If you ask me if i suggest this one to be your first trainer, michael drone, im gon na tell you yes, this one is uh better, the one that you buying it in a like other store. I bought this one in walmart for uh 19 or something almost 20 bucks and before we start, i just want to uh, introduce you, my dog, shes extra to this pill. Give me a second: you want to uh, say hi to them now to the viewers, and then her name is nana shes, my buddy shes always next to me. So now you know her and proceed to the review. Okay, so back to our video. So i just want to let you know that im not part of this company. I just want to show this one and after this, like unboxing, its gon na do a real plight, indoor or theres a lot of uh like uh. I have only a very like small space for to apply this one, but i try my best to do the indoor okay after this review. Let me do this review and just open the box. I am not sure the how to open it, because they they put a lot of tape on it. So so, if i show that to you, it is a lot of time and this one is like to make it short this one is the you put in the side like this, but i dont want to put this one, these guards, so its bothering me its Better to use this one so that you know theres not that much weight, this ones gon na be add some weight.

So just put this on the side and uh heres the cable. This one is from different from the others, this one when you insert it theres. No light when, when its fully charged the the reds pop up to this usb okay, this one different from the others and uh heres, some props and a small small screw right here, and this one is the final mini you just insert to this one. I show you you see that next to a charge, you you need to insert this one permanently in about uh halfway, so just and then use the the charger for this one. Okay or you can insert it to the laptop or for your computer, okay, and just want to show you how to set up this one before you apply thats very easy uh, most of the like rcs, you need to switch the own purse and, after the one, The drone, but this one you need to switch on first, the unit this one and you see the blink the the plot one. It means white is a headlight, its a light. If you you know, and then the red is in a in a so in the rear side, okay, so to bind that one easily, you just switch your transmitter on put this one uh up and down and then to calibrate. You can just aerate like this one. So its already calibrate, and if you want to uh roll the the blade you can put this one, both left and left and right right there inside okay like this, and that one is raw and now you can apply okay, i show you how to apply this.

One to the one to to the indoor okay lets proceed to the real flight indoors and im. Sorry, i have a lot of like table likes tv in my living room. I tried my best to not to rust it and lets proceed to that indoor plight. Okay and hopefully uh after you watch this video, please subscribe down below, so that you can help my little uh little channel to build, build. My subscriber okay, all right, give me a second okay lets: uh switch down press this one switch up, turn up and turn this up too and lets proceed to that indoor play see you on that and viewers. Before i started that meeting play inside the house indoor, i just want to give you some comparison so that you have an idea. How small is this one and give you a close up look, so this one is the holy stone portrait hs 450, and this one is the b8 22, 20, 80. Okay, so ill just put it in my hand, so that you know how big is this one see its very small and i show you the space so the place that i try to plan as you can see, theres a lot of obstacles here see the tv Is right there in a little space, uh bed of my dog, the miniature bed a little table, and this is the place that just then applied this one, okay, so its a tight space, hopefully and never casted! So lets get to this video.

Okay, one two three: this is the actual review of uh after playing of ba 2080. I bought it in walmart, for i just tell you 20 dollars. So this is the bags and then i never use the pop guard here. So i just use barely like this. So this ones how to fly okay lets power, this guy up, because so to bind it just up and down so its ready, bun lets go apply. It so were gon na use. The one touch button for takeoff Music, one two me Music, a nice liar, Music, Music away from the ground Music and the battery of this one is intact. So you just charge it in the unit: 14, Music, other side, Music, thats, the short flight Music, so its over thanks for watching hope.