Well, did you ever want to get into the fpv hobby, but you know buying the goggles, the radio, the drone, the battery charger it’s all confusing. So you probably looked at some of the reviews. I’Ve done in the past. You know i did a review from emacs that had a beginner kit. I did one from beta fpv. I did one from getparsee. I did one from iflight and i reviewed all those kits and basically they are all beginner kits and they’re beginner kits in a method of getting your toe. You know like dipping your toe into the water. It gets you into the fpv hobby with the gear. That’S included, but after a while as your skills progress, you know, maybe after a month of flying or even after a few weeks, you might outgrow the kit and you go. I want better goggles. I want a better radio. I want a better fpv drone. So then you’re kind of starting from scratch all over again and then you need another battery charger because it takes bigger batteries, so there’s really nothing on the market to help you out until now. Well, actually, there is there’s this thing over here. This is called the eachine novice four and the reason they call it novice is because it is a beginner kit, but it takes you all the way up to like the novice intermediate level. In other words, if you buy this kit, you don’t have to buy yourself new goggles, a new radio, a new drone battery charger or even batteries, because everything in here is it’s, pretty much stuff that i would use yeah.

So let me show you what you get i’m just gon na lift this up and behind it is everything that’s gon na go flying all right in that bag. You get everything you possibly could. Think of. So the first thing you get is a drone, but you don’t get a crappy drone. You get a long range under 250 gram drone that somebody like me would buy. I would buy this off the shelf and matter of fact, if i could show you all the drones up above me, i have an awful lot that are like this. This drone has everything you want and it’s perfect, because it’s under 250 grams it’s got a gps rescue on the back. So if you fly it too far, they have designed it that if you fly too far and you go to range it just pops up in the air and comes back to you yeah seriously on an fpv drone, now it doesn’t land itself. You have to take over control of the drone as it gets near you, but at least you don’t lose it now say the battery ran out and it did land someplace well on the bottom. It has a beeper and a beeper finder, with a light that’s going to run, even if the battery on top is dead. This beeper will make a loud, screeching sound and it has a light on it. So you can find this drone all the components that are in here the motors everything the props it’s all pro grade, it’s all the stuff we use in the fpv hobby.

So this drone is actually a really good drone and by itself it would probably cost a few hundred dollars, but it’s included in the kit, not only that my kit came with four batteries yeah, so i have four batteries. They’Re all four cell batteries, and if you put this four cell battery on this drone, you’ll get 20 minutes of flight time, you can buy a different battery that’s going to give you like over 30 minutes of flight time, but that’s just crazy. You know if you’re flying with goggles on 30 minutes is a long time to fly, so they do sell kits with just two batteries, but mine came with four batteries and they are actually good batteries. They’Re four cell batteries. They are 1100 milliamp hours, not 850. These are 1100, so high end, you know for capacity and they didn’t cheap out. They could have given you a 3s battery like three cell battery, because it will fly perfectly fine on three cell batteries, but no, they went with four cell batteries. So once again, you can use these in any drones you buy in the future and they have xt30 connectors on them, and the drone has an xd30 connector as well and to charge those batteries. They included a lipo battery charger with a big power, brick that comes off this and it is not a pro battery charger, it’s more like a beginner battery charger, because there’s no buttons, i can’t press any buttons on it to do any settings.

So basically, you just it’s made for beginners. You just connect the battery connect the power. It does everything for you and matter of fact, it’s designed to charge these batteries that come with it, as well as the battery in your remote control and speaking of the remote control. They give you a tx 12. radio master is a big company in the world of rc hobby and radio master makes a lot of radios that are super popular. If you go to the field, a lot of people have radio master radios because they usually have multi protocol chips in them. What does that mean? Multi protocol chip? That means that if you have a radio like this and you bought a drone from a store and it came with one type of receiver and then you bought another drone and it came with a different type of receiver – there’s a good chance that this radio can Connect to either receiver because it’s multi protocol it connects to many different types of receivers: it’s, not just a one type, receiver, radio and inside this radio are two 18650 batteries and they’re included in this kit. You get two of them right here. This radio. Out of the box, pull it out of the kit, it’s got power in it. This drone attach a battery and they are already bound together. You don’t have to do anything. The manual tells you what switches to hit to make it fly and that’s it.

