Today, we’re going to be doing a little bit of test server evaluation from this weekend and uh, then we’re going to do some live server. I was that i was gameplay looking at uh looking at the persephone, which is the supplementary support healing drone and uh the paralysis drone, which is exactly what his name says. It paralyzes things it locks them down out in the battlefield and uh the dreadnought map it’s. Coming back so amen, we’re getting it we’re getting that going again here, so let’s uh let’s go ahead and start off here. I’M gon na do some gameplay clips involving the persephone and the paralysis. So let’s go ahead and let’s hop into that, and then we’ll do some live gameplay, for you guys all right. This is the first drone that i’m looking at here. This is the persephone i’ve loaded. This up with you know the maximum tiered microchips, uh, doing damage mitigation. You’Ve got damage resistance upon lockdown and upon uh. You know being suppressed, 80 80 points either way and then, of course, i’ve got the on mild hit impermeable shield and i’ve set all of them up this way, so let’s go ahead and hop into some gameplay clips, alright guys. This is a little bit of a different setup on the fafner, uh or fafnir. However, you want to pronounce it uh. I have got on here. The ion cannons. These are the medium sized zeus, cannons basically uh a little bit different.

It has some advantages. Actually, i believe, over the uh, you know over the scourges and even the new scotties, and that is duration of exposure. Uh we’ll do some damage. Hopefully we’ll get this guy to step out here and we can hammer on him a little bit here. Uh he’s there. He goes, he’s got his impervious shield off we’ll. Give him a little love boom. Look at that did some nice damage to him uh. These weapons here have an advantage, they’re old weapons, but they have an advantage over the scourge and even the scotties, and that is time of exposure. You can zap on something like right. There, i’ve just pounded. There gave a little hand to the beer keg up with legs there, but uh you can just zap something you find behind cover relatively quick. Where is the scotty and or skatey and the uh? You know the scourge you’ve got to be out in the open for quite a while, because you’ve got to sit there and discharge at a slower rate. All of your energy, where this is a quicker zap. I would say this is actually kind of you know. If you’re doing tactical kind of sniping almost mid range sniping, this is actually, i think, a superior weapon, but uh. If you want something that’s just going to zap and continuously zap and keep people at bay. Of course, then you’re going to look at the scourges of the scotties, but this definitely right here is a significantly impressive weapon.

Let’S go ahead and we got just a bunch of these guys right here. We’Re gon na use the natural blue let’s go ahead and drop. Oh, i still wanted that kill right there. Okay, we got ourselves a big old behemoth here. Let’S just keep moving firing away uh. My persephone is keeping me very well healed, it’s keeping me solidly uh defended here. So there we go there’s a kill, nice we’re doing damage. Now we got ta, kill, see if we can continue on in this strike on this streak. Here there we go. Look at boom nice nice amount of damage here, got ourselves a little runner. There let’s go ahead and work on him a little bit and boom. Now the persephone drone definitely isn’t going to enhance her damage output any or any uh. You know damage accessories like suppression or anything like that uh. It is meant to give you defense it’s, a defensive drone, all the way, okay around this guy right here and that’s. Why i’ve actually put in here i’m using phase shift instead of like the jump module because it’s a nice defensive addition to this particular uh, bot and uh? Of course, with that drone there i think that drone is going to make uh like the demeanor it’s going to make it darn near invincible. I think, or indestructible it’s going to be pretty vicious. Okay, we got a couple right there, he’s going to come out. Let’S give him some love boom, triple kill nice nice for the recharge page, uh.

Definitely guys. Uh fafnir is going to be a beast when it hits the battlefield it really is, and with the right set of drones – and i hate to say even with the pilot skills, it is going to be absolutely a monster when it comes in uh. So definitely we’re going to have to we’re going to have to come up with some strategies when we run into these now, let’s go ahead and work on the me right there look at that right there you see how those iron cans just just chewed them up. Absolutely destroyed them. Oh there we go. We’Ve got something big coming our way. Let’S go ahead and get airborne. Let’S get back here, we’re going to work on the demeanor a little bit. Don’T want to go straight head on there with the element, not not quite let’s. Give them a little love right here. All right, let’s come on come on, come on, come out i’m, just trying to save my shot and boom. If we’ve been actually closer, that would have been a like sweet, a little bit a little bit closer in time frame. But uh definitely i’m liking. The persephone and definitely with the fafnir is a solid, solid, uh. Complimentary drum definitely be something to look at when goes in all right guys. This right here is the second of the drones that i’m looking at, and this is the paralysis, paralysis and it does exactly what it says: it paralyzes things now.

