Well today i have my fpv bag because were gon na fly some fpv and i have the brand new nanohawk x inside this bag check this out. Let me just open it without everything falling out and you can see its down here there. It is right there, nanohawk x. Now this video is going to be a little different than other videos im going to do the unboxing and everything right here, set it up and were going to go fly it in like seconds here we go so quickly. Whats in the box, you have your nanohawk x over here. You have your charging system, you can charge up to six batteries. It looks like and looks like they only give you one battery. So if you have other batteries, you can charge them on there. They do provide adapters. Please note how the battery connector is. It looks like an xt30 connector theyve stuck on here, so you will need some sort of adapter and i believe, if i look here yeah, they give you some adapters right there, so youre all set. So you can connect these to the battery or older batteries you have, and they will hook up nicely to be charged in here or connect directly, an older type battery to this here, drone with this xt 30 connector. Also, they give you a tiny screwdriver here with a pile of screws and they give you the props over here, theres the prop so im gon na put the props on the drone and well get it flying now.

Emacs also sent this sheet of paper, which is sent to every person who reviews this drone, and it says all the key points that they want reviewers to say in their videos. So i am not going to say all the key points, but im going to tell you the things i think that are pretty cool. It has 11 000 kv. Brushless motors also this size its a three inch drone uh 1s battery and its a 41 gram dry weight. I think thats, really cool has a run. Cam nano 3 up front and the most important thing is that this little vtx thing here a lot of times. Emacs drones, when theyre small, they only have a vtx that shoots out 25 milliwatts. This one is capable of shooting out 200 milliwatts, so behind me over, there is a football field. That means i should be able to fly this behind me over the football fields length with no issues. Oh and let me not forget the flight time, it says if you use the battery and you just cruise around nice and slow uh youll get about seven and a half minutes. But if you start doing freestyle and racing it and going fast, youll get from 3.5 to 4 minutes, so you could really suck the powder out of this thing. So that tells me this is probably got a lot of zip all right. Let me assemble it and lets go fly it okay.

So when you get this drone out of the box, youre gon na have to bind it to some sort of radio you own. So i have a very inexpensive eachine tx16s here and i have already bound this year drone to this radio to bind it its very simple. Just take your radio set up a new drone and basically, when it comes to the bind section, just select fr sky d8. Thats it and in order to bind the drone to the radio, so they speak to each other for the very first time theres a little switch inside. So you plug the battery in you get some power, then everythings going to turn blue. You press down the switch, hold it for two seconds and then press the bind button on your radio and they will bind together. This is a props in drone, so it means you just press them on and make sure they are pointing to props in so ill. Do that now just push down that ones on if you dont know what props it means. If you take a look at the drone, it means when your propeller spins. This is the nose they have to spin inwards, so theyre, spinning in and in order to spin. In just look at the curvature on the prop from logical source of knowing how any prop works when a prop spins its got a curve to catch the air and push it downwards, just make sure its spinning in a method that can do that.

And then, when you put on the rear, you always match this prop to this one on the opposite side, and this prop to this one, on the opposite side. And finally, after you put the props on make sure you put two screws in each motor ive just moved down here, so i can show you nice and close there. We go so theres two screws in that one and ill do it to each of these motors. It holds the props on nice and tight all right now, im over at this camera im bouncing all over camera, so im gon na turn this radio on and it should start up and make sure all my switches are ready to go there. We go all right, throttle warning fix that hit the return button there we are so now i take my little drone stop talking radio. Now i take my drone and i stick the battery underneath its already got these little built in battery straps back here. Stick your battery anywhere you want! It looks like that im doing this really quick, just make sure when you plug it in that nothing is in the way of the props, or else the props just going to chop it to smithereens. So i plugged it in looks good now lets make sure that my drone is bound to the radio so im gon na plop it down here. Hopefully you can see that and then im just gon na hit the arm switch.

The prop should spin, when i hit the arm switch yep see they spin were all good to go. There we go so now. Just put the goggles on lets. Go fly it all right. So the video youre going to see when i fly it is going to be in my fat sharks. Fat sharks are only designed to record video for the pilot. In case i lose or crash the drone. I play the video back and go find it its not made for cinematic viewing. So what youre going to see someplace ill? Stick it over here ill. Stick the video up there. What youre, gon na see is gon na be low resolution. So here we go so lets make sure were in the right mode. Lets go into right into acro mode. There we go so were gon na fly a little crazy, so were not gon na get our seven minutes all right. There we go its pretty windy there. I am over here. Hopefully, i dont have too much interference. I know the video doesnt look that great. This is a tiny pinhole camera, so lets do a little bit flying crazy lets. Do a punch out, okay, im up there, we go and lets do some spinning there. We are no problem there, no problem there, so this would be designed, oh here, im over the football field by the way. So this is designed more for people that want like a nano, 40 gram, little putt putt drone that they can just buzz around now.

Emacs is pretty proud of this drone because theyve been working on it for a while. We got the brushless motors for power. Let me just go full speed forward there we go its too small to attach an external camera. You are stuck with the camera thats in it um so lets see. Lets just try a little upside down flipping there we go come around. It does have some range on it due to the 200 milliwatt vtx, which is really decent and so far for my flight, with the wind and everything im not getting a low battery at the moment. If you look to the bottom right, when you fly, a drones on mine, is on the bottom right see that 3.6. Now you want to keep that above 3.2, if youre at 3.2, then you also just kiss your drone goodbye. One thing i should mention is the camera is fixed in place, so youre stuck at this angle. So when you fly this is the angle the camera is at lets. Just try this there we go lets go like this and lets see im gon na buzz around this here control tower control tower see there. It is so im really sucking out the battery. Now there we go lets go up to the light fixtures up here, buzz around those thats, pretty cool. I can go around these things. Looking down, checking that out. This thing is so small. Its like a little mosquito is basically all it is, and if i want to go over to this area here, where people sit and in there thats where they comment on the ongoing football game, this is just a small community, so we have just a small football Field its like a little hometown thing, its pretty cool, though all right, im sitting there talking.

You probably cant, see me that well because of all the glips and loops thats happening in my little fat sharks. Here all right lets go see if i can land it. On top of my jeep, i hit the jeep. Did you hear the clunk? Okay? Try number two landing on the jeep. Oh i missed it. I missed it so that was a crappy landing. I hit the kill switch much too early, so what im going to do is im going to put links below ill just come down here. What am i dragging behind me here? I got my fat sharks, so what im going to do is im going to come down here and put links below to where you can find this drone on the emacs website or any other location it might be located. I dont think its very expensive because look at it its just carbon, fiber and plastic, with a camera in the center shooting out a vtx at 200 milliwatts brushless motors holy this. I bent a prop on that last crash. I didnt even notice that so when you bend the prop, you just bend it back thats why theyre plastic there we go. Itll fly as good as new now so anyways check out the links below see. If this is the drone for you all right guys, thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up. If you have questions on this drone, just post them below, and i think if anybody gets this drone youre gon na have a lot of fun all right guys catch in the next video bye.