All right guys were gon na try to get another flight in today. Man today were gon na be doing the first flight of this voyage aeronautics, p8 1003, guys voyage aeronautics, p8 1003 hd streaming. Video drone shout out to my boy b, bow tdr, drones, e bikes and scooters for sending this over for us to take a look at now. I dont have it in the box because he already got it unboxed and everything so were just gon na really quickly. Take a look at what does come in the box and were gon na get this guy off for a quick fly. You guys, as you see its a foldable 720p hd camera drone guys, so it records at 720p, 720 frames or 720 pixels. So 720p 25 frames per second excuse me: yeah 25 frames per second, as it says on the manual there guys: okay thats, what it says so thats. What were gon na do man lets check it out so really quickly. We got uh some prop guards here. That comes with it. Um got a little micro sd card reader, some spare propellers phillips screwdriver. We have our battery here, im, not sure the size of the battery here, guys im pretty sure it says its somewhere, probably in the instruction manual um. I didnt really look at the size of the battery, but its a proprietary style casing of a battery, but its usually not balanced its actually just using a balance port as a connector for the battery, which is odd.

Ive. Never really seen that for a battery that uses just going off the balance port, as you can even see, the charger is the type of charger that you would get like with like a rc car or something except just basically a balanced lead charger. So the charge is really good, so it took me about an hour to charge it heres our phone mount fpv phone mount for the for the controller here you guys and they use this controller here. So i did go over it. It goes speeds here stunts right. There and whats interesting about this guy. It has like a trainer mode which ill show you on the drone, but i guess the drone has like obstacle: avoidance sensors around it theres one to where you could put it in like a trainer mode. If you was like a beginner flying indoors and it will limit the height and uh throttle of the controller and also turn on the sensors on this, to will keep you from flying into walls and also limit. The speed like you wont, be able to go as fast, so it basically puts it in like a trainer mode. So you know you will try that one day, maybe indoors one day, see what that trainer mode is all about, but you got your traditional trim buttons here front and back trim left or right trim power switch automatic takeoff and land. Here you got spring loaded. Altitude hold, like, i said, speed stunts pitch and roll stick guys.

This guy takes three triple a batteries for the transmitter there plus the batteries. You need um thats, pretty much it. So you got your instruction manual here, a little leaflet fairly detailed. It goes over everything. Really, well, you guys uh what you need to get this guy going the app and everything the app is, the voyage 1003 app guys yeah voyage 1003 app. So here is the quad itself and its a foldable drone, as you can see there so im doing this with one hand, so im holding the camera uh, so it flows out and it has these little foam or not foam but rubber footies, underneath, as you can See there like some little rubber footies there, so you should be able to stick a pretty decent landing looks like we got a led up there. I would think so. So should be a pretty decent night flyer. We got a power, switch right there, so on and off switch. You guys know how i feel about the on and off switch. I will rather have it say, pa 1003 on the tail there, and it has like some designs on the propellers as well voyage. Their little logo on the props, so thats nice, so im getting this guy folded out with one hand you guys so you fold out the back legs first and then the front arms, and there we go so we got this guy, always folded out, check him out.

So yeah, like i said he has some rubber footies there. This thicker landing looks like we have an obstacle avoidance sensor there up front and look like. We got some underneath there as well wi fi antenna, some leds underneath the body front arms with leds rear where leds and throw rubber footies to stick that landing. We have our 720p camera up here and it is manually adjustable and what another interesting about this is. We have a sd card slot right here on top and i do have an sd card that i put in there. I put a 16 gigabyte sd card right here, so this is an sd card slot. You guys right there, so thats, pretty cool, pretty cool. You guys so thats pretty much everything and that comes in a box, so im interested to fly this guy. You know what im saying interested to fly. This guy were going to put the battery in here and were going to get this boy rolling voyage aeronautics, pa 1003 720p hd camera drone catch. You guys also lets do this all right guys, so we out here, of course, its super duper cold and its windy were still going to try this anyway. So, im going to turn on the quad, we got flashing led up top flashing leds underneath got white leds in the front red in the rear, so thats nice lets go ahead and turn on this transmitter lets do up down binds it were gon na.

