I couldnt miss this opportunity: hey its a vertical flying machine within microsoft, flight simulator, 2020 and uh. So i thought lets quickly. Take the volocopter for a little ride and uh. Take it for a little review as well, and lets see what we can find out about it. Shall we um the volocopter comes with the latest update of microsoft, flight simulator game of the year edition, for which, if you are struggling to download dont worry ive been there done it worn the t shirt a little bit smoother than previous versions? For me, in terms of the installation, but still a bit of a struggle um, so the version that uh were looking at for the for the game of the year edition is um. I believe that is the very latest version. Now, what i have done is uh ive gone through the trials and tribulations of running um uh game of the year edition, with both windows 10 and windows 11, and i can categorically confirm, even with a half decent system, stay with windows. 10 people. I know i know theres gon na be people out there that say no, no, no ive used windows 11 and its fantastic. You need a lot of time and patience. My goodness, i just havent got the time all the patience to um to work with to get it, get it going with windows 11, which seems completely bonkers. When youve got a microsoft product sitting on top of a really the latest generation of windows 11, it should work very, very well and i was expecting it to work seamlessly, but it didnt so um a lot of my things: rebuilding windows, 10 machine, as well as Getting this working and without going into a lot of effort and detail, ultimately, im left with a very nice clean version of microsoft, flight simulator 2020 to test everything else on and a very nice version of windows: 10 with a nice clean machine.

There you go thats. My story – whats yours, ah, look lets get back to volocopter lets have a look lets see where we are so were actually sat in northalt, which is uh just to the north of heathrow airport in london and um theres, three different liveries that mine ship with im Sure yours did as well. You get a plain white version of the velikov volocopter, the xbox one edition, which is a green sort of color, and this very striking light blue uh microsoft, flight simulator one. So i thought well lets. Try that today shall we and uh outside modeling, i think, is pretty decent. Look. I dont know an awful lot about these um, these uh, these aircraft um. I do know that this is a german aircraft and uh its really. Its primary design is for um personal air vehicles and air taxi use uh. So one day these things will be flying across the skies annoying. All of us general aviation and commercial aviation pilots, but im expecting a really really steady flight and microsoft have already said that this is very much the uh, the first step that they see into the world of helicopters so well take a look at that. Shall we and see what theyve uh, what theyve come up with so far um, so im expecting a very stable flight? This is actually the real thing was um has been around since about october 2011., uh its gone through numerous different versions: the vc1 vc2 vc, 200.

2X, the velocity um and also, i think, theres a version that is being produced for next year, for which um, i think, two are actually being produced to uh, start um commercial flights and to uh to test nasaled in real life stuff. However, we are in a sim um, my uh, my my zoning around skills arent as good as what they used to be so im gon na have to get back to used to uh, creating videos uh again, but lets get inside the thing and lets see if We can start her up. She obviously has an awful lot of electric motors sitting on the top there, which is fantastic. However, if all of those electric motors fail, you have no wings and you have no ability to add water rotations, because you havent got a very large uh rotor system, so uh the only real difficulty with one of these in real life. That i see is the challenge that you need a lot of redundancy in a lot of these electrical rotor systems, because if they fail its good night, vienna really um so, which is not a greatest thing in terms of uh. In terms of in terms of future future flight models, but hey, they might have those sort of built in parachutes and things that you see on uh certain general aviation aircraft who knows right lets jump in okay. So welcome to the cockpit um now youre to have to excuse that ive got a menu bar system up here, its going to be very annoying for some of you um.

I havent with this edition yet tested out the new menu hiding tool on flightsim.2. I will give it a go um, but what are you met with well, first of all were met with a whole array of switches, and i suppose a lot of this comes down to the redundancy that i was talking about. Um the ability to be able to uh isolate individual motors that are running hot or having particular difficulty, because you really do not want all your rotors to fail um at once, because well, as i say, there, isnt really get out clause with this thing other than Landing it quite basic in terms of functionality, we have ourselves. What i would imagine is a garmin system which we will fire up in a second um down here. We have not a huge amount of clickable switches, really um. We have this, which i believe is the uh is the throttle and uh yeah. I think you have like an auto leveling button as well, which is this one here. Um were not able to open the doors. I imagine all of that is working progress, and these are um reset switches, so they are um warning lights and the ability to be able to turn on and off the warning lights as well. If uh, if it starts coming up with warning lights, um, i dont think the pitch trim or the vertical speed trim or this trim works. Currently, we have two uh nice little switches there, which actually control, even though its not on yet and nav light and uh beacon, light there.

