I bought this drone from costco um. If you like this video, please hit the subscribe button like button and the share button. Let’S get started so i’m gon na open. My drone up by the way, check my other videos in my channel, okay, so i’m, going to take this out. One important thing is when taking the in drawn out there’s this tab and the sticker first remove this, and i mean tape and then remove the tab from um down here and then you could take the drawer. It was hard to take some parts off. So i got some help now: i’m gon na explain all the parts to you. This is the remote. This is the fun little drone. This is the extra parts, but i think we will need that now, and this is the charger and the battery. So this is the battery charger, and this is the battery, so you you’re gon na, have to insert on this battery and i’m in over here and also by the way for charging it. Since this is the battery you’re gon na have to take this um white box over here and insert it over here and in this cable you’re gon na have to plug it in an outlet um putting the battery in was a little hard for me. So i asked for some help: do you see the grooves over here um match the grooves um in this um and the other goes over here.

The battery on the um, the gray side, should go inside um where it has a stopper and then the um golden side should be outside so i’m gon na put this in hold on i’ll match the glues together, yay it’s on so i have the red and Blue flashing lights, so, if it’s glowing um, that means you need on the remote, but i don’t, but i didn’t put the battery yet so i’m gon na put the battery okay, now it’s all tight. I use the screwdriver from the back and um. You need two aaa batteries so now let’s on it, you see in the middle there’s like um a button push that up now it’s working now the drone is um still flashing. You see both of these um put, both of them to the corner hold on good um. You need to pull those two down now. It’S started so to push it up. Um, we need to tape um. You need to push this up and then to move side to side. You can use these two reverse or another easier way to take. It off is press this um target button. Now look. It went up now press the target button again to for our emergency. Stop. I would land it down so i’ll. Do it one more time hold on and then now i’m gon na? Take it down um. The good thing about this drone is it that it has bumpers to protect the fans from um from getting damaged, even if it hits a wall it’s always protected.

So on the remote. It also has other cool things like, for example. It has a stunt mode over here and a speed mode over here. So you could you guys, could try those out bye now i’m going to play with my drone.