I i oh uh, if he rerolls to hit with a bomb squig that drones dead. Why doesnt? He reroll james re roll. He cant hear us points well spent seven rockets, seven d3 shots into that drone. I dont think im gon na need the squig its not that big down to one remaining. Oh man, oh man, if only the squig had hit. Oh, i shouldnt have shot that squig first, i should have shot at second, i could have command point re rolled it and everything and i blew it – the stinking rockets didnt do the job. I thought for sure. Seven rockets would be enough, but duh so yeah. So i think its just time for charges now now lets start with the mega knobs mega knobs are gon na charge into those uh pox walkers, i roll the three thats, not it so here we go boys im, not touching the grip, not touching the craters. Thank you um and then im going to charge with uh this big boy here, im just gon na charge, the closest drone i got an eight here – comes the beast boss on squiggasaur boy: oh boy, is he gon na do some work Music, my mega armored war, Boss, because of his mystic magic armor, the crush in armor on a two up, he is going to do d3, mortal wounds to that drone e3 for two three, so im gon na pile in with this pure squig sore, beast boss, touching both drones now so lets Start with his five attacks, he would normally have with his beast.

Choppa will go up to six attacks because of the beast, hide mantle and then another attack because of the wall three and then the chomps uh. So three mortal wounds. I cant really afford to spend command points because i need to interrupt here: taiko spending a command point on dark cravings here to heroically intervene with his fetid blight drone and now hes spending two more to interrupt and try to kill that war boss. I think this is a tough spend here, but he does have assassination as a secondary. However, it takes him down to one command point. I think i have a chance to kill your mega war boss here that im not gon na get again Applause. I save three of them, so hes seven goes down to five, probably wasnt worth it, but i had to try okay back to me. Then megan knobs well fight the pox walkers hitting you on fours yep, not go. No! The mega knobs mulch up eight pox walkers! So uh now well do the war boss, i guess youre still alive and the drone lives all right. I get to fight back that feta. Drone is gon na flesh mow some tank buzzes, real good kills them yay. So bad wagon has six attacks hitting you on twos with its death roller one uh do uh explode, oh god. I hope not a five will do it. Battle wagon has killed the other drone and it explodes.

So let me do some uh saves here so uh on a 5 up the war boss, doesnt take it. He takes it on a 5 up the uh, weird boy, doesnt take it. He takes it on a 5 up the commandos dont. Take it then take it up Music. I need to fight back with a drone over here i saved them. Both parks walked parks, walkers Laughter, walkers, actually wounded a mega knob really. You know james hasnt actually targeted that plague burst crawler anymore after that first initial volley. That might be a mistake. There hes one wound away from bracketing that thing and making it much less effective and that black burst crawler can do a lot of work. It really can, i think the issue he has is his tank busters have almost been completely nerfed. Taikos done a great job of making sure those tank busters arent playing in this game. I think splashing at a couple. Shots with big shooters might have been worth it to plink, an extra wound off it and just take down that efficacy from you know hitting on threes to hitting on fours thats 16. That could mean the difference in this game in a turn sees james score. Four for retrieve data two for engage in all fronts, two for bring it down and ten primary for a total of eighteen points. At the end of his turn, one taikos turn two now ten on primary and up to two command points.

Can i kill mega knobs with spawn? I can try. That is what i can do. Hes spreading the sickness on another objective, hes not going to score that to the end of game, so james can actually raise those objectives and take away those points. The psychic phase fighting of the mega knob, i have smitten the mega knob twos five ups. I take one wound. Well, at least i finished off one of them: rooting, toot and shooting phase; okay, so uh. This bloat drone over here is too far away to spurt. On anything, except for the grotts okay spurt, those garats are going to feel the cannon okay firing off the wingtip, because thats warhammer, i pour hammer for you im gon na, take it on the knob one spurt into your drops. I think it will yeah. They have me my plague. Marines here are gon na full daca into your squiggastore. Yeah yeah sounds good, go for it. I save one. I fail one one damage. He gets five up feeling the pain he is good and the grenade two shots both hit. Uh five. Zero ones, one wound: four up: fine, okay, so entropy cannons into your glass yep im going to put my mortar entry cannons into your beast boss, one hit tychos spending, a re roll here down to one command point and it fails isnt that always the way. Why does it work for you and not me because im mr initiative? Oh yeah, luckily its a plague, weapon, Applause, Laughter, i feel that pain.

