If you include the closed beta in early 2012 is about nine years old were going on a decade here and if you have a game, a live service, game or a game that stays with people thats going to be around for a decade, new updates to the Game are going to be important not only for the path to the game, setting some type of standard of what the game should be doing, but the future of the game matters a lot and setting the standard of what people should expect in the future. And for that reason i think the new war is probably objectively more than likely the best quest in warframe. Now i know people are attached to quests. Like the second dream, i know theres a lot of emotional resonance. That kind of goes with that, but if youre looking at character story, quality campaign, overall production, quality voice acting and sound, i think, if youre being objective its pretty clear that the new war is by far the best quest – and i think dee did an amazing job On it, Music, just a warning before we start this video, this is going to have tons of spoilers, so definitely go play the quest first, all right, but were going to break it down powerful part now just thats wise just going through this thing. There are some things you should know. First of all, the quest is about six hours, long thats with me.

Taking my time i didnt just blitz through the content. I stopped. I looked around at some of the amazing sky boxes that were in the game. I actually did some of the stealth elements a little bit slower, so you could possibly clock in a whole lot faster than this may even bring it down to five or even four hours, if youre just blissing through it – and you maybe know the things that you Need to do you know the mechanics of the boss, fights or the mechanics of the missions, but six hours seemed to be about where i landed. Taking my time, i only had one crash, which is amazing for a launch of a new dlc, the rail jack section, which i worried about, because the rest of the game that maybe people didnt have access to. If they were just coming back to play. The quest. Only about 15 minutes for the rail jack section and of my honest opinion is probably the lower points of the quest but thats just my opinion, the necromex section, which also had progressive elements. Maybe if youre returning to the game you didnt have access to that less than 10 minutes, maybe even 12 minutes on the high end. So you dont have to worry about that and the biggest stat after i ran the numbers about 80 percent of the quest is played completely without the progressive elements of the game, meaning you dont even have access to your warframe that youve had for nine years or Less or however long youve been playing the game, and i think the fact that the power and progression of the game has not been used in this campaign has actually made it better and ill explain.

But first the quest starts off with an intro showing double versions of different main characters in a quest if youre into some really nerdy schrodinger type stuff, its gon na pay off and uh steve, im, pretty sure hes the one who wrote this good job like if Youre into some of the nerdier things about science fiction and sci, fi and quantum theories, and that type of stuff, if youre, that nerdy youre gon na find some good quality. Sci fi here next were introduced to call 175 aka call of duty youre going to be playing a grenier. 80 of this update is boots on the ground and i think it works here, because you have to remove the power of the warframe, warframes and tenno, and all these these things have become so powerful and removing. It brings you down to the ground level and it actually presents some threats from the enemies. It presents threats from the environment. It gives you a little more immersion because youre not lightning fast zipping across the map you can slow down and overall, you can just indulge and enjoy the quest at a decent pace where things arent just moving too fast and youre, just not melting enemies. This is also good because, in order to have a universe that you can be immersed in its going to really help to see characters like this to see characters that are on the ground level, even if those characters are enemies, you get more of a sense of The universe of the game, how other characters live in this universe and how? Overall you as the hero or the tenno, are affecting the world around you? You cant really have a full perspective from the sky down.

You have to see things from the bottom up and um yeah having a section like this really helps the interesting thing about this is you do have abilities the abilities, arent absolutely needed, but they do help kind of juggle. The rock paper scissors filling up the quest. A grenade, you shoot your gun, you have melees, you can do finishes on enemies and overall, its a pretty good experience, and this was a basic experience that was the only part of the game called 175 part 1. The series um, you could almost make a case for that. It feels almost like mass effect or something like that now. One huge payoff here and what i wasnt expecting is the emotion of it. Its really hard to show emotion through 3d characters, and even the standard for a free to play game should be fairly low, but holy god. Bro, like d, definitely delivers here. The emotion that you get from call when he has to sacrifice himself to finish the mission is its pretty top tier its good stuff now completely opposed to that and where im gon na have almost the opposite opinion is when you get to the section with vessel Vessel is a corpus and it is the opposite of the call section. So, for instance, while the call section was extremely emotional and story driven and boost underground, and it was more of a visceral experience, but it kind of lacked as far as the abilities, the vessel corpus section, goes full on in mechanics, gameplay and abilities.

