Well, in this episode, we are going to take a look at an fpv beginner kit. Now, do you recall a few videos ago? I did a review of the beta fpv cetus, all in one kit for flying fpv drones. Well, its been replaced with the cetus pro yes, this one here is the pro version, so lets take a look at it. It comes in a really nice handy, carry case like this, and if i unzipper it might even unzipper no im zippering up. If i unzip it inside youre gon na go hey, this here looks just like the cetus that i bought before if you already bought one or the ones you saw before, but its actually different and basically the differences are right here. This drone is different. This is the pro version of the drone and, if i pull it out, okay ill just hold it. This way to show you if i pull it out, let me show you what is different, so lets toss this away for now. So i have right here with me: the cetus, and this is the cetus pro. Do you see a massive size difference? Well, the reason theres a size difference is because the original setus has brushed motors. You know you can see brushed if i bring it close here, see the brushed motors up top and the pro has brushless motors, like the real thing like the pro motors. So the difference is, if you have brush motors and you have a dog or a cat around the house, those little cat, hairs or dog hairs will get in the motors and could cause them to fail.

The good thing is brushed motors are super inexpensive to replace and brush motors as well. Drones dont fly as fast, and they dont do as well outdoors, because the motors arent as powerful brushless motors, on the other hand, you can have a dog or a cat motors arent going to fail. They cost a little bit more to replace beta fpv uses a simple motor replacement system. If i show you here on the bottom, you see you just basically buy the motor and you plug it in the bottom. They have that on both their drones. They have that on many other drones, its a very simple replacement system that beginners can easily figure out and install themselves. So when you have brushless its a lot more power, a lot more zip, so you can fly it indoors. They do have a nice setting for indoors and you can fly it outdoors and just like this one. You can do flips and rolls, but this one here you can do the more pro flips and rolls and acrobats, because the motors will spin up really fast because theyre brushless also youll notice as well. The batteries have changed. If i bring them close, you can see right here this little skinny one is for the original setus and the large one is now for the pro version. They still include this battery charger, slash tester, which is really good, because you can test your batteries and see how much voltage you have left before you go out and fly so you dont get stuck with low voltage.

So there you go, ive got a battery stuck in and its showing me exactly what the voltage of the battery is pretty decent day. So there we go. The remote control is not changed in the pro version same as it was in the previous version, and it has all the switches in the front. You can use it with a simulator and it is rechargeable and you can bind it to other drones, certain receivers. I always get confused how different manufacturers make these beginner kits and assign the switches, because i dont mess with them. So you can see. I have labeled all my switches right here. You can see, as that comes into focus little stickers. So all four switches have labels as to what they do. The goggles that you get are identical to the previous model, no difference there. There is no dvr inside. So when youre flying, you cannot record the video in these goggles. You just put them on your face. Fly around you can see where your drone is going. The reception back is pretty decent uh. These goggles have a good reception for a fair amount of distance, but it all depends on the antenna in this drone and can you find the antenna anywhere? Oh you cant. So obviously, the video being sent out of this without an antenna sticking out someplace like a long antenna uh is not going to be the greatest so its designed to be out in a park or in your house to get the video reception just like anything analog.

If you get too far away youre going to get snow in your image and then you have to just turn the drone so that the reception of the video goes back to you and you lose the snow and now the best part for beginners out there. Who are watching this video and thinking of buying the cetis pro? The cetis pro is designed for beginners, who have never flown fpv, and i think they thought you know. A lot of people are beginners because they fly camera drones. You know when you fly a dji drone or anything like that, its so simple to fly. Theres theres, no talent required for those type of drones, because the drone does all the work for you. The only talent is basically trying to become a photographer and get something that looks good with the camera and move the drone in a way that things look cinematic and pleasing to other people, thats where the talent comes with a camera drone, but flying a camera drone. You know you can give it to a one year old and they can fly it its. So simple. However, in the fpv world, you cannot take your hands off the joysticks, its a hundred percent hand, eye coordination, and so many people have difficulty everybody who flies fpv start it the same way its like its like trying to ride a skateboard youre going to fall off A few times maybe break a few bones and break a few drones, but eventually youre going to get it.