I feel that pain. It happens, though, dice or dice, and they tell stories in this case it was three ones that could change the game right here. It could be huge denied by mr initiative, big border into your tape, busters full shots good. So all the tank busters, but one charge base is huge here. This is gon na be a real determiner for the rest of the game. Lets do the greater drone first and the one nearest you yep find the building thats thats. So you want me like deep in there yeah, okay, oh thats, deep, yeah, its perfect deep, so his bunny next door, yep six thatll! Do it same thing same thing: uh here come some spawns, four, all right! So, starting with some chaos spawns uh it spawned what weirdness they bring to the table today, a one, oh one that is razer claws: thats, excellent, im, ap minus four; okay Applause – oh, that was so bad. Oh wow only two wounds on the mega knobs tycho, spinning to reroll. The wound succeeds but hes out of command points and james saves it wow. So that brings one guy right: yep drones, okay, ill! Do the greater first yep so two more dead, grots, seven, eight thats the squad yay just im going to attack the pox walkers. I dont get the real one, so i lose three, but i still have w on the point. Spending two on insane bravery here takes james down to two command points, but that tank muster holds that objective and thats points.

The end of two sees tycho with another 300 gauge and his 10 a primary to go to 16 to jamess 18.. We got a close one here, folks for the first match of the championships top of three now james gains, a command point to go to three tycho is currently out of command points and james gains 10 on primary its a close one. It is its tight, its tight im concerned im concerned, but also, i feel good. Yes, i am in the same pose the uh commandos are going to push up into the corner. The weird boy is going to go and stand in the center of their little triangle. Oh wow, the mad dog is going to advance the big one there we go, he needed it. I needed it, and that is the end of my movement. Hes casting fist to gork on his ward boss is going to make him dead killy for sure. So he now has plus two strength plus two attacks thats a lot. He is a beasty boy now, okay, lets do some shooting so um im gon na start by unloading with his big shooter, big shooter, manned by the grot gunner, so hitting on fours uh into these guys. Here five two pesky pox walkers die the rocket into the drone. D3 shots got them both. I need two fives. You got. Ta die buddy thats, not two fives. Does he explode? Oh my do i take you with me.

Probably i want to see this happen. Yeah. They explode on fours, oh boy, okay, oh the tank buster takes down that vetted blowtrone Laughter. Well, at least we made nick happy yay, okay, so im now going to my charge, phase im going to start by charging with the war boss charges into the spawn. In comes the pain boy as well, and the beast boss too charge fish in the charge phase on a two up. You take d3 mortals four, two to the spawns going into the plague: marines Music so now were gon na move on to the mega war boss. Here so i take seven wounds: okay and then im gon na pile in and fight with this guy whoop twos perfectly rolled through sneaky one. I fail one. He takes two. He goes down to two wounds, but hes going to crump you back, pox walkers are down. That is absolutely massive. No more objective secured on that objective. We have a game, were gon na were having a game here. Tycho we are james scores, another brick at down. Point plus his 10 from primary takes him to 29 points at the end of his third turn: okay uh. My turn taikos three, now ten more on primary and an all important command point looks like the death shroud are spreading the sickness on a third objective for tycho, and they take two mortals doing so. James has got to be much more careful about this spreading the sickness here.

Taikos now managed to do it to three objectives and thats gon na score on big points, its nine points at the end of the game, but dont forget he can still raise objectives if he can get something so thats key. Maybe he could james can take that objective and raise it its a detriment to himself for not having that objective to score, but if he can stop taka from scoring points, it might be worth it yeah magic of magic spell. Here we go psychic phase, fightings, seven whats up denying on an eight; oh no smite, for you, sir, so were into something bob drone here he is going to spurt on your battle wagon, okay and hes, going to auto cannon your rots autocannon scratchs, taking three seven Grots remain loving, it um and the spurting into your wagon. I save it hey that thing has a five up involved. That is all the shooting outside of my plague. Bruce crawler, both entropy cannons into your squiggasaur tyco, spreading his last command point in disgusting force to spread around some mortals from his plague, burst crawler and do three damage on that mortar. So here comes the mortar into your bore boss. Youre scared me taiko. I saved two: how much damage does it do three flats three flat james is spending a command point here down to two to reroll a three up, save how unfortunate uh i wont die. I takes it down to five and theres my cannons.

Oh, i cannot do two hits in the edge of the cannons except into trucks. Uh. Oh tycho, im, sorry, my dice but happy so i have to actually charge both your characters. You know what hes a character he would have gloriously intervened in babysitter. Do you princes turn to the war boss im so excited? Oh hes, gon na get crunked all right. Betsyn war, boss or demon prince war boss, im taking the demon prince, go tycho. James does have a fight on death in his pocket here, im, not sure. If tycho is aware of that charging your battle wagon, this could be the turning point. My drone yep make it and you have enough to interrupt so. I have to my prince first hes got to get lucky here. Yep, i have to get lucky here so uh the claw will fight the knob. The one attack from the sword will try and off your pain boy. First, okay, five more attacks into the big boss sounds good. Taika was splitting attacks and you all know how i feel about that. I never think that split firing is a mistake. See i like to set lofty goals for the mightier victory split fire all the time. Everyone got to go perfectly so single attack into the pain boy to start im. Guessing yes, hes alive with a wound, all right, uh the claw into the knob hits i get it. Cant get lucky here and five attacks into the war boss, uh four up in bones all right, so that war boss, is in big trouble.