What i’ve done here is added a supplementary supplementary microchip for suppression and then damage increase of 35 percent. When i am suppressed or when i am locked down and then on the bottom there on a mild hit, i get an impurity impermeable shield. So this thing should do some good work on protecting my bots all right here we go we’re dropping uh, one of the new paralysis drones here and i’ve got the scotties on here. So we’re going to go out here, we’re going to zap a few things and look i’ve already locked something down: i’ve suppressed it and i’ve done it all to them. We’Re just chewing this guy up let’s go and i’m getting a little help, i’m sure from my buddy in blue over there, but boom nice kill right off the bat. I mean seriously let’s go ahead and work on this guy. There we go, got the double kill. Let’S work on this guy who just dropped here after we get the triple kill, let’s go work on, look how fast i’m, locking things down this is going to be a vicious vicious build. Well, when you combine this drone with this body, it is going to be absolutely a monster on the battlefield and look at that rampage in that short period of time. Oh, i got taken down all right. Let’S go ahead and drop into here. We are in the valley and, as you can see, i’ve got my basic t2 drones and i got one eyeball in the last uh.

You know that last special event, so i am able to uh. You know at least have one almost solid drone here: okay, let’s go ahead and jump in here with the raven we’re gon na do a little bit of beacon capping. Here now i have i put my scorpions away for a while and put the ravens back in, because i’ve switched gears from ffa to uh doing more beacon, rush, beacon rush. I really have a lot more fun at, but that definitely, if i’m grinding resources ffa is the place to go. That was so close. So close, i thought for sure i was going to get the tape down on that one. Okay, let’s! Keep it moving here that one right here kept over there yeah, i think he doesn’t doesn’t, have a last stand on him, so i think that’s gon na be a good target to go after oh yeah yeah. You can see i’m, not inventing him yet let’s see if we can get uh let’s get in on here, a little bit there we go and i’m getting a little bit of a side, shot that’s a little better. Oh nothing like being chased by a bunch of beer kegs, yeah, demeanors uh. You know we got those little barrels out there. Oh, we did get them. Fine, it’s, sweet, okay, oh man, just there yeah, i think we’re playing yeah. This has got to be some champion champion league players, seeing all these shells out here – oh yeah and the energy in the sonic shotguns.

Definitely definitely, i think, we’re dealing with a tougher, a tougher matchup than i’ve been used to in the last few games. Here. Oh yeah, just absolutely not gon na be able to take out one of those shells in a full on slugfest with a raven, not with uh, at least not with mine, because it just does not have the fortitude to stand up to it. So let’s go ahead and try a little blitz action, maybe that’ll work for us yeah. Okay: where are you at it’s right behind me here? There we go let’s, go ahead and suppress them and give them a little bit of love here, see if we can’t at least get one of them there. We go nice there’s, a rolling gear keg right there. Oh look at that. I, like that wasp i like that wasp drum that does look pretty sharp. We, i kind of wish i had one but yeah we’ll – have to see what you know the next time i get electing drawings. Oh i’m, right in the middle of this right here. Let’S see, if maybe i can do a little damage to someone at least a little suppression around him come on come on. Let me have nothing happen. Let me have him not gon na happen, all righty let’s uh, you know yeah let’s, do it let’s let’s let’s just rip into it, we’re going to do raven again and yeah he’s too far, underneath there yeah.

