This pirate wasnt made for white. Oh boy, Music, it works. Oh you made all the way. Do my eyes be tricking me. I think i see something over yonder, oh yeah, its a message in a bottle: Music, angry Music, oh Music. Okay lets see it nico. Can you take the soup for me and he counted my coins? Has anyone fed this bird yet? No all right boy, i found some gold uh thats a lot of gold. You found i dont step on that road. Therell be a pirate crab. Lets get it someone, man, the hoes Applause, good work: pirate family wheres, my pirate breakfast, you said you were making pirate breakfast: where is it ah nicos making it im counting my coins? Oh, you do have a lot of coins nico wheres. My pirate breakfast, oh, i need some seasoning. No, no! Yes! Oh that looks delicious. Should we add some more. Thank you. Yeah wait, theres one more Music, please, just like your dad youd be saving treasure. I sure do be proud of you. Go hide that somewhere safe. Put it near me, gold, no one will get it there who left these keys out again. Sorry, i was gon na put them on the key rack, but i always lose my keys. Put them away. Im gon na bury this gold wait. We need to have breakfast. First, family do my eyes be tricking me. I think i see something over yonder, oh yeah, its a message in a bottle, no boy, a message in a bottle: look little: pirate boy! Do you see it? No! I cant! Okay, let me go over on the beach.

It must have got washed up with the storm last night. Uh, i dont know lets go okay! Oh, i wonder what be in the bottle. Is this our familys first message in a bottle? Yeah a shell: oh thered, be a crab in there. Oh there. It is its just a little guy. Is that the crab that we got the bottle come on it washed up with the storm who can grab it niko stretch out the pirate boy grab it nico. Oh, he got it here, pull that side. Oh, we got it. Dad lets read it: okay watch out theyre sinking holes, oh theres, sinkholes. In this beach. We must be on a pirate island. All right lets read this. This be a note from the fisher price pirates. Are you ready to find what be hidden on pirate island? Is that are, you sure says, wait hold on theres more theres more, i think lots of fun found by lots of lava, big and small. You can drive it all. Are you sure you ripped the note? Where do we look? What does this note mean the volcano? The volcano lava youre right lets: go pirate family ahoy, lava this pirate wasnt made for running ahoy Music space station gaming; hot wheels army pirate boy, Music Applause, im, going on the trail; Applause, Music, Music, bye, Music. What did you find open Music? What is it whoa? Where is it at? It went in the trunk, oh its, like a storage for your cars.

Where does it go? Put it in there pull this back whoa watch this im gon na do a space station gaming car lets see this is so cool. Can i try one yeah? Okay, you put it right here. Oh lets launch. At the same time, on your mark get set, we need a car, i need a car on your mark. Get set, go whoa Applause, oh shes, coming through reverse reverse paint. Finally, im going to exploring you can go on exploring be safe out there: Applause, Music Applause, oh Music. I pick up Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, dinosaurs, dinosaurs, Music, oh sorry, ill put them down! Sorry just wanted to see your eggs Music where to next. I think id be seeing dinosaurs ahead, be careful. They look like meat eaters right behind Applause, theres, a big mama. She looks like hes getting rough Music Applause, whoa whats, that oh there you are and theres a volcano Applause. I think thats real Music. How do we get over there? Oh Music Music, this pirate island be crazy. The kids are not backwards stuff guys. I got an idea. Lets put the hot wheels on the track. Oh you made it all. The way lets see if i can go farther. Come back. Applause: Music, who wants to have a race brace me mom did Music ways. Okay, lets see it ready set, go island, whoa nicos, still going go nicole, tony go go guys! Im going off, roading Music lets race.

Again. Everyone line up by each other give us the pirate countdown on your mark. Get set. Go lets, go its so good its gone in the water. We made it to the waterhole jump. Pirate ghost. You got all the cars yes, and i was also fixing the trunk im putting their car accords where they belong perfect. Should we be going back to the ship? That was a good adventure? Maybe we keep these power wheels hot wheels cars at the pirate island for playing. Do you like that idea? Yes, nico, youre gon na you want to drive it nicole, bear okay! Let me get it ready for you. Well, take it down here! So its easy! All! Right: pirate boy hop in okay, drive it back to the ship Applause Music, thanks for watching bye, give me that soup im so hungry, okay were gon na play more cars, all right and parents. These power wheels hot wheels. Racers can be found at starting august 31st on your marks. Get set, go ahoy. We did it thanks for watching, bye bye were coming rocks. I hope its frozen you doing. Music, shell be wasting our pirate soup little pirate pirate athlete get back in the ship. Youll be grounded.