It will fly and if you want, you can put voice in it, i’ve added voice to mine there we go it talks and it will talk. Thank you. It tells me all sorts of warnings, angle mode, so i can switch angle mode horizon mode and here all the where’s, my buzzer there’s, my buzzer yeah right there. So i have all the settings on here so that if i have goggles on, i can hear what’s going on when i’m flicking the switches so really good radio. For that and what i’m going to do is in my setup, i’ll show you how i put the sounds in it, and one last thing i want to say about the radio is check this right back here i have one i have one so this here comes With a radio i already own and i’ve done a full video review on this radio and you can check it out. I’Ll put the links down below to my full video review on the radio, so it’s a really good radio. A lot of people in the rc hobby use this because it’s perfect for fpv drones, it’s so small. It fits in your bag nicely and it’s a full featured radio. If you want to put crossfire in this thing, a crossfire module like get a drone with crossfire. You can take off the back and put a crossfire module in here, so it’s very advanced. Finally, the last thing in the kit would be your goggles.

Now everybody wants fpv goggles. Look at this look what’s on the top of this. You have a patch antenna that comes with this and you have a mushroom antenna. So the way that works is a mushroom antenna is for when you have your goggles on, and your fpv drone is going around you but you’re facing one direction: it’s all right, that’s! Why it’s round? Because it can get the video signal from any place around you. This here, patch antenna is, if you look straight at the direction of the drone, it gets the signal. So, in other words, if you fly far away, then just keep facing in the direction of the drone, and you will get the video signal back into the patch antenna now iashin says out of the box. This thing is designed to go 1000 meters, but i wouldn’t chance it because you know you could lose your video signal. Uh you’re not going to lose your connection with the transmitter radio, but you probably lose the video signal. But if you do lose the connection with the transmitter radio, so you turn it off or something the battery dies. The gps rescue in here out of the box it’s all configured to just go, oh there’s, no more signal. It will just pop up turn around and come back to you, and the final thing to say about everything here is that you don’t need anything else, everything’s included, so these goggles are rechargeable and, oh sorry, maybe you do need something else, because they do take a Micro sd card, if you want to record your video, your d there’s a little dvr in here to record what you see uh so you’ll have to put a micro sd card your own because it doesn’t come with one in there, but other than that.

They’Re rechargeable and they work, and they give you the charger for it. This here comes with the batteries they’re fully charged when you receive them, and you can charge this up and i’ll show you in the setup how to charge it up. It’S too easy. And finally, these batteries are almost all fully charged when you receive them, so you can go flying almost immediately and the drone comes with the props already on it. The only thing you have to do is take this big antenna at the back it’s hanging down. You just push it up like this and there’s two screws you screw in and then you’re ready to fly as soon as you power. This on the signal goes right into the goggles. You can see it all. The information is there, so you power this on it controls this. You see the information in the goggles. Everything works together out of the box all right, so i sound pretty excited about all this and that’s because for a guy, like me, who’s been flying for so long. There are no kits on the market that give you something of this quality for a beginner. All in one kit, like everything right here, normally you buy this – you buy that from one company from another company everything else, but here it’s, all in one and it’s ready to go and it’s all of a little bit higher than you know like your beginner level.

So it’s, like intermediate level, basically all this stuff and, like i said goggles, you can use this with any drone that’s analog on the market. They will work. Your radio will work with almost any receiver on the market and of course, then you have your little charger to get yourself going and you get all the batteries for them. If you pick the four battery kit and then you have the drone, that is just like a lot of the big brand names on the market matter of fact, i think it’s a copy of one of the brand names, and it is a long range drone really Simple to fly really easy flyer, smooth and it’s under 250 grams, so you can’t go wrong with this stuff. The only thing you can go wrong with is the price, so you might look below i’m going to put links below and the price might be kind of scary for you, but that’s, because you’re getting all you’re not getting you’re, not getting the low quality stuff you’re. Getting some good quality stuff here, all right out of my field ready to fly this baby, and i have to tell you the following: it’s really cold out here. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na hit the record on here and record with these goggles, but when i fly i’m gon na fly with my fat chucks, because the lenses here adjust for my eyeglass prescription. So, to turn the record on on the goggles, you just hold the record button down.

