Im going to show you this crazy beast of another scooter, the best 11 plus wait a minute just got some deja vu thats right about a year ago, we showed you, the predecessor of this one. The turbo wheel fan today were gon na look at the oneplus. Tell you whats good about it, but not so good, so lets take a look, subscribe and lets ride. We are here with the 11 plus the bigger and better brother of the 10 plus the set has been making a big splash with their solid lineup theyve, taken their collective experience from the past years to design and release one of the most refined lineups out there Pushing the line for what enthusiast scooters can look like and do and in that quality lineup, the 11 plus is the best of the best, a true titan, with incredible speed and range all for a competitive price. Its for these reasons that we offer them a set lineup, including the 11 plus at You can find that link in the video description below Music now lets get into some of the features of the set 11 plus. All right guys lets take a look at some of the features that make up the vasette 11 plus well start the handlebars. So its got these pretty standard set grips theyre pretty comfortable. They have the integrated turn signal, so you press the button its really easy to locate you dont have to go hunting for it on a control panel, somewhere its a pretty nice feature on the left side.

We have this nice metal box here its a panel for all these buttons, so youve got a dual motor button. Youve got a sport button which will put it in turbo mode for about two minutes. It goes from mode three to five from mode one to five. It gets you more power and you have a button for the horn. The horn is crazy, loud Music, its, like automotive horns. You have the nut hydraulic brakes. They are pretty nice brakes, make it really easy to modulate the power overall, a pretty nice brake system for the scooter. So, on the right side, we have the new bessette eye module. It has all the scooter telemetry the buttons to change modes. It has a volt meter here and the new nfc card reader here. So when you turn the scooter on, you hold the button down its going to ask you for a card, and you use the included nfc tags to unlock it. Now you can use a programmable card or even a small chip that you store in your cell phone case and youll find out more about that in another video, but yeah lets keep checking out the features here so down the stem. You have the horn here, nice, big horn, and then you have a dual stem. Everybody loves. The dual stem makes really solid stem on the stem. You have a light at night. This light is insanely bright. It was totally sufficient for all my night riding.

We did a sunrise ride recently and this thing just lit up the road, so no complaints about the light coming down. Further, you have the folding mechanism. If you saw our fate in video, you know i am not a fan of this holy mechanism. It just requires a lot of undoing, twisting retwisting and then untwisting again its just a lot of work. So if you can keep the scooter unfolded either in a garage or when you load it up into a truck without folding it, it just makes it a lot easier, but uh it does keep it pretty sturdy, its just a pain to use coming down. You have a standard fender here with carbon fiber patterns and we got a pretty big brake rotor on this side looks like about 160 millimeters with the hydraulic, caliper and everyones favorite feature nut covers. Everybody loves nut, covers nice suspension, of course, as well. Coming back to the deck youve got this blue neck here and this red star its like this kind of captain america scooter, but uh, not kind of cool got a nice comfortable. Rubber deck here probably absorbs a little shock, but also keeps you secure on the deck. I didnt notice any slippage at all and ive rode through some pretty wet conditions at the front. We have dual xlr charge: ports. It comes with two chargers, so you can charge twice as fast its a pretty nice feature there. I do find my foot kind of covering it sometimes but hasnt caused any issues so far, coming to the side a little hard to see a day, but this lights up, nice and bright changes, color its pretty cool and the arrows light up for the turn signal.

So, overall, just a pretty nice little light array here on the right side and left side of the scooter. So in the back you have this rear fin. Here you can rest your foot on it, its really comfortable its got some rubber padding on it as well and its structural. So under it, you have the dual suspension and most people like this design, because it keeps your foot attached to the scooter it doesnt move independently of the scooter, its all connected as one piece youve got the rear swing arm here, red and blue with the same Caliper and rotor, and in the back youve got the best place for the alien ride sticker on the rear mud guard. So on this side you got the kickstand, its big and beefy, and youre definitely going to feel confident standing a scooter up on it. Its got this thing, though, which might get you on the ankles all right, guys, thats, all we got for the feature walkthrough of the scooter now lets go check out the rest of the video Music for performance. The facet 11 plus rocks twin 1 500 watt motors and a 60 volt 31.2 amp hour battery, making the 11 plus the fastest and have the longest range of the set lineup were going to be offering an even bigger battery soon. But the 31.2 amp battery will still get you plenty of range youre, looking at a range of 40 to 50 miles of pretty fast speeds and about 30 to 35 at even higher speeds.

Now about speed. While this is a 60 volt battery and the prior 11x slash, phaeton was a 72 volt battery youre, actually gon na see a similar top speed on the scooter thats partially due to the turbo mode, and the controller is pushing more amps now lets go. Take a look at our top speed run all right guys. We are speed, testing the bessette 11 plus we are on mode three. Everything is maxed out dual motor about to hit that turbo button lets see what we get this thing up to, hopefully a little bit more than the 10 plus theres some cars on the highway, but its pretty clear its not a highway, actually its a city street, But i think were looking good lets, hit it 27 mode. 5. 34. 43. 46. 55. 60.. We got 63 for a second there yeah, it looks like about 62 63 is our max, but uh real world, its probably gon na be low, 50s ill put gps at the top of the screen. It is 64 there for a second, not bad thats good. In that bricks, all right guys, thats, all i got for the speed test now lets go. Take a look at our hill climb test. All right guys. We found a really steep hill. This is the sustained climb of about 28 or so so. Its just really steep theres, some steeper hills in san francisco, but this one is pretty gnarly, so lets see if this scooter can make it up that hill.

Okay, guys, we made it up the hill, no problem, so this beast of a scooter can handle any hill. In san francisco, and probably your time too, all right guys thats all we got for this episode on the bessette 11 plus hope you all enjoyed it. If you did please like and subscribe so we can keep making these videos thanks. So much for watching and well see you all next time, Music.