This is the high power high speed full suspension, wolf king gt and were gon na check it out lets hit it the wolf king gt pro electric scooter is just so powerful and fast that ive got ta start with what makes this thing tick that comes down To a pair of 2000 watt motors, one in the front wheel and one in the back to combine to give well over four kilowatts of peak power, pushing over 62 miles, an hour of speed is no joke, and so i want to briefly discuss some safety aspects Of these higher power scooters now, obviously, this is not a toy of an electric scooter. This is a very fast, very powerful scooter that can go up to 62 miles an hour or 100 kilometers per hour in the industry. This is what we call a really freaking fast scooter, and that means you need to be taking safety seriously now, when im just riding this thing, nice and slow in neighborhoods and im not really approaching its top speed ill wear my typical skateboarding helmet and ill. Do it in short, sleeves, which is probably not a great idea, but hey we all make that risk decision ourselves, but when im riding this thing faster, i take safety a lot more seriously. This is my deonisi air motorcycle riding jacket, its got armor all over it. In the back in the shoulders and the elbows – and this is what i wear when im riding this thing fast, because i want to be seriously protected just in case the worst happens when it comes to a helmet.

This is my agv k5, if its good enough for 125 mile an hour electric motorcycle, its good enough for a 62 mile an hour electric scooter. Now the type of safety gear you use is obviously a personal choice. But for me i want something good when im riding a scooter like this, because youre talking about seriously dangerous speeds and its not something to take lightly. Another thing people often forget about are gloves. These are my revit gloves: theyre perforated leather motorcycle gloves, theyre armored in the knuckles and theyre designed to take a spill at highway speeds. So again, theyre good enough for my 125 mile, an hour electric motorcycles, theyre good enough for a high speed electric scooter. So there you go ill wear my typical warm weather, e bike and e scooter gear when im doing just lower speed, neighborhood or city riding, and then i gear up for the really fast and crazy stuff and thats kind of the point here that you dont always Have to ride this thing balls to the wall yeah, it can go highway speeds, but you can also just use that power for hill climbing, not necessarily its top speed capability, plus the absolutely massive 72 volt and 35 amp hour samsung or lg battery with 2.5 kilowatt Hours of capacity is great for long range, even if youre not using it, for its high power capacity for the scooters top speed. You can get over 75 miles of range out of this thing, which could mean charging once a week or less, depending how you ride it.

Plus the scooter comes with two chargers in case. You need to charge it up more quickly. I certainly had fun riding into the 50s of miles per hour, though i actually never pushed the 60 plus mile per hour top speed. The scooter had way more room to run even in the 50s, but i was pretty happy doing those speeds and just enjoying the thrill without pushing my luck too much further. That said, the scooter feels ultra stable at speed, plus it has that gigantic deck. To give you lots of room to place your feet exactly where you want them, the powerful regenerative, braking and equally powerful hydraulic disc brakes provide confident stopping power and youve even got big ol led headlights, brake lights and turn signals to keep you visible and a motorcycle Horn to make you hurt so theres a lot of quality components and safety notes here that suspension and high ride height also feel great, making the scooter that much more confidence inspiring the 11 inch wheels arent as small as they look and, in fact are some of The biggest scooter wheels out there, making it more comfortable to hit potholes or speed bumps. I did try doing some off roading at one point and while the scooter is obviously built for it with the high power, all wheel, drive, high ground clearance and pro suspension, these street tires are not the right choice. I definitely did some serious sliding around on wet grass so make sure to get the dirt tires.

If you want to go off road depending on the type of riding youre, doing, switching between rear wheel, drive and all wheel drive might be a benefit as well and its nice to have that option that the scooter provides. The beautiful tft color display even shows you all the ride, data power mode, etc. So you can know what setup youre in at all times without having to guess believe it or not. A lot of scooters dont show all that information. Ultimately, the wolfking gt pro is not cheap, currently on sale for 3, 59 bucks, but thats quite fair, actually compared to the rest of the high power electric scooter industry and you obviously get what you pay for with these massive machines. The build quality super, solid, folding mechanism, high stability and more, are all hallmarks of the wolfking gt pro and they make the scooter what it is: a safe and comfortable scooter for blasting up to eye watering speeds or for just having extra power range and comfort beneath You, when youre sticking to more reasonable local speeds its hard for me to find something to really complain about here. Id say that perhaps that high price is a little off putting to some riders and, of course, the 115 pounds or so of the scooter, make it pretty darn heavy. And this is not a portable scooter by any means sure you can fold it, but lifting the sucker is not going to be fun as it stands, though.

The high cost and the high weight are just par for the course when it comes to these ridiculously powerful electric scooters, and so youre, probably familiar with that going in if youre already used to this level of scooter. Thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the wolfking gt electric scooter. I know its insane, but for a certain type of rider its exactly what theyre looking for all right, if you did enjoy the video, why dont you give it a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle videos.