If you hit it once it just takes a photo. I discovered that and i got to see a little red thing. Yep flashing up in the right hand, corner so that’s all good, and finally, the last thing to tell you is, if you want to use the gps rescue the very first time you fly this drone. It takes about three minutes to get the satellites, so you’ll see it in your goggles if you have longitude latitude now, what i’ve done in betaflight on mine is i’ve adjusted it so that i don’t have to have the gps functioning to take off if out of The box you buy this, the gps has to receive the satellites before it allows you to take off so i’ve i’ve disabled mine, so that i can just fly all right so we’re about to take off. Could you see me over here gopro? So the drone is down there. On the end of my jeep on the jeep bed it’s going to fly away, i do have an insta360 go on it as well as the camera. So i’ll show you video from both. Here we go all right. Put my fat sharks on there. We go. Oh look at this at the top. Hopefully you can see this. I see the longitude latitude, so it means the gps. Rescue is functioning, so i guess it got enough satellites. While i was sitting here talking no problem there. So i’m going to put an acro mode wrong right, so here we go let’s arm it and uh let’s get the heck up there: Music, all right baby! Okay! So let me just bring it back to me.

So you can see me. The image is very clear, very clear, so there i am down there it’s very windy out here, so this is going to blow in the wind a little bit but no problem controlling it because it’s a really good drone. I know they modeled this drone. After other really long range under 250 drones and yeah it’s the same idea, i could tell just taking it out of the box and flying around my house. I always fly drones when i first get them in my basement, and this one here flew super stable, super, easy, so i’m in acro mode right now and you’d almost think. I was in angle mode because it’s just such a smooth flyer, all right so uh the video that you’re seeing i’ve got the insta360 i’m going into the sun. So that’s, probably not too good. So i’ve got the insta. 360, go i’m going to try to face away from the sun as well as the camera on here and it’s analog, so it’s receiving the reception and there we go, try not to hit anything. Hopefully you can see this on my display. You see a little arrow at the bottom it’s pointing down it’s telling me how many meters i am away from me right now. It says i’m over 200 meters, away flying towards the water and into the sun. Again, so maybe i’ll point it this way. So you can see it, maybe see it a little bit better.

It says 304 meters away, and the arrow shows me where home is so that’s the great thing about having a drone with gps, rescue or gps on it. You can never get lost and not know where home is because it it basically tells you where home is which direction so watch. As i aim back towards me, the arrow points straight up and then i can fly back to me now. Apparently eachine says you’re supposed to get one kilometer range 1000 meters with this thing out of the box uh, but it all depends what your environment is what’s around you and everything and yeah, so i’ve got trees and all sorts of things and make sure you don’t Have any interference in the area so right now i’m behind me. So this is what it looks like from behind me: i’m. Just saying that, because the video, the analog video on the goggles that are sitting on the bed of my car, when i go behind my my jeep, the jeep is blocking the reception because they’re really low they’re sitting right on the back of my vehicle. So right behind my head back there, the so, if you’re still seeing a video signal when i do that, then uh they’re really really good. So the next thing you probably want to know is: can you do freestyle on this drone? I don’t know let’s, try it so let’s just go up a little bit here in the wind and let’s.

