As you can see, this drone has many special features and is for ages 14 and up and make it perfect for flying indoors Music. There are many buttons on the remote one of them being the on and off button. Of course, there is also the landing and taking off button the right and left movement, sensitivity buttons and the forward and backward movement sensitivity buttons, and what happens is when they’re pressed on the drone’s movement sensitivity will increase when moving in any one of those particular directions. Pressing on those buttons will keep increasing the drone’s movement sensitivity for those directions up to a certain point, and then it will. The left joystick is for the drone to move up down or rotate left and right, and the right joystick is for the drone to move left right forward, backward or in any direction in between those. There are also two buttons on the top which are for speed and stun. This is how the underside of the drone looks like with the battery already inserted in. As you can see, the wire that is attached to the drone should be plugged in here once done. It’Ll look like this, and the drone will start blinking, red and blue lights. The red light should be facing the remote at all times, so that the drone will move in its corresponding direction. This is how the charging cable looks like this should be plugged into the main outlet, and this should be plugged into the same area the battery is plugged into when flying the drone charging.

The drone will take about 35 to 40 minutes and the drone will fly for approximately five to seven minutes: Music, hello, everyone. Now i will be flying the drone, so first i have to on this remote. The drone is already on which, which has to be done. First, actually, okay and now, as you can see on the other screen, the drone is slowly blinking Music. Now i have to move both these joysticks up like this Music. Okay, now the remote and the drone are synced, which means i could fly so first. I have to press this button, which is one way to take off there. You could also move it down like that, but i’m just going to press this button since it’s, easier Music. So, as you can see on the other screen, the drone is moving right now. It’S in speed one Music and, as you can see, the drone always stays in altitude. It doesn’t go up, it doesn’t go down, it just stays where it just stays where it is. Unless you move it Music now i’m going to raise the altitude Music and now i’m going to move the left, joystick left so notice how it starts to rotate now i’m going to move the left, joystick right so now i’m going to go to speed 2.. So now, it’s gon na go a little faster, as you can see, Music and now i’m gon na go to the fastest mode.

Speed three it’s gon na be really fast, and you can also hear the three beeps which indicates that it’s at level three speed level. Three Music now i’m going to take it back to speed one, and you can hear one b, which means it’s at speed. One again so now, it’s a lot slower and now i’m going to press the stump button so that the drone starts to flip. But it has to be in speed 3 in order for this to happen so i’m going to go to speed 2 first and then i’m going to go to speed 3 Music, now i’m going to press the stop button. I’M gon na do one more time. So, as you can see, that was a pretty incredible clip now i’m going to land the drone Music, okay, that wasn’t the best landing, but it works. So there you go guys that’s how you fly the drone and i hope you enjoyed this video and i’ll.