So fpv is no different. It takes a lot of skill and practice before you get really good. So beta fpv made this for beginners and they made it for beginners who come from the camera drone hobby, as i was mentioning the beginner hobby, because you have a lot of bad habits where the drones doing all the work for you. So what they did is they stuck an optical flow sensor on the bottom and i think over here they have some sort of like laser finder down there. So basically, this here will check the ground and check objects around the ground and adjust for it. So let me go through the modes theres three modes that come with this drone and you have your little switch down here to select the modes mode, one mode, two mode, three and ill explain what the modes are really quick and then ill show you an example Of the modes flying so mode, one is called normal mode and a normal mode. This thing flies like a very slow, the slowest drone in the world it will cruise along and you can take your hands off the left, joystick yeah. It will just sit in the air because it uses this little optical flow and the laser to keep itself above objects on the ground. So, if its coming along – and this was an object, it would see the object and if its flying at one foot above the ground, when it sees the object, its going to go up one foot above the object and then go down and carry on thats.

How simple it is to fly, you could fly, uh, go, make your lunch and come back, and it would still be flying. Actually, i should mention flight time on a drone like this. With the included battery is about four minutes on average mode, two is called sport mode and in sport mode you dont really have so much of that optical flow and everything else its basically going to allow you to tilt the drone a little bit more and you Can fly it, but there is stability still on the drum, in other words its not going to flop all over the place in the air and do flips and rolls and everything like that and cause you to crash your drone fast. But you have control over the drone and if you let go of the left, joystick or drop it too far down youre just gon na crash into the ground, so for a beginner, youre gon na start off in normal mode, then youre gon na move your way Up to sport mode and get into that and then finally, the last one is manual mode and in manual mode you can do your flips and rolls and all that other good stuff like a normal fpv drone, so its basically taking sport mode to another level and Bringing you closer to the fpv hobby, because the fpv hobby theres pretty much no restrictions. You can do whatever you want. As you fly like a bird now, i should mention one of the cool things that beta fpv did is for each of those modes.

They have a low, medium and high rates. So what does that mean? That means say im in normal mode and im still flying along and im doing this really slow thing flying along the ground. I want to go a little bit faster, maybe because im getting better at it. Well, they have a switch over here which ive got labeled speed and you flick that so youve got low, medium high rates and that will just cause your drone to go faster and faster and faster. So you can be in normal and as you get better, you can go normal medium speed and normal faster speed, and you can do that in sport mode and you can do it in manual mode. So you see as your skills grow. The drone grows with you. Finally, it also has a turtle mode on here now. Turtle mode is something that, after you get really good in the hobby, youll use, i dont think it works in normal mode. I dont know i dont think it would because of the optical flow anyways. Let me explain what turtle mode is. Turtle mode is like this im flying along and boink. I hit the ground whoa like that, and my drone is upside down as soon as your drones upside down. You have a switch on here over here, which is your turtle mode uh, and when you click that, then you move the joysticks like this and it causes the motors to spin and it will flip itself and write itself.

And then you take turtle mode off and you just carry on flying away. That just saves you, with your goggles on from taking your goggles off walking over picking up your drone, putting it back down on the ground and then flying again. So yeah a lot of the well pretty much all modern fpv drones have a turtle mode of sorts that you can enable in beta flight, but this one here has it already enabled before i show you some flight footage. I just want to mention one quick thing about the goggles and that is theres only four buttons on the side, so you have one in the center, which is a big s. You press that to basically search for your video signal coming off here, if youre getting snow inside just press the s and it will find the video signal, you also have the manual controls to go through bands or channels manually. If you want theres, also a menu system inside and you got an on off power but as i mentioned, theres no dvr to record the video and see i wear glasses if you wear glasses, if you wear contacts youre fine, but if you wear glasses yeah, you Cant, really you cant fit them over your glasses. So i cannot use these goggles in this video as i fly the drone, because if i dig up my glasses and put these on well everythings, just blurry, because its not for my prescription but my fat chair, goggles, have my prescription and i will be wearing these Because the lenses are adjusted for my eyesight and as well, there is a dvr inside its not the greatest, but then at least itll give you some footage of what it looks like when youre flying.