So im just gon na leave them off for a second um and thats it thats thats a very basic um, cockpit isnt. It um so weve got some switches here on the side. I would yep okay thats cool, so i normally normally certainly with a clutch switch with something like an r44. Then this switch position would be here and then, as you bring that down, it pushes the switch downwards um for this one uh, you have to push the switch up and then close. The guard does that make sense. Yeah there you go um, so thats done, and i think the only way that i can start it i can see, is to do a control e, so im going to do that now get some nice wearing going there. You go and my gps isnt on yet lets see if we can put those things on put some lights on lets see if the lights are working now. Yes, weve got the lights working now in fact, theres a little strobe there you go, youve got a little strobe light and youve got the navigation lights, the red and the green, very quiet, very nice um. I tell you what im going to do im going to restart this on a runway, because i cant turn on the garmin system by the look of it um on on a parking slot lets see if i can just turn these off. Okay, they work okay and you also get the caution lights.

You see that, but i cant actually do the garment. So what im going to do im going to restart on the the runway and then hopefully well have our garmin system working as well. There we go, hopefully that was a relatively quick switch for you. We now have our garmin system and thats. Quite nice youve got all the different engine rpms coming up here on the right hand, side and all of the batteries as well just set up a very quick route to heathrow, which is approximately five minutes flight or so were headed into wind and uh. Actually, let me just pop our lights on, so one of these is the strobe, and one of them is the navigation light and that just affects on the outside there. As you can see, there we go so weve got the red light and the green light on that side, unable to bring up a co pilot at all uh at the moment, and you cannot open or shut the doors im sure that is all work in progress. There is a very nice little hum coming from the uh, the machine which is very nice little hub there, you go and uh, and i havent found out yet a way of getting the autopilot working. Now this, i would have thought, comes into its own uh when you just plan the route uh that you want it to take, and it vertically takes off goes to a high and uh flies you around um a route and then land you back at where it Was uh you you originally intended thats what these uh these veto aircraft are all about, its all for uh its the way that its gon na work, however, were gon na manually fly this thing uh, which is quite good fun um, so lets give it a go.

So im gon na give it a little bit of power. Lets do that now and lets get ourselves up into the air. We wont need any pedals thats a little bit noisier now, okay, but i can use pedals so im using my right and left pedals. Now its a very slow movement with the pedals, but it its practically, you can do it and then, if i tip the nose forward, we should get a little bit of forward speed. Lets get some of that working. Shall we okay, i would say this is this – is about as close to flying a hot air balloon as youre gon na get uh very stable, Music and uh and predictable lets see what sort of speed we can get up to so im at the moment. Im. Looking at the gps system and weve got the ground speed on there not doing a very good job of keeping uh keeping track of where the runway is. But there you go see uh lets see if we can keep it straight Music, so 48 knots, Music, yeah. Okay, cutting the corner off a little bit on my route down to heathrow, as you can probably see im using all of my forward. Uh joystick and uh youre now going to be controlling your your altitude and your speed with your power Music. So i dont really want to go much above a thousand foot and uh. There is theres reason for that which ill talk to you in about in a minute, but um.

If you wanted to go higher, you obviously can im doing the best part 62 knots now still climbing, so im just going to bring that power back a little bit there. You go to stop that climb, still keeping it 61 62 knots thats not too bad. Lets. Try a little bit of a left bank: oh its lets, try and go ordinary a little bit of pedal. You have to use the pedal if youre going to turn Music but yeah, i would its its um its like having uh lots of propellers strapped to an airship there. You go not that ive ever done that mind you, but its probably the the closest experience. I can give you its uh wallowy, quite slow, um id, imagine quite precise in autopilot mode. This thing is going to be incredibly precise, um to take you on a route uh you want to and that thats really where i think microsoft went with this. It was very much their first stab at sort of having a vertical takeoff vehicle and their idea, i think, comes very much an idea that people like the idea of helicopters but dont particularly want to fly a helicopter because they might find it too complicated. I think thats i i dont believe that for a second, i think you can actually make a helicopter incredibly easy to fly um. But having said that, if that was the, if that was the goal uh to have something very, very easy to fly within microsoft, flight simulator and to better program a route which you cannot currently do, i dont believe.

Well, if you can program the route you cant get autopilot working or at least icon on this version, which is a bit of a shame, then then they have achieved absolutely their goal. The other nice thing is is that this um configuration and the um this machine uh within the smoke software sobo, will allow us to be able to take a little look at um. A thought process of the uh, the usobo developers and look at things like contact points and look at things like flight, modeling, etc and just see if we can learn a little bit about where theyre going in terms of uh future development for helicopters and also improving The helicopters that are also available so its all good stuff – i would much rather have a simulator with something like this in it than a simulator with all fixed wing aircraft. Put it that way, so im pleasantly happy, but i do think we could do more with it. We have to be able to do more with it um, so the ability to be able to do the full autopilot very important, certainly to be able to achieve microsofts idea of being able to just fly around the landscape with a minimal amount of flying skills. To do vertical flying, but i also think theres an opportunity here to open it up a little bit so that we are able to um uh. Do some more precise flight modeling in order to be able to do some more cool things with it and im sure therell be that available as well? So weve got heathrow coming up in front of us all.