Right generally, in the lord, the corporates are meant to be more hands off and they more relied on the robotics. The abilities are basically based around these three robots. You get one robot is a mower that can jump through small holes and maneuver and go different ways and explode. Then theres a shield drone that actually can give you shields and a more offensive drone that has turrets on it. Now. You would almost think these are some pretty basic things theyre pretty easy to understand, but to these credit there are some scenarios that they set up, that you have to get through with the quest where you have to think about things mechanically, like, for instance, in spoiler. There are sections where you have to put the shield drone in a specific place where your other robotics can survive different elemental hazards to complete the quest and its kind of a rock paper scissors thing, where youre solving problems with the three different robots and its really Really good and thats really the highlight of it and again i dont know if this could be a full game, but i could definitely see a full game having different robots. That kind of represent you where youre kind of weak, but the robots have different things that they can accomplish, and that could be a full game. So this is pretty amazing stuff, but i hate to bring things down, and this is where i get a lot of pushback from the community, because you guys know im not the biggest fan of rail, jack and im, not the biggest fan of necromac im, not the Biggest fan of things that pull you away from what could possibly be more of a core experience from here, you have to do the rail jack section.

Now. To these credit, the rail jack is an amazing concept. I never really liked it as a combat device and also a good thing that worked here is barring some small things where the rail jack will constantly explode and reset itself its kind of annoying, where youre trying to complete the mission and the rojak is so fragile. Because youve never leveled it up. I know thats my fault but its, not so bad that you cant finish it and again, within about 10 to 15 minutes youre past the section anyway. So if youre a person whos coming back to the game, youre not really excited about rail jack, but youre excited about the new war. I can tell you, with some glitchy rail jack blowing up reset mechanics. You can get to that mission without ever having to level up the rail jack or deal with that at all, which i guess is a good thing now. This is where things get really cool. This is the testing section if youre any type of weeb or into action, games or swords. I mean you play warframe, so here we are youre going to love this, so you play his testing hes. Essentially, a combat tutor of the tenno youre gon na have double swords. Youre gon na have abilities where you can swap out your main damage type for other types like cold, electric and fire, and you have to match up those elements to deal damage to certain enemies.

You also have a glaive that you can throw where you can travel further, so theres some movement, mechanical movement there and also built into the map. There are these puzzle sections where you have to go to certain sections and punch certain devices, and then that kind of shows you the way out of the room. So there are environmental puzzles to go along with the combat, but just overall, if you were to just take the cool factor of this testion, is samurai coolness to the top levels. If you were to basically show me a trailer of a video game named teshan where he was the main character – and it looked like this – and he showed it at the game – awards id be like yeah id – probably buy that you know so just to have something In here, thats just high quality, where its almost like a full game, even more than the other two characters way more than the other two characters. This is pretty impressive. Now it is short only makes up a small percentage of the quest overall, but it is pretty cool. Uh mechanic wise, i would say the changing of the elements is flashy and amazing, and and its gon na be pretty cool to look at, but it doesnt really go anywhere as far as um mechanics or to challenge you in any way. But who cares bro its flashy and its amazing? It doesnt last long, so i liked it definitely a thumbs up for me.

