I show you so this one is the drone. So this one is Applause. The little package for the parts and just the usb, a cell phone holder, the screw the main wall, the bucket the backs. The back is like the size, its like two inches or the two inches that one and like 12 inches long and like seven inches wide and heres the manual. The manual is about like four and a half inch by seven inches, so roughly less or minus the size of the the manual and made in china. This mini drone is made in china and i give you the close up. Look, you see thats their logo, so theres uh, poor light here. One two, three four – and this one i think, is a sensor thats the camera and im not sure that one is good or no, and then you can insert your your mini sd card right there. So that you can peel mirror the one you apply and already put this little support so that every time you land its, not gon na scratch the leg to make it safety, and this one is the power power button. So this the rear – and this one is the front. Okay, show you how this looks like the side view, so we show you. I put it in my hand how this one is big. When you extend the extended right there, its like the size of the pull of my palm im at least already have idea, thanks for watching and just go to the website.

Indoor, okay, bye, bye and see you today, so this one is uh outside play outdoor. So i just want to show you how this one, the battery pull out like this, so just just just follow that gray like period so that you have the good side on it when you pull when, when you put the modular battery like this, this ones, always In the top, the connection – and you need to hear the click so that you make sure that its insert like this, you hear the click, so it doesnt click and lets go apply it so just power up this unit, the drone. So you need to put push it firmly. So if you can see the the orientation of this one, the the rear is always the red. So there is always in the back. You see that battery. So it means that the bat the the the white is the front lets go apply it. So this one is very straightforward. This this remote is only very tiny thats. The speed this one has three speed: thats the stunt. This one is the trimming left right forward and then – and this one i dont know what what is this stand for forward and back? Okay, so lets fly this one. I already switched that on so lets, synchronize it or bind it so its solid. Now it means its bound lets go apply this one so lets do the calibration first to calibrate its like that, so it means holiday light lets calibrate lets, go apply it to apply that one.

You can do manual like this. So you see the the propeller is spinning lets go, apply it a little bit windy Music. As you can see, the the ground is cooling in the left, so im forcing this one in the right Music. I think this. The battery of this one is only like. Last for five to six minutes, hopefully i can still do the 360 clip so lets. Do the so thats put to speed three so thats already the full blast, its very responsive, scary, so lets do the two speed, the only the only you can do, the the flip when youre in a speed two and three cannot speed. You cannot click this one. In a speed one so lets do the flipping Music. Actually, you need to control this one its not like the hover by itself so lets do the plate, Music, okay, Music, shes! Very close! We have moved the space for another plate. Lets do another place: flip. Okay, Music, you see its blinking; it means its almost out of the battery so lets land this one its about. I tell you its five to six minutes like you can see. You can use this one outdoor when, when its zero in Music lets go land, it im gon na, do the automatic one okay automatic lagging ill show you. I just press the little button. Okay button so stop, and thanks for visiting my channel and bye bye and please subscribe down below okay, sorry about that.

I just tell you earlier: i just gon na do the uh indoor plight, but i changed my mind. I decided to uh do outside because its zero wind theres, not that much wind in if compared to the other day, so heres. My conclusion to this one, its just gon na tell you only the only thing that a little bit downside here, uh i just want to uh. You know tell you the truth, this one, its very beautiful, looking mini drone. The thing is, the battery is last for about by five to six minutes, which is decent thats. The only downside that i see and other than that its everything is fine and the one thing that i i notice most of the drone. Now they give you a sign uh beeping, when, when the battery is almost die, this one, the only thing that you know if this battery is a little bit low. You youre gon na see these poor lights. You know blinking, so it means it blinking past non. Stop you need to send send it back when youre in the air that it means your butt. Your battery almost die, but you still have a little time to back it up and then land it in a light. The one you want the spot before its you know the battery is blocked out. Something like that. So thats, the only downside i and i just want to uh thats. Why? I have this one to support to avoid some scratches when you have a bad landing thats.

Why i put some a little bit deep on that and everythings fine? You know its uh when you do the the third speed you have a lot of you know you have lot of access to play. You know its very responding. If you ask me if i recommend this one for your first drone im, gon na, tell you of course. Yes, this one is a very good, very decent, not too big, not too small, its in the middle. So this one is good for you for for the beginner for porting up, but the thing this one you need to control it its not going to apply by itself. Like i tell you earlier, i just want you to use the the two stick to Music to apply. You know this one is like shaped like this, but you need to uh. You know control control, it. You know its not gon na give you a steady hobby like this. You need to use the stick to play on. Okay, just tell you this. This one is very decent too. I like the the size. You know its compact. You can put both your pocket when you fly this one, and hopefully you like this video, please subscribe down below after you watch my mini channel and uh. I repeat: im, not a part of this voyage, all aeronautics! I just do this one for you know for for youtube, so that you know you have you know you can before you buy.

You know you have some idea how how this one is goes.