I was reminded about it because the verve domestic drone is now available, as well as a color palette, and i would love to click on it. But well. Prime gaming has this lovely thing of when you click on something? It shows a lot of personal details so to claim this, you have to link your warframe and your pc account as well as sadly prime gaming, amazon, prime, and all that pull over its septembers the end of september or the middle of september. That is going to be well the best one because its the ephemera im looking forward to. I may actually do this as well as that, because its just a domestic drone, so once youve linked everything, you can come over click claim and upon login. I do believe it should just come up with a message that says well there. It is actually theres two messages: theres the original message: wow okay, this thing had actually been up for nearly an hour and a half. When i did the previous video, i thought it was up for minutes nope, but as well as it actually saying once you have claimed it, it will say uh its been processed and is now in your inventory, but yeah youll receive this message that reminds you that This thing is actually a thing and yeah that one was around for quite a while before i did that. So who knows how long this ones going to be? Because nobody cares, there is nice ways of putting it, but absolutely nobody cares, because the prime gaming stuff has its problems and the biggest problems of all is the fact that you need amazon.

Prime for this i would love to put you. Oh, my god youre gon na. Let me really, i cant put items up here, but i can put you there. No apparently not click click. It should be ready for places it shouldnt be allowed to go. Oh, oh, its! Just not letting me put this absolutely anywhere. What um click pops to mind? Hey? Okay, so i cant just tuck you in we have the barrel one in there, so we cant just tuck you in there with the barrel one i can, because what i want to look at is this thing in action. Just kind of wait for the door to close then freeze time and figure out. I cant get past your rally because her heads big move, you all the way over there and end up stuck in a window. Are you kidding me right now? Just let me have free camera geez that glass catches everything, so we can come down here and have a a better look at this thing, because it does have obviously the verve pattern it doesnt have the verve reaction on the front. That is that, weird effect, though it is kind of on the inside, where that glowy part is unlike these things, that uh thats just a normal one, and anybody else missed the weird face they used to pull because they used to have faces on the front, and I dont know what happened to that unless im thinking of a different one lets just.

Could you open this door? Please no youre, just not going to behave. Are you somebody come open this door im gon na have to open it myself seriously. I am right. My thinking here on i this is going to annoy me before i get any further into this. Where is the funny faces they used to pull because they had eyes and such kind of projected in front of them and its gone? When did that happen? Because they would literally pull funny faces there, it goes. Thank you so im not going mad. They do in fact have weird faces that they pull its just not on a screen at the front like i was kind of for some reason. Expecting it just kind of happens, so ah theyve got to find it now. It does have the effect that i was expecting the actual verve skins to have behind it, and it just leaves a trail thats, pretty much it other than that its just a landing craft. Decoration that wanders around randomly and will get stuck in the weirdest of places. It does look pretty nice for a domestic drone. If you have amazon, prime, it is a way of getting if i really want to avoid seeing the f word its your way of getting a domestic drone without using platinum to get it. But well there are other ones that you can get other ways without using platinum to get them that exist in the game like urellis and then fested one.

I cannot remember how you get that infested one and then theres the one from barrow, and then there is now this one thats im kind of following round waiting for it to do something special like the face. The normal domestic drones have got, but it doesnt. That is pretty much all it does. It leaves a trail behind it and its just another object in your landing craft to move around, as i mentioned at the beginning of this, its the ephemera next month that well youre going to kind of want to concentrate on remembering to get, and with that i Think well leave this off yeah for now, thanks for watching and the catches next time a battle of the drones whos going to win.