Hopefully uh you always watch my my channel and please after you watch this video please subscribe down below, so that you have my small channel to grow up. I dont know its a little weird. I i have a review for a ba 1000 voyage, so this one is uh a big brother of this ba20. You know what i googled this one i dont know theres. You can see this one online or in a google and its this one is out in the market in walmart at chicago. So i just see this one in the display area only one its weird that theres nothing yet in the stock, and even though you google, it you know, youre, not gon na see this. This uh, like this model, number see. As you can see, this one is uh bigger than this uh ba, as in victory 2080. This one is tiny and this one is bigger, has a camera and you have some a different battery. They can they call it the modular. You can just pull this one out and charge it this one. I think its more upgrade to this small one as you can see, uh its ac compact hd streaming, video drone with wide angle lens, and this one is still the same still portable and it says in top aeronautics. This one is for age, ages, 14, plus indoor and outdoor. This one is more bigger, i think its handled the wind a little outside and it stays right here.

New training mode of style avoidance, ergonomic holding design, allows you to to take your drone anywhere air pressure sensor automatically lock your altitude in band six axis gyro and stable filming automatically start lands with push button. I three speed. Push 360 stand, roll and 200 bit wireless plight range. This one is very good. I like it and when i have chance soon later, i just do some unboxing here so while im on vacation. So i cannot do the unboxing again wait until im going home to back to houston. Okay, just look the the backs and you can see its very nice. So i put this one next to the small one, so thats the size for comparison. If we give you a close up, look both this one is, i think, pulled the size or four times bigger than the small one. Im not sure this one is a good player, but this one you can tell its a very good player, and i have the review of this one and you can watch it though so bye bye, just wait for unboxing.