Next, we get a cutscene and the cutscenes are really good in the quest overall, like really high quality, great camera angles, great audio, great uh narration, going on over it great characters. Everything is pretty good now. The only thing i will say is at times things are happening so fast that maybe, if you blink, you might miss something and not totally understand the context of whats going on, which is a small negative which is going to bring me at the end of this Video to talk about this quest is not replayable, so do not blink. You will lose context um, but overall, outside of the fact that youll lose context. If you dont pay attention to small things, um very high quality cutscenes and that type of thing next up is the drifter. I warned you guys before we even started this. There are going to be spoilers, but oh, my god, this is the most obvious spoiler ever so you end up playing a character named the drifter youre, completely shrouded in different garbs and youre not supposed to be able to know who that is, but its pretty obvious That nintendo just disappeared, so this is some form of nintendo. It makes sense right away again. I warned you guys the spoilers now from a gameplay perspective where this gets interesting is because we talk about difficulty, whats, easy whats hard and when its appropriate, for a mission to be easy and when its appropriate for it to be hard and those types of issues.

Pop up hearing out through the quest, especially here, because when i played this section youre on earth – and it appears to be a stealth section, its actually not – you could use some mild stuff stealth and some abilities and just some running forward. The character is fragile. So you can die, which doesnt happen much in warframe relatively speaking, but here you can die but its not as difficult as maybe you may assume. So if you want to take your time and go through this and enjoy the stealth, which is fun, i will tell you the stealth in the new war is actually enjoyable, but its not required. So if you want to just blow through the quest, you have good aim, you have good perception of whats going on around you. You dont have to tiptoe through this quest. You could just get it done and i actually think thats a good thing. I would have liked to see the stealth maybe be slightly more punishing, but you have to be careful there because, if its any more punishing it might not have been that fun, so this is probably still a thumbs up for me. Next, we get some customization of the drifter. I dont want to talk about exactly my thoughts on this because i feel like there are some other elements of the quest that you need to see. First, but ive got a ton of opinions on this that we absolutely have to come back to now.

Next, we get another stealth mission on the planet: venus its a little bit shorter, youre, basically just creeping through some of the town areas trying to get to the end of a tunnel, not a whole lot going on here. But you know its nice and then you go into a much bigger corpus stealth mission. Now the stealth here is actually more punishing because the enemies um they will one shot you they will spot you a lot easier and its more puzzly. There are elevators. There are small paths that you have to cross behind and just mechanically its a lot more stealth, a little bit more metal gear, solid back in the day than the earlier drifter mission is, and it still works. The extra difficulty trying to complete this mission and not being spotted, actually works, and i i think i died, maybe once or twice in this mission and i still blasted through it and it was enjoyable. But i still have to give dde credit here, because if you were to take these stealth sections and again make them into a full game, i think this is full game material like if you take away all the combat, if you only did the stealth, if you Only did the enemies patrolling metal gear, solid type gameplay. This is this – is pretty high quality stuff. They did a good job now heres a small complaint, and this is probably where you should ignore me, because im just an old man yelling at the cloud.

At this point, ive never been happy with where the game has gone with the stalker. I think the stalker being almost like an anti hero or a villain, thats kind of hidden away throughout the story, has a lot of interesting potential and even here, hes not really used after the second dream, i thought that we were going to do more with the Stalker and even here, the stalker does barely anything hes like a doorman at a club like hes like a bouncer at a club, its weird, and they dont really do anything with him like im. Glad to see hes here, but it kind of seems like an afterthought and thats unfortunate, because there are some elements where the story still hasnt been explained. I think destiny kind of has that problem. Destiny 2, where there are still elements of the story here we are six seven years later, that you dont really understand, and even with the stalker, we dont really fully understand the stalker. At this point, or at least it hasnt been presented in a way where everyone understands it and um its just kind of unfortunate that the stalker is just kind of just hanging out and theres an interesting story. There thats not really being told. But you know whatever at least we got to see him now hun. How does introduce the archons and the archons are essentially the mini bosses of the quest. I told you guys earlier, if you blink your miss stuff, and even here, if you blink youll, miss exactly what the archons are.