Looking very nice – and i have to say 121.13, which is the the latest version of microsoft once its all in and done, it seems quite compatible with all previous versions of um, the mods that that i certainly had, which was good uh, very pleased to report that The 44 has come through the other side, quite well, its that little tom katoya, the skies that one and we will be doing some more updates to that. Obviously, we got the one two five update coming very soon um, but look yeah, my with microsoft and zobo. Launching a vertical takeoff aircraft yeah we can. We werent gon na miss that opportunity to have a fly uh, but ben has got the day off today. I dont think hes really into these uh air taxis. Now one of the things that scares uh rotary pilots about these is, as i mentioned, a little bit at the beginning. If you have a failure, you are really um at the mercy of of how high you are away from the ground because um well, they have no ability to do any auto rotations, which is the beauty of having rotary aircraft and having a large rotor. Above you to be able to uh glide yourself, gently and gracefully down to the floor, um, but and and obviously, if you have multiple engine failures at the same time, uh, there is only one way that you are going and that is down and uh quite uncontrollably Down as well um, so therefore its all about the redundancy and the redundancy of the systems within here uh to keep you afloat and uh.

Well, it would take a little bit of encouragement and uh a good understanding of the redundancy engineering within something like this. To put me in one of these in real life, put it that way, um mind you theres lots of fixed wing pilots, that probably say the same about helicopters. So there you go, all it takes is uh. It just takes some engineering understanding, doesnt it, but ultimately yeah. This thing is all about um, making sure that uh youre youre in none of your engines fail, and you could probably lose two or three of these um, but you wouldnt want to lose much more than that. Certainly, if youre quite high on weight, i wouldnt have thought now. You can literally take this and im sure if i press the little red button now im not going to. I could literally level it um and just have a nice little level aircraft in order to be able to land. However, a little bit like a its a cross between a balloon and a ufo there, you go im literally putting very minimal input in and all im doing is using my pedals at the moment, uh to uh to operate around, and you can be very, very precise. It would be very nice to have a camera view of directly below you uh, so you better land on some real precision spots and to be able to do that by programming it uh in as a route that would be very, very cool, indeed, probably something thats On the radar in the future im just going to come back a little bit from that rusty truck, i dont remember it being as rusty as that.

Theres all sorts of things weve got to learn about with this new microsoft. Flight sim uh, but overall lets get her down onto the ground lets see. If how gentle we can do this and then we can, we can see if we can close her down Music there. You go what an extraordinary aircraft um very, very extraordinary. I dont quite know whether do i love her. I dont i dont know if i i dont know if id go so far as to say that i i love her um and i think theres still some work to be done to make her the way that um the way to function within microsoft. That will make full use of her uh with the autopilots etc, but its nice to see some of these switches are working, which is good and, as i say, you get these little warnings. Uh coming up as well. Itd be nice to have an overall battery master switch, which we dont appear to have um itd, be nice to be able to open the doors um. You know its feeling very much like uh. Well, you could build it out like the icon, which would be beautiful if you could be nice to have some different views to be able to see um see directly down below you, which would be very, very cool. It does have little things either side, saying radar, which so its all set up. I would have thought to be able to do those uh uh great trips, and you even have a little luggage compartment.

I think youre saying oh no, its on both sides. There you go, youve got a little luggage compartment to be able to put your stuff into, and there you go so thats the future. Ladies and gentlemen, forgetting microsoft, flight simulator for a second, this is the future that we will see buzzing around. Our cities, um and Laughter as redundancy works and as uh systems become more reliable and batteries become lighter. Then uh. This really could be quite an exciting future for everyone um. What do my overall feeling in microsoft, flight simulator right now, its a good little first attempt from a sobo, its a very safe attempt from a sobo um, its not going to? I i dont think those of you who are flying the helicopters within the simulator right now. You may not find it enough of a challenge for those people that are flying fixed wing that are looking again into uh vertical uh flight. It might be a nice opportunity to get into, however, if you dumb, down the existing and theres plenty of manuals, etc, to show you how to do it dumb down the existing um freeware helicopters that are out there, that you can add onto microsoft, flight simulator that Work very very well with airland fs. Then you would probably get a very similar sort of feel. It feels a little bit like a drone. If you dump it right the way down all the settings, um and thats – actually probably a better place to start from than a drone or a volocopter, but look, as i said its very nice to have something completely different to talk about within microsoft, flight simulator, its A very interesting little thing and uh, i hope, thats been useful to you and i hope you have lots of fun with it and uh yeah.

If anyone knows how to turn on the autopilot, please comment down below uh coming up. We have lots of uh news. Coming up on the r44, we got news on the one two five which releases in december of this year: lots and lots of work going on behind the scenes im recovering from kovid. You could probably hear my voice is just about coming back and ive recovered from windows 11..