I do a little damage to him. Oh there’s, a target right there come on come on, come on step out, step up. Oh i just i let off there just for a second and it moved me back in priority from getting that kill. At least i got a zap on him. Okay, let’s! Go to the top he’s behind cover, i thought he was closer in there. I was looking at his media range there. Oh right there there we go the old there’s, a hawk right there what’s happening. Can i get him, get him get on target there? We go. Okay looks like we got ourselves: a minus who gave us a hand there outstanding move in here, ugh i’m gon na bump him. Oh here we go here comes the titan i’m gon na just kind of do a little hop, skip and jump over here avoid sitting there burning on that arthur’s shield with my scourge is not gon na i’m, not gon na chew through him in time to be Really effective come on nope i’m, not gon na get in around well i’ll help the ming here. Let’S go ahead and hop in here and grab ourselves a oh there. We go minus we’re, going to grab this beacon, but i’ve got a minus dropping it’s going to get some oh yeah yeah i’m, not going to stand up too well, definitely i’m feeling, like i’m being thrown around a little bit like a rag doll out here.

So definitely we got some higher power characters out here. Let’S see if we can’t give a little love. I know the igniter and the ember here, probably if you’re a lower, you know a lower level player and you get thrown into a heavy match. Uh. Those are weapons that are actually pretty effective against titans i mean they are for an old set of weapons. That would be the ones i would say if you’re gon na be a brawler and up close, that is the weapon you probably want to focus on. Unless you’re you know going out there and chasing the meta and getting brand new weapons, but for old weapons. This is pretty solid in little up there we go i’m, not going to say this is out of reach yet but we’re starting to slide here a bit couldn’t hop over let’s, see if we can’t, we need to grab ourselves another another beacon here. So let’s bring up the shield. Let’S get some speed going and getting oh there we go it’s. A big old arthur, give him some flame, throwing action here, let’s roast them a little bit and we also got ourselves a bulwark nice. I haven’t seen one of those in a little while definitely that’s a it’s, a beasty beasty bot. Okay, i got hammered out there. Uh pounding weight, there’s some serious firepower there between the arthur and then that bulwark that’s pretty awesome all righty except an orange right there.

A little zap here give a little love to the arthur. We love you arthur yeah, i’m gon na hit from the side here too it’s gon na find a little bit of cover. Oh my god! Oh just not getting the luck when it comes to taking things down that goat knows no shelter that wasn’t going to happen. Alrighty we took the defeat. Uh let’s go ahead and take a little look here and i’m not going to collect on that all right. You guys here we go here is a tail of the tapes for real, quick uh, pretty big disparity. We had some almost three million point matches here. Let’S, take a look here champion, leaguer on top uh, dom avoid on our side. Let’S, look on the other side. Black hole, mass exit, s rank clan i’m. Guessing you know in the top three positions, it’s all it’s, all champion, leaguers uh. Definitely one of those uh. You know pixonx wonderful, matchmaking system errors, uh, it just is what it is. I don’t even get upset about it anymore, yep, as you can see, we’re just running through here and yeah, a lot of champion, leaguers and uh. Probably my guess is from my rank and lower it’s master leaguers. We were throwing in this cannon fodder again uh. You know it’s not a nice thing to do, but you know what it teaches you to fight harder. I guess, but definitely i’m glad. I got some maxed out weaponry, even though it’s older else.

I would have been just decimated out there but uh. Definitely it was still fun and you know what at least i was a pain in someone’s side, a little bit out there and that’s all. I can hope for in a match setup like this all right. You guys, i think, we’re going to bail out of here. Uh once again, just uh talking about the test server, uh persephone it’s, a good support drone. I like it – i don’t think it’s too, over the top, but it might be a little bit uh. It might add a little too much to the demeanor. That might be, it might just push it over the top a little bit uh and, of course, the paralysis drone. I think that’s going to be an over the top op drone nightmare. You throw the right, you know you get. These high rank uh players out there who are going to spend span span they’re going to have all of these on their account you’re, going to see nothing but lockdown and suppression all over the place and mass damage increases and it’s going to be. You know for us master leaguers who get thrown into matches like this. I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare, so definitely we have to watch how that goes, but uh not a big fan of the paralysis, how it’s structured, but it is what it is. We know how it’s going – and i already heard the rumblings i’ve, seen that there’s already a new bot coming down next month, so we’re already seeing it.

The power creep continues and we’re just going to have to enjoy the ride. All right, guys, it’s time to bail out here, hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your day. If you like what you’re, seeing and hearing here, make sure to give us a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and hit that bell for notifications.