These are essentially the same warframe its just that chroma prime has slightly better stats, so hes a little bit tankier now chromas passive is a triple jump, hes a dragon boy. So he gets one extra double jump so, instead of only being able to double jump, you can actually triple jump with him. However, he does have sort of like a second passive thats, not quite as relevant nowadays, but its still there and thats that his energy color will determine his elemental. Attunement you see most of chromas abilities will change what they do at least a little bit based on which element hes attuned to, and you can change the base elemental attunement to the one you start with with your energy color purple and blue colors will attune you To electricity, green, dark, yellow and teal colors will attune you to toxin red brown and orange colors. Will let you near to heat and finally, white black and everything in between will look too new to cult, but thats only for like the starting attunement, the one you have when you first enter a mission, because nowadays you actually have a way to change it. Mid mission – and i think thats enough about that, so lets check out chromas abilities, so chromas first ability is called spectral scream and this actually has two parts to it. Firstly, you can simply tap the ability button and this will for free cycle between the four base. Elemental attunements, so you can switch between cold electricity, toxin and heat, and this will override the default element to attunement you set with your energy color and, secondly, you can hold the ability button down which will cause chroma to scream in a cone in front of him.

That goes for 10 meters and does damage thats based on the attuned element. Now this does 400, either heat electricity, toxin or cold damage per second, with 100 status, chance small chance to stagger and will also change the nearby enemies. The damage of the scream is affected by power strength. The range of the beam or the cone in front of you, in which you hit enemies, is affected by power range. Then the activation cost, which at base is 10 energy, is affected by power efficiency and then the energy drain, which is three energy per second at base, is affected by both efficiency and duration and just a few more things here. You cannot regenerate energy in most ways, while youre screaming you can only really use hunter, adrenaline rage, energy, vampire, that kind of stuff – and you also have full range of motion, so you can sprint, you can jump. You can bullet jump, though one thing to bear in mind is that the scream doesnt point towards your crosshair. It actually tracks where your chromas head is facing, and it goes that way, and you also kind of have to use your movement keys to properly move around. Because, while youre screaming, you can only look about 90 degrees to either side and only about 45 degrees up and down. Now there is an augment for spectral scream and its called afterburn and what it does is. Whenever you activate spectral scream, it will store 100 damage for every second, that youre screaming up to a maximum of 500, and when you then deactivate the scream, it will fire out the projectile that will do all the stored damage.

The augment is pretty scuffed, though, because while the damage can be increased with power strength, its never going to be great and theres also no indicator, so you dont know how much damage youve stored. So i probably would not recommend this one chromas second ability is called elemental ward, where he gains an empowering aura thats, based on his attuned element. Now the base aura costs 50 energy to activate which can be lowered with power efficiency. It will affect allies or enemies within 12 meters, which is affected by power range, and it will last for 25 seconds which can be modified with power duration. What the aura does, though, is affected by your elemental attunement. If you are tuned to heat, the aura will ground 200 bonus base health to you and nearby allies, and it will do 100 heat damage per second to all enemies within 5 meters, with 10 status chance now we can increase the health bonus as well as the Damage the aura does by adding more power strength, but the status chance, as well as the radius of the burning aura, are both setting stone. If youre tuned to coal, though ora will instead ground 150 bonus base armor to you and nearby allies, and it will reflect, ranged fire with 300 increased damage and 25 stages chance, and you can increase the armor bonus. The damage multiplication on the reflected projectiles, as well as the status chance of the reflected projectiles by adding more power strength.

If you return to electricity, the aura will grant 100 base bonus shields to you and nearby allies, and it will convert incoming damage into electricity, which will then arc to nearby enemies and its actually quite powerful, because it converts one thousand percent of the incoming damage into One single zap that will hit enemy within 10 meters and it has 25 status chance. Now we can increase the shield bonus. The aura provides as well as the damage multiplier on the reflected damage and the minimum damage the arcs will do, which at base is 200, as well as the status chance of the arcs by adding more power strength. And finally, if youre attuned to toxin, the aura will increase the reload speed and holster speed of you and nearby allies by 35 percent and whenever youre standing within 5 meters of an enemy, you have a 50 chance to deal 5 of their maximum health as toxin Damage with one hundred percent status chance and here the damage per second, so the five percent can actually be increased by adding more power strength and the reload speed and holster speed. Bonuses are actually affected by power, duration and finally, lets talk about the augment for elemental, ward, called, everlasting ward, and all this does its super simple, as it simply makes it so that whenever an ally leaves your aura, they will have. The effect persist on them. For 100 of the remaining duration, so if you still have 30 seconds left on your elemental, ward and allies wonders a little bit too far.