There are warframe bodies with monster heads on them: dont blink and dont go to the restroom youre not going to understand any of this, but mechanically theyre going to serve as bosses. Youve got a loki with owl head. You have a mag with a snake head and you have a rhino with the wolf head. All three of the bosses are different and theyve got their own mechanics once we get to that part in the story, ill talk about the mechanics and what i think about them. As far as difficulty and bosses overall spoiler, its not dark souls like some people are saying um but well get to that when we get to it, but first we got ta nerd out for a second, even though i said that some elements didnt get explored like The stalker there are some elements that are finally being explored in the warframe universe in this quest, and not only am i happy because theyre being shown and explained and given context im almost so happy because you get to kind of nerd out on these elements. So the backstory of the tenno is that they were aboard a ship called the zarman and they flew through a void, storm or some type of engine malfunction and thats how they get their powers by traveling to the void storm. But also there are other elements of the story like the man in the wall and all of these things need to be explained by showing what happened on that spaceship.

When you got your powers and this kind of starts teasing that, where theyre explaining different elements of like quantum theory and quantum physics and if youre an if, if youre nerdy like i am, i love these science elements. I was a science major in college. Youre gon na find a lot of enjoyment in this theres different stuff about the passage of time, theres, different stuff about quantum physics, very fun and interesting stuff, and its really cool to see the universe being grounded in actual scientific theory and using that to inform the Story and inform the way um the world unfolds and i think its pretty cool, i think theres, some cool stuff, oh and theres, a quiz that answered you better pay attention. Now we got to talk about the archons, because one thing i heard was that warframe had become dark souls. I didnt believe it for one. Second and ive always wanted some scaling difficulty and some mini bosses. I remember back in the day we got the idlons, which were these huge multi phase, 30 story, high enemies that required some mechanics to beat and some teamwork. These guys dont require teamwork. This is a single player campaign, but its a little more difficult than what youd. Probably expect from any typical enemy just running around in warframe now. Is it dark souls? No, its not even close. Is that a bad thing? No, i think for what the story demands. These bosses are just time consuming and just difficult enough to be stepping stones just to get you to the next part of the mission.

If youre not paying attention, if youre not landing shots, you can definitely be here a little longer than you want to be. But i fear that if this part of the quest was a little more difficult and the archons were a little harder to beat im, not sure it would have made the quest even better. Now, if you take these enemies and put them back into the rest of the game where you dont feel like youre hitting a roll bump as far as finishing the campaign and seeing the rest of the story, i think that would be totally fine. But in the context of the story, i i think the difficulty is tweaked slightly on the easy side, but close enough to where it needs to be, where i think its still fun. I think the story keeps moving and its like watching a movie more than anything. If you make these bosses any more difficult, i think its gon na pull you out of the story again. This story, clocks, in at about six hours, playing it slowly, thats like watching two to three movies anyway, so youll sit down in one afternoon and youll play this, and the bosses will feel just fine. I would love to see this quest become more replayable, where you could crank the difficulty up once youve already seen how the quest works itself out, and then the bosses be more difficult and engaging, but as far as just playing this through the first time.

No, i think its exactly where it needs to be difficulty wise. You dont need dark souls in warframe. I dont have a lot to say about the return to the zarman in this cutscene, but i will say man. The rest of the world is missing out on a man in a wall. The man in a wall is a short lived, mysterious character, maybe possible villain in the warframe universe, hes, essentially warframes slenderman or something hes scary, hes, weird hes creepy. He has a very memorable line that no one can forget and i think its pretty sad – that the rest of the world doesnt know about the man in the wall like this. At some point, this is going to be a really cool villain. He doesnt really get much light a day as far as his explanation in the story, but man i whenever they explain what the hell is going on with this its going to be amazing, it really is, but dont expect it from the new war theres. Not a lot of it here now, just rushing through a couple things after you finish the archons, you get a few more cutscenes, you get a mini boss, fight with the lotus, its not really a mini boss, fight its just kind of a short interactive thing that You can play and get through the cutscenes theres, no reason for me to spoil it here. You should definitely play the quest. My opinion on it is its high quality, its really good, and it really informs the story.