Do both joysticks down into the right corners lights flash so that calibrated it nice nice, you guys cold windy out here, lets connect to the wi fi this guy. It is pa 1003. Shout out to my boy btdr drone. Do i feel raindrops guys i feel raindrops. So this is going to be a really quick fly. I do feel raindrops see every time im trying to get the drone flights in for you guys every time so lets connect to this uh wi fi is the voyage. Oh man, this says its a password for the voyage, really two, three four five, six, seven, all right guys. I didnt know it was a password. They didnt tell me that on the instructions, one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Oh, so you know what guys were just gon na, say bump that were just gon na fly it, i guess, were not gon na. Have the camera feed here today so lets just try the automatic takeoff. Is it not letting us take off do up down? So were just gon na try it without the camera today, guys so im about to go. This is first rate here. Its kind of windy im gon na have to refer back to the instructions and see if theres, a wi fi password, because its asking me for a password, you guys, so i apologize for that. So its stay tuned for a follow up to check out the camera because im losing time its actually raining.

So i dont have time to run back in the house and look for all that and then itll probably be full blown raining out here by time. I get back out here, so this is the first rate here. You guys so lets just check out the flight characteristics of this bird and well come back out for a camera review later. How about that? So this is first rate seems to be handling this wind. Pretty good, in first rate, theres our oh, getting blown a little bit theres our yall, really slow, yall, really slow yall in the first rate right there second rate here we are second rate, our yall second rate, still kind of slow there, but thats to be expected. This is a camera bird theres, our yacht in right there, three beeps theres our yard in the third rate, so we are in the third right now flying its flying good direct drive, motors direct drive prop so thats to be expected. Music yeah fly is really good. I got ta figure out whats the i got, ta, look at the instructions and figure out whats the password deal with this wi fi or maybe xb. Leave me a comment: if youre watching was there a wi fi password, did you have to do that? Im gon na have to look for your review. Wow. Look at that flip. That flip was nice, nice little flipper, roosky fliparrowski on that boy come on back over here, dont go to the cornfield now come on by you.

Yeah definitely can handle some wind in this. Third right here, wow nice, tight flips on it wow does gain a little bit of altitude on the flips there Music. I like the way it looks nice and foldable nice little folder, fine on a chilly chilly day, its cold out here, yall its cold Music yeah. I apologize, i couldnt get that camera up for yall, but i definitely will have to like, i said, refer to the instructions. I thought i didnt remember seeing anything about that, but you know me i could have overlooked it. I probably overlooked it im so used to connecting to the wi fi and going Music. I think its flying pretty good, though Music. I know yall want that, all up for yall fitness all up in your grizzy yo. You want that all up in your grizzy dont. You im surprised battery is holding up pretty good in the wind and its cold out here, yall its like 35 degrees out here its cold. Believe me believe me. When i tell you its cold Music, i say all up in your face: baby thats, all up in your grizzle that ill be giving yall your boy, drones and dogs all up. In your finish, all up in your grizzle pa 1003 yeah man, wow yeah, its a good flyer, definitely got a little speed to it. On this third rate, Music. All right, we got flashlights. You guys lets bring this guy on down Music flashing lights, flashing lights.

All right, let me hit the lamb button. I just hit the lamb button and im just going to guide it down to the ground, guys Music, its a good flyer. Man, like i said i just got to get that wi fi code or password figured out im, pretty sure the instructions, if not im, pretty sure my boy brian over there at tdr drone so really quickly, just to show you there is a password for this guy. So right here password is eight numbers that will be attached to the voyage wi fi network into the numbers, activate your account return to the main menu so well. Get that figured out on the next flight thanks for watching e bikes and scooters can help me out, but fly flight characteristics. Initial first flight flew pretty good cant, wait to see what that camera looks like, though, so i will follow up you guys with a camera review of this guy. This is the voyage aeronautics. P8 1003 appreciate my boy b tdr drones for sending this out catch.