So the first thing i want to show you is those modes and thats indoors: im going to fly that around just show you the modes, the normal mode, the sport mode and the manual mode and ill just fly it in one room, because you can fly this Indoors no problem, so let me show you that now all right for this test, i have a camera set up over here and im, using a room thats being renovated. There is pretty much nothing in it right now. So im going to put this drone over on this chair and start off in normal mode. So the first thing we want to do is power on the controller just hold down the power button. Wait until you hear some beautiful music there we go and the controllers on, and then the next thing were going to do. Is we have a battery on the bottom? We just have to plug it in like this, and when you plug it in the drone, has led lights that change colors. Each light of a different color means a different thing right now. Flashing means it has to initialize itself and the only way its going to work is, if you put it flat on the ground and that flashing should stop there. We went solid now on our controller. We have all the switches down, which is perfect and ive labeled them all. So i know what i want to do so normal when i show you modes here.

This is the top one, and since i have it all the way down, that means its in normal, and this is your arm switch. So lets go down here. If i flick this up the motors start and now the optical flow and everything else is going to work as i bring it up, because what i want to show you is flying from here – and i have a table here so its going to have to raise Itself automatically and then ill take it off the table and well see what happens so right now, its spinning itself to death. Let me just put you back there all right here we go put this left joystick and take it on up there. We go there. It is so the optical flow is working as it gets to the table its going up. Im, not touching anything too high, bring it down there we go and you see what i mean is. I can let go of the joysticks and not do anything because its just using optical flow, its like a camera drone but for the fpv hobby. So i can move it forward, which is just using one joystick here lets just bring it over the table. So its down by the window as long as you see a blue light underneath that means your battery is good, see so easy to fly and to land it. You have a choice: you can land it on the ground or hit the arm switch, and i hit the arm switch, which is this one down here.

Motors turn off just put your hand out the kitchen. All right lets try the next mode. So right here modes is a top switch, so i had it in normal im going to go into sport. This is like an fpv drone now so its going to fly just like an fpv drone, so im going to turn it that way, because im used to flying fpv drones. This way over here for my speed, youll notice, i had the first mode in low and im going to leave this one on low. All of these will be in low for indoors so lets arm it spins up and lets fly it like a normal drone. Now, when i say normal drone, i mean normal fpv drone, so this is what im used to. I can fly these very easily indoors or outdoors. There is no optical flow working and you cannot take your hands off the joysticks. So to me this is the mode i like the best sport mode. This is what i would have the most fun with. If i was going to fly it in the house thats. What i would slide in so lets bring it down and land it on the ground. You can land it or you can do the same thing i did before you hit the arm switch and you kill it, bring it over here. Put it up, arm switch and dont. Do that dont do that you have to catch it and the last mode.

We have on here would be manual so all the way up blink there. We go thats manual mode. So now the drone is a little bit more difficult to control indoors, because i can actually turn it tilt it a lot more. This way this way – and this way so i really have to hang on to the controls. This is more for outdoors. So put your left joystick all the way down hit your arm switch and lets. Take it on up and there you go. You can see its a lot more difficult to fly. To put it down. I crashed it again, all right. So the next thing i want to show you is outdoors. Well, maybe i can show you turtle mode indoors. Let me try this so ive stuck it in sport mode ive got on the table, im going to fly it up and im going to flip it lets say i crashed so im going to put it down and im going to force it to crash. By doing this and im going to flip it there we go so its upside down, and now it should turn off. It knows its upside down so im going to flick this switch here, which is the turtle mode im going to flick that up and then im gon na move these here joysticks there we go its on a table. It needs to be on grass. There we go so we flipped it over then after you get it flipped over.

Take this turtle mode turn it off hit the arm switch and youre ready to fly again all right. All right next thing i want to show you is flying the cetus pro outside. Just to show you that you can fly it outside, there is some wind but im just going to show you how it flies in the wind flying around my place outside. Here we go all right. We have our drone to fly outside im, going to stick it up here on my jeep now i cant fly with these goggles because they dont fit over my glasses. So what im going to do is im going to take this gopro, which is on right now and im going to try to stick it in front and the video youre going to see is recorded with this gopro sitting in front of these goggles, which is going To look kind of strange but well see how it looks all right, so our goggles are there underneath that t shirt put on the fat sharks all right. This would be a quick flight. If you look down in the right hand corner, you can see, it says: n s and now m so ill leave it on m and for the speeds uh just to fly around here, because i cant fly very far ill leave it on slow, so lets arm. It there we go, i hear it going and lets fly around like this, so im in manual mode on slow.

