This is something i haven’t seen before. Uh pretty neat sharper image and sharper image makes it. I was gon na say zuppa that old brand name, zuppa that’s, pretty neat. I don’t know what they’re asking for it. I don’t see a price on it: either that’s pretty neat uh, and then we have this sky tracker, gps, drone, brush motors and brush motors. This one, the phoenix, has brushless motors. It includes a case 32 minute flight time. I don’t know if that uh camera has any type of electric image stabilization and they have the old vivitar aeroview drones, uh again, basically, an x8 clone, then there’s one more over here. That we can uh show you unless they have stuff in their toy grade. Aisle let’s see a protocol air capture, gps two and that they’re looking for 159. You definitely get a better drone than that on amazon or through a chinese. So the video continues. They do have a drone or two. They have this little hover star, which i’ve done a review on it’s kind of fun, good for a kid, and then they also have a x20 micro which i’ve actually never done a drone drone video on they have tons of little rc cars out of all of Them i would probably suggest this one it’s, just like dom’s charger and uh. It was pretty capable they have a larger, larger app driver, uh, which i don’t know what that’s all about free app download the app it does have a controller on it though let’s see it does have a controller that thing’s massive.

Like you see the size of my hand, then they have a little bit over here too adventure force a little dune, buggy type. Looking thing, a little mini adventure boars i’ve, actually never even heard of the adventure force we don’t have that over. We live there’s. Another fast and furious car um that’s a drift one i’ve seen reviews on that it’s pretty neat uh. You can put tread on the tires and get the thing going pretty good too guys. I’M jade running if you haven’t subscribed.