Hes got hes gon na die, ive got a ive, got a choice. I can either re roll the the save or bank on the feel no pains, and i feel like the one cp to re roll, that four up and keep him alive is better than spending the two cp to have him fight on death, because chances are im. Not gon na make those feel no pains and i need him alive, so he needs a four up here. I get it so he takes how many three wounds yeah, you feel no pain. I dont make any of them so hes down to two wounds: okay and you get to fight here, because i cant interrupt you now my involved. I involve one of them, so two of them go through multiple damage, four damage uh, so they go down to one damage each because theyre too great, oh ramshackle. So i take two damage so im now going to fight you back with the battle wagon. First. Well, save that forever im down to one wound. Now we are going to go with the boss, the boss. So here goes the pain boy, now, Applause you save it and then the mega knob and the demon prince lives so good. This is a good game. Dude. This is a i knew. This was gon na, be a doozy. I knew it was gon na, be a news, solid turn for orcs. I think ive got him on the ropes now so yeah turn three has been a tough one um.

My dice dont seem to be pleased with how im approaching this game really really good turn. I put the hurt on a lot of his units and he barely did anything to me. Im feeling really good now really good chest. Puffed up these orcs are coming and they have destroyed me on this flank that the characters are pushing deep into my zone. This is gon na get bad n3 and tycho scored three more on a gauge to bring our total score to 29 29. At the end of three folks, we got a real barn burner here. James turned four ten on primary two command points and hes got ta, make some moves here and shut tycho down, as he really has board presence on him. So lets just uh jump straight into some moving, so this weird boy is going to jump over here to the corner of the building Music psychic phase. I am going to attempt to smite with this weird boy. Whos drone. Oh, gets it on an eight need. A nine come on nice, big Laughter, one away vetted blow. Drone is down thats another bring it down point straight to the charges. We have no shooting this turn so uh. First, off im going to charge with the the war boss, then im gon na try to charge you with this battle wagon. I do it. Oh my gosh youre, not the only one with a mulching mower, so lets just go with the brutal but cunning war boss.

Uh, so here comes the squig bites. Now i got two of them. Taking one mortal moon and ive got one wound left. So here comes the other five attacks. Man that beast boss is seriously scary. What a machine well looks like you want that one thats true! So battle wagon now putting it six attacks into the greater drone. I take two of them: theyre theyre. Two they go down. Okay, so ive got seven left. James goes up to 41 points at the end of his four. He definitely needs some stuff to go right for him here. Tycho gains a command point and 10 on primary hes in a really good spot. All right, i have to kill off characters with my tank here, thats my only chance spending his command point on disgusting force. Again, trying to wear down the orc blob thats threatening him. Actually, you know what im gon na go for glory going for the glory going for glory, so im gon na split some fire, bold plant, bold plant, split firing, tycho, thats, uh thats, an orcish way of doing things hail gone into your paper, got it the one. Only one entrepreneur into your boss: okay, uh, the disgusting force mortar and the other entropy cannon into the squig boss, okay thats, how thats gon na go down when it works its awesome. Splitting fire is a lot of fun, not necessarily the most tactically sound thing. 60 of the time it works every time right, exactly all right, so were gon na start with the hail gun, then into the pain boy Applause we got one oh wow ignores on a6 Music.

He is dead, a character down thats a point for me: okay, continue, sir okay, big old entropy cannon into your war boss hits we rolling to save the war boss here were up. No war, boss is down. Oh, it all comes down to that beast. Boss. Now beast boss on squiggasaurus super tough lets see what happens, not good. All right uh here comes a d6 disgusting force shots. Oh look at that. I save one uh and he has uh ignore wounds on fives. I ignore two of them. He takes two moves and last century cannon i do not save it. Five damage, oh no hes alive. No hes might not be minus one damage, but yeah you took you roll. I still take right, but the beast boss is still alive and i have 3d fixed shots onto your battle wagon with spurt three up. Save i take one so one damage yep a couple of charges: uh, just trout, terminators, okay, the pox walkers are charging the mega knob Music Applause ive made the objective you made the objective, so thats fun, Music. I thought i might have been able to screw you with this intervention, so i i will heroically intervene with the war boss. This is a tough charge here to swing. Everything around lets see how they sorted out all right, so six attacks into your war boss. I save it all right now i get oh well and now you can fight with your desk rounds, death shrouds so ill.