My video is there we go now. I got some speed. My fat sharks are on the wrong channel. I think because my video is going on and off, but i can still control it so far. I havent crashed it yet ill, just keep it close uh. Hopefully the video reception in the goggles through the gopro is looking okay that you can check out. I hope i have it on the right video channel, but there we go so thats m mode in slow. So if i find the speeds here i can change it. Lets just see because i dont think in this mode you can do. Can you do any circ acrobats lets, see yeah? Oh, you can do them slowly. There we go lets come back. This way. Try again there we go so thats slow mode. I find slow mode is pretty fast. If you were a beginner. Youd find this pretty fast. So sport mode be easier to fly so im going to switch it there. We go im in s mode. Oh i so i see s mode is kind of like on an fpv drone, its like um angle mode. There we go so look at how im flying now its much smoother its, not crazy. I can hover off the ground. I can come over and check me out there. I am right there over my jeep. Unfortunately, i think i picked the wrong video channel in my fat sharks, because my uh image is turning black and white and all other types of colors and going in and out of reception.

The drone only has a 25 milliwatt output, which should normally be a football field in length uh, but it does get interference from the houses around here, so yeah, so anyways thats what you get when you fly this baby outdoors. Let me just land it here for a second im gon na put it down here, go down here facing me. There we go and now im gon na switch it on here. Let me go manual mode and let me go and put it on fast. So wheres fast mid, fast. Okay, this should be fun arm it all right. Here we go so lets get some battery power. This is fast oop theres, a car. I got ta watch out for that car all right. This is fast looking i could. I could overtake the car if i want so ive, got it on manual fast mode here, so this would be a blast to fly out someplace just having a blast and lets see. Oh yeah, look at that freaking! Look at how fast you could do spins. That is craziest. Oh, i see low low volume, which means uh not that the sound is getting lower, but i think my battery is getting lower, so we got to bring it down all right, so lets bring it in were going to slide it along the driveway. Here this is a slide watch this that didnt work out as i wanted, but anyways there we go just to reiterate.

Ive already mentioned, you can use this controller with a flight sim, so im just going to show you right now me using it with a flight sin. Just remember when you use this with a flight sim you power on the controller. First, then, you plug in the usb cable into your computer or your mac, your pc with your flight sim and then configure your controller and youll be able to use the controller with the flight sim. Now a lot of people always ask me every time on this channel about hey what flight sim. Do you recommend trust me guys when i started out in this hobby? I flew flight sims that was years ago. I havent had to use a flight sim in an awfully long time, so i really dont know any good flight sims. All i do is i look at my computer find some old ones or i just go online and google go flight sim and i download something: thats really cheap, and then you see me in videos using a flight sim. But honestly i dont use flight sims. Let me show you all the extra stuff you get in this kit when you buy the cetus pro so check this out. Here we have the box, your beautiful cetis pro comes in as well as the beautiful hard case, and when you open the hard case. These are the contents first item in the box. Is your cetus pro with the 18 000 kv, brushless motors to power, your seedis pro 450 milliamp hour? Batteries are included, you get two of them plus you get a charger that can charge up two batteries and as well.

It is a battery tester, total takeoff weight of the drone with battery is 44 grams. Spare props are included as well as a prop removal tool and a usbc connector for firmware updates. The included rechargeable controller has many switches that i have labeled as well. This is the port for recharging, your controller as well as using it for flight sims on the bottom. You have a setup and bind switch. The included box goggles come with a head strap and they do give you a nice image inside, but they are very limited in the amount of buttons on the goggles. Final items would be a usb c cable for charging everything up as well as quick, start guide and user manual, all right, so thats, my review of the cetus pro. I know i made a review of the cetus before and theyre really not much different other than the drone is much better in the pro but theres going to be a price difference as well. I believe so its up to you. Do you want to buy the cetus if youre a beginner or you want to buy the cetus pro? I think youll be happy with either go check them out, see which ones for you the links are below and find one that is at the price that you love all right, guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you have questions on being a beginner or anything like that, just post them below and ill get back to you, alright catch in the next video bye.