It informs the idea of some of the sci fi elements and informs characters that weve been with on this ride for five six seven years. It really pulls things together in a meaningful way and its super well done. I dont need to talk about the details of it. Its good look at the cut scenes. Go play it for yourself, its really really good, theres, even a scene here, where spoiler and god we have to keep saying spoilers where you have to pick between the drifter and the operator now. The thing here is: is that this choice isnt really meaningful at all. Essentially, this choice lets you play out the rest of the quest, ask the drifter or the operator and then once the quest is done. If im not mistaken, you still have access to both the drifter and the operator. So maybe this is just a presentation, letting you know that this is a new mechanic, but i think it would have made more sense to present this later, as a big reveal at the end of the quest kind of presenting it here. Doesnt really do much for the quest and in fact later on, it definitely hurts the overall presentation, because once you leave this quest and its time to go back to the rest of the game, i worry about the impactfulness of the quest overall versus something like the Second dream: where it just doesnt impact the game that much im, not sure if thats a big complaint or a small one.

But i was hoping that the game would be more impacted by this quest because its really good but its kind of not – and this brings me to the conclusion and again big spoilers. Essentially at the end of this quest, you get the lotus back. But then you have to decide what name the lotus goes by this lotus girl by margoulas her original inspiration, as far as the character, a character that she never was. Does she go by the name lotus a guy to the tenno, or does she go by the name nata her sentient villainous name right now i say name because even though it presents each one of these names as a physical character, that looks a certain way after The quest is done and youve picked the name. You can then change the appearance of the character. So if you want the natasha sentient to look like the margulis human and vice versa, you can just do that now, while thats cool, i dont think it has the impact that the second dream has the amazing thing about. The second dream is that, once the quest is done, theres this huge impact theres, this new element of the story – theres this sense of self discovery, and then you customize that self discovery its almost like the whole presentation of games set on its head, where you would Create your character at the beginning of the game of a game: warframe puts it at the end, so you discover yourself at the end and its kind of genius that they did it.

That way. This doesnt have that impact and im not complaining, because its great to have the lotus back its great that you can give the lotus a name, its great, that you can change the appearance of the lotus thats all amazing, but it doesnt really impact anything in any Meaningful way other than customization and maybe gasp to sell you lotus skins and color palettes, and i know this is a business um and it definitely makes sense to go that way. Um but its a shame, because this is the best quest and other quests did this better than the best quest does so. The new war is amazing, but its kind of getting lapped by worse quest, doing certain things better. In summary, youve heard me say it a million times. This is the best quest theyve made. It is definitely a step up from anything theyve done in the past. I think its impressive that these quests have progressively gotten better. It is my personal opinion that the second dream is better than natalya and the quest before it. I believe the sacrifice is better than the war within, and it that is better than the second dream, and i feel like this is better than the rest and the fact that their quality is getting better as they do make these quests and not getting worse. Thats. A good sign that they definitely know what theyre doing and um in the future. I think you can expect these quests to be really good its unfortunate these quests take forever to make.

I am not a game developer. I cannot speak on that, but its just like game of thrones. You know we get attached to these characters over long periods of years and um its nice to have it at a little bit of a faster rate, but unfortunately it doesnt come as fast here, but it is good. You know um its great that the quest is six five, six or so hours versus a 30 minute quest its definitely missing replayability that should be fixed. The only downside is this is not impactful for the game overall, if youre coming back to warframe just to play this quest, theres not going to be a new mechanic, theres not going to be a new end game, theres, not going to be anything that anchors, you Back to the game and says youve got to continue playing this after the quest is done its going to be quest youre going to play it youre going to be done if thats going to be your attitude towards the game um if youre already playing warframe. Obviously, that doesnt matter, because youre already playing the game um, but people who have been playing this game for the better part of nine years may not see it that way and im gon na have to side with them. I it would have been nice to see the game evolve along with the quests evolving, but that doesnt typically happen on the flip side. The quest is great and i think you should play the quest if you dont, have this game installed, install the game again and play this quest as a minimum.

You owe it to yourself.