Do that quickly, it hits it wounds. Ap1. You got two, so you take it. One damage wow ill. Take that and then over here lets start with the big boy, so that was six of them. All six worked okay and then the three squig bites, twos um, okay, yeah ill go through and then the mega knob is golden for you. I lose one more guy. Thats my objective yep, it is, i hate facing box walkers. They just dont run. They dont run theyre its so frustrating to put a ton of shots into them and then one lone zombie, just objective zombie, puck didnt, do any damage, but they stood around so shocker of shockers. I seem to have put myself in a decent position to win this thing uh. My drone needs to survive a charge of multiple characters for me to have a real good shot at winning this game man. What a big turn for tycho seven assassinate points as well as three more on engage, sees him jump out to a 49 41 point lead heading into turn. 5.! Does james? Have enough gas left in his tank to catch a little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck and ive got a fighting chance here: 10 primary and a command point again to go to two and hes got his work cut out for himself. Oh boy. Okay were on the ropes now i i dont know. If i can do this, but im im gon na im going for the long bomb were throwing the hail.

Mary were going for the end zone. I think james realizes that he cant catch tycho, but he can limit how much taiko scores and score as much as possible. After all, this is a two game aggregate score we are doing so. He just needs to focus on scoring as many points as he can. Movement face done these guys rod in this corner uh. This guy is going to repair this thing, so that is going to be a two wound: regain full fight again back to the top tier again and that burns the ground. Then i will do my psychic phase. All right smite, it is on an eight, ah smiting, the greater drone rerolling the damage for two mortal wounds, not enough so im gon na shoot with this guys custom mega blaster pistol into that drone. I must kill this drone. This turn i have to otherwise its gon na push forward into my zone, give him engage and give him a second objective. I i got ta kill this run. You bastard, oh desk, hes, a desk hes blue hes, blue ap3. Of course, i failed it youre, like yeah d6 damage, ah im gon na reroll. This last command point three damage. I have three wounds remaining on my the greater bloke drone. I totally forgot that it was d3 shots. I i thought the pistol was a single shot. Six grotz shoot into him into the drone: no uh thats, it thats all the shooting, okay, so charge time.

You have no fan points for overwatch, good uh. This guy here is going to charge up your butt. He gets a six thats going to be in weird boys going to try him whoa 12. off. He goes so lets just go straight into the fight so um i will do the weird boy first oh, come on. I need this three right now. Three right now. Two two damage two damage: uh: how many attacks the mech have their jt two, the one who rolls hes blue? Oh, oh ap, one three wounds at ap1. What feel two of these taiko failed? Two of these. How did that? Go world victory, effing wounds on me. One last one thats: okay, you get to pick the first on going. Oh, i think im gon na have to try and save my terminators from the full wrath of the battle wagon good call. I take three down to five. I will uh kill those guys now, with my beast boss, ignoring on sixes. My units go okay, so eating a mech yep. I just take them. I ate the mick, but that was huge. That makes a big difference. Thats actually going to gain me. Like five victory points for that guy not dying, i think i only shot one shot out of the custom mega blaster when it could have done d3 could have killed that drone. Jmns turned five with eight points for retrieval terrigas data four and engage in all fronts.

Five on bring it down and 40 on primary for a current total of 57. tigers going to try for that last assassinating point to see if he can get the beast boss and no luck so thats going to end his turn. Five pretty quickly. 80 67, including paint scores for your widow, tycho immigo, congrats tycho. You squeaked that one out, but remember folks. This is a back to back two games in two games with a total score over both games. Deciding who wins the play on season three champions its? Not over yet big thanks to taiko and james and my partner nick boom boom freys for an incredibly close and entertaining game. Good luck to both those guys in the next round. Also, a special thanks to our sponsor for this episode, frontline gaming theyre your go to for all things warhammer. We are super happy to be using their terrain and their map for this first round of our championship and the second, if you need anything, warhammer, be sure to check them out and say play on sent to you. Next game we have coming up is going to be michael versus steve. Necrons versus astral claws same mission same table, but who knows what the outcomes going to be game? Two comes out next week: dont miss it thats all for all of us here at play on jt over here nick over here and until the next time. You see us in the grim dark universe of the far flung future play on.

I got to do it. I got lucky, it was a fantastic super tight game: hey congrats tycho – that was a great game. Man, you did a great job. You played awesome james. I think you are a fantastic player with a great army. You should have beat me as much as everybody would like me to see. See me rematch with mike. I would rather play steve.