The app will be shown right here and you can go download that now android or ios. Something interesting about this drone is um well one. It has a camera. Obviously, for 50 bucks cant find drones with cameras that easy in canada, at least, but also it has an sd card slot. It comes with an sd card reader, but not an actual sd card um, which is very surprising for a drone like this. Also, the top pops out, if theres any issues with it, which is nice, but it has downsides. Um now were just taking it off, just showing you a nice video of it flying around its battling the wind in this video, so thats, why its pretty unstable, but overall it flew pretty alright um. There was some connection issues though ill put some music here. Until my next voiceover Music, Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music, Music, something i notice while flying the drone is, it can only do barrel rules, it says it can do flips, but it doesnt for some reason. Also at a certain point um for the battery it just doesnt. Go up anymore, it doesnt allow you to once the battery is low, so just keep note of that um. Otherwise it flies pretty alright for the drone it is, and especially for the build quality. It can survive some crashes, alright, alright. So this is the sd card. Footage um again, this was downloaded and i had to screen record and it got put into google photos, so the quality was actually a little bit better than this um.

I just want to show you that it does record in the sd, as you can see its smooth um. The video is smoother than if it was in the app. I couldnt show you the app for you because it wouldnt. Let me for some reason: um anyways. So yeah its a pretty good drone for what it is its, not bad at all um. If it was on sale, if it was less than 50 bucks, i would say: go for it, but i would say this isnt personally worth 50 dollars because of the build quality. If the build quality was a little bit better, then it might have a better chance, because the fact that it has an sd card is actually pretty good. Um. Personally, i dont like voyage drones. This is a new one that they came out with its alright. The app is nothing special, theres, nothing cool. You can do on the app its just video and record um, but yeah. So this is a nice drone for kids, anyways uh. Thank you for watching uh and you can just listen to music ill. Have another drone for monday and hopefully the boat will be next monday.