Just do some nice little smooth turns, oh, my god, yeah it’s easy to do freestyle if you can do freestyle on a drone. Slow turns like that. Like look at all slow, i can do the turn. Then you know the drone is going to be good for freestyle. If i had to do like you see a lot of people when they’re first flying beginners whatever they do. This fast turns like that: that’s. Okay, every drone can do that, but if you want a drone, that’s good for freestyle yeah, you can try them in slower turns they work a lot better. The same as if you’re going to do something like i don’t know a forward flip you’re. Looking for your horizon as long as you don’t drop a lot, then it’s really good, so it didn’t drop at all there and if i do reverse there, we go i’m doing them. Slow yeah not much of a drop, so it doesn’t weigh very much even with the batteries, so the motors are uh extremely powerful for something like this. Okay, so something very important to tell you. This is an fpv drone fpv. I could do beautiful little things like that, as i’ve already shown you, the freestyle. A lot of people want to fly fpv because you have total control over the drone and you can do a lot of amazing flight things, but it’s very difficult to fly fpv. So this is a kit that you’re going gon na have to practice and learn on, but i have a review of a beta fpv kit coming up all in one kit, it’s coming up really soon and it’s, designed for people who have no sense of direction.

I am serious: they made an fpv kit for such people, so if you can’t fly fpv because it’s too difficult for you, beta fpv made a kit for you. So basically the drone has optical flow on the bottom. If you can believe that yes optical flow, so that means when you’re flying the drone it’s always checking the ground and it will keep the drone stable and go over objects. I’M serious you’re, going to see that review coming up so stay tuned for that all right. So what i want to do now is bring this back into me and land it so i’m, going to do some nice slow flying here, let’s bring it down, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, low and slow. So here we go there. We go. My little display says i’m 19 meters away, i think, that’s off, because my self is right here. All right, there’s, the sun there i am let’s just spin around let’s, bring it in front of me, and i got ta remember where my arm button is on this thing and let’s put it down right in front of me. So this thing here flies amazing guys. It flies amazing there we are, i found the armbot yay, all right so on the screen. If my record is still working, it tells you how long i was flying uh, eight minutes, uh there’s, my hey! It tells me my max speed so that i didn’t even know it had a speed thing on here i went 84.

I would have went faster if i would have known that uh there’s my battery rssi 50, not a big deal max current and all the other good stuff there’s, even a black box on it. So all that information is pretty cool. There is inside this here drone. You can go into the osd and play with a bunch of settings but i’m not going to do that that’s for more advanced people where – and this is a beginner kit – so beginners you’ll play with that later, when you get into this inside the goggles that come With this here drone, the display is really really clear when i look in with my glasses on, but the problem is just get. Oh look at that. I can fit it over my glasses check that out check that out. I didn’t even know that look at that. I can get it over my glasses, hang on a sec. I might be able to get this to work with my prescription. I can get it to work with my prescription. Okay, guys, if you wear glasses, look at look at the size of my glasses here on my head. It does fit over your glasses, holy crap and it works with my prescription. I can see everything i wish. I would have known that ahead of time. The next thing i want to show you is everything that comes in the box and how to set it up because there’s a few things you have to do to set it up very, very minor, but watch this and you’ll be out flying this thing in seconds Or minutes all right check this out and now a super quick captain drone unboxing.

This is the case. Everything comes in let’s, open it up and check out what’s inside. So we have our fpv racing drone. We have our battery charger. Let’S move over to the mushroom antenna you’re going to put on your goggles here’s, our tx12 radio. Here are your ev800dm goggles and they’re pretty decent, and this little white thing would be your power plug for the goggles. Then you have your 4s lipo batteries, then over here is your power supply battery plug now we’re at more accessories i’m going to show you everything. So here we go first up, we have our four inch very lightweight long range, drone and eachine calls it a racing. Drone here’s our gps rescue unit at the back, which is going to save your bacon. If you get into trouble here’s the antenna goes up to 400 milliwatts. The little receiver antenna stick out, the back just make sure they never touch the props. The motors are brushless motors at 2750kva and it does have four inch props, which are very popular. You can get lots of replacements, it is a carbon fiber frame, so you can smash it crash it and you can see the arms pop off with a few screws and you have your finder beeper and light at the back, and it is extremely loud trust me On that, the fpv camera is a cadx fpv baby rattle 2, a tried and true camera very well known. It has an xt30 connector, so you can connect any battery with an xt30.