They dont lose it right away, but they will instead have it on them for those 30 seconds as well. Chromas. Third ability is called vex armor, and this is actually the only ability that doesnt change based on your tuned element. Now, what it does is it projects an aura that has a radius of 18 meters, which is affected by a power range that lasts for 25 seconds, which is affected by power duration. This aura gives you two different: buffs that are stacked up by incoming damage. Taking damage to shields will stack the score and buff and taking damage to health, will give you a fury, buff the score and buff. So when you take damage to shields, will increase your armor up to a maximum of 350 percent and the fury buff. So when you take damage to health, will increase your damage going all the way up to 275 percent, but thats only the base amount, because both the ratio in which you convert damage into these two buffs, as well as the maximum cap of these two buffs, are Both affected by power strength. This is why you generally dont use mods like serration when youre running with chroma, because youre getting more than serrations worth of damage from vex armor, so you can actually use something else on your weapon. Vex armor is fairly expensive, though costing 75 energy to activate, or you can, of course, lower this with power efficiency, and you can actually sustain the buffs by recasting the ability again before it runs out, which is super neat and finally, lets talk about the augment for Vex armor called vexing or retaliation, and all this does is makes it so that whenever you take 150 damage, it will trigger a 9 meter burst that will puncture if it was shield damage or blast if it was health, damage and chromas.

Fourth and final ability is called effigy where he shoots the outer layer of his armor and it becomes sort of like a stationary turret. Now this effigy isnt actually unkillable. It has 8 000 health and about 140 armor, and it will just attack everything it sees. It will do it in a few ways. Firstly, it will use a spectral screen that does 2 000 damage per second, which is either heat, electricity, toxin or cold, based on your elemental attunement and every now. And then it will do a massive 30 meter knockback, which will do 200 damage, which is once again either heat electricity, toxin or coat based on your elemental attunement, but thats, not all because anything killed within 10 meters of the effigy will drop double credit and anything Killed by the effigy itself has a 60 chance to drop even more credits. Now the health and the damage of the effigy are both affected by power strength, the ability costs 50 energy to activate, which is affected by power efficiency and then drains additional 10 energy per. Second, which is quite a lot but its affected by both efficiency and duration, so you can lower it quite a bit and since it drains energy, while its active you cant, regenerate energy in most ways, so youre gon na have to rely on things like energy, orbs Rage and hunter adrenaline energy vampire and that kind of stuff. However, the ability does come with a bit of a downside because you shut the outer layer of your armor, so while youre lighter and you can move 20 faster, you also lose 50 of your armor.

So please use with caution now theres, also an augment for effigy called guided effigy, and this allows you to move your effigy around. So once you shut the outer layer of your armor and you create your effigy, you can then hold the ability button down, which will display a little circle on the ground and if you then let it go, the effigy will either fly to it or teleport to It if there is like no valid path for it to fly through now. This actually does a slight amount of damage does about 2 000 damage per second to all enemies in its path, and it will roar and stun on a rival which is really good as well, and on top of all of that, the damage he does is scaled With power strength, chroma is just a fantastic warframe hes, not quite as strong as he used to be back in the day, but he is still really good and hes good when played both solo, because hes just really tanky and has some really neat abilities, but also Been played in a group thanks to all of his auras, and if you get tired of farming index for credits is actually a really good frame when it comes to farming credit. The only kind of ability, in my opinion is spectral scream because it just doesnt do all that much its a little bit of damage thats found in lower levels, but in higher levels.

It basically does nothing, but the rest is good. Effigy is great for sort of auto piloting through defense missions or farming credits, and the combination of vex, armor and elemental ward. Give you so much power in both tankiness and damage its unreal element to ward specifically, the toxin version is really good. If you want to use chroma as sort of a gun frame, because you get a ton of reload speed, a ton of holster speed and then, if you put up vex armor as well, you get a ton of damage as well. This allows you to build weapons. A bit differently than you would on other frames, because you get a ton of holster speed and reload speed from elemental ward, and if you then use vex armor, you get a ton of damage as well. So you have far more flexibility when it comes to gun. Mods chroma is just really flexible. You can do a ton of different stuff with him and hes always going to be at least like decently tanky. The tankiness is going to vary a little bit based on your elemental attunement, with the best attunement for tanking being cold, but even if youre in heat or electricity hes still pretty beefy. So i absolutely 100 recommend you give chroma a shot, hes an absolutely fantastic warframe, and that is pretty much it for the video. So i thank you very much for watching, as always guys, i hope youve enjoyed it and found it helpful.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to all the channel members.