If you wish, it does have an f4 flight controller and a 4 in 1 esc system. Weight of the drone with props is 126 grams and if we add the included 4s battery, we’re up to 216 grams included is a 2s to 4s battery charger. The goggles have a diversity receiver that makes use of the mushroom and patch antenna. The goggles also have a focus control by pulling out the front or pushing it back in video, channel and menu buttons are found on the top of the unit and on the bottom of the unit. You’Ll find your search button, so you can search for channels as well as your micro, sd slot, and your record button to charge up the goggles, a cable and adapter is included as well. If you want to run video into the goggles, an adapter is included. Alright enough about the goggles let’s move on to the tx12 radio, now i’ve done a full review on this radio because it is a full featured radio and it takes an entire review to get through it so i’m going to have links below this video to my Full review you’ll want to check it out now. The only thing i wanted to mention is that when you receive the radio, the battery that’s included with the radio is not connected, so just plug it in the back. You see right here, push the batteries in power. On the radio and you’re good to go now, the 4s batteries included with this drone are actually perfect for this drone they’re not super heavy they’re, the right capacity, so you get a nice flight time.

Other accessories included would be spare props. The battery grip, the battery, strap and spare screws and a few other odds and ends such as a micro, phillips, screwdriver and an allen key, as well as a usbc cable that you’ll use to charge up your radio. Finally, you get a camera mount for an insta 360 go and, of course, you get some instructions that are pretty easy to follow. All right, let’s get our drone set up. So the first thing you’re going to do is take that battery grip, peel off the back and you’re going to stick it onto your drone. This holds the battery in place, so it doesn’t slide around next that battery strap you’re gon na slide it underneath your battery grip and just put it in place. This is gon na hold your battery on when you go flying next plug in your battery charger, then plug the battery into the charger. It only fits one way. The charger is going to charge your battery and tell you the voltage at the same time, so it’s telling you right now: cell 2, the voltage of cell 2 is that the voltage of cell 3 is this. The voltage of cell 4 is that and the voltage of the whole battery is this. Now the cool thing about this charger is it also charges the batteries for your radio, but you don’t have to plug it in and charge it this way, because maybe you’re charging your batteries, you can plug in your radio by itself.

Take that usbc cable that came with your kit and put it in the top of the radio and plug the other end into some sort of power. The radio power button will glow red and when it’s finished charging it to turn green now, don’t forget to charge up your goggles so plug in the required adapter that’s included and charge them up now, when everything’s all charged up, go to your radio and push all The switches away from you, so none are facing you and make sure your throttle on the left is all the way to the bottom. Then power on the radio next take one of your batteries, find an elastic and wrap it around the battery. This is an old trick. Take your balance, cable and put it underneath that elastic that’s, going to stop your balance. Cable from flying out and getting chopped by the props then connect your battery. The drone will glow and start up and you’ll, hear all sorts of beeps make sure the battery’s strapped in tight and make sure your receiver antenna sticking out. The back are not touching the props power on your goggles, and they should immediately find the signal coming from the drone if they don’t just go to the bottom of the goggles and hit the search button a few times until it finds the image and then you’re All set now, if you’re an fpv, beginner newbie, then take the switch b and pull it all the way towards you, that’s, going to put the drone into stability mode, much easier to fly for beginners.

Next, to start, the motors make sure you have your fingers not near them and pull this switch up towards you to start pushing away to stop now. The radio is also capable of producing voice and different sounds, but you need a micro sd card inserted in the back. For that horizon mode angle, mode now to add voices, you have to know how to set up a radio – and this is the screen right here where i set up all those sounds, but it probably doesn’t make sense to you unless you watch this video of mine Called fpv for beginners episode 9: how to set up a radio, it will walk you through and show you the part how to set up all the sounds and look below that video for where to find the sounds alright, so there you have it now. I have to say this at the time of the recording this video, i was in contact with banggood to give me some discount coupons for the price you see and they haven’t got back to me yet so i don’t know if there are discount coupons below, but If there are check below and they will show up eventually, i’m sure this thing will be on sale or i’ll have some good discount coupons, so you can save some cash and check the links below to check that out. If you have questions on anything i’ve shown in this video just post, your questions below i’ll get back to you and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in a future.

Video with many more drone reviews take care.