I did see a tesla when i was in ohio. I saw one dark blue. This is nice isnt it wow. This is so nice hey! You should get a tesla if that should be your treat to yourself to ohio everythings just a little bit different. Oh wow, they have a nice little. No! Stop! Stop! Oh my car! Oh im! Sorry! I hate you im! So sorry i hate you thats. All! I wanted to show you just Music yo yo josh yo were about to go pick up the car, but before i do, i want to thank the sponsor of this video storyblocks. Storyblocks is a royalty free stock footage website. I use them regularly because you dont pay per clip. You pay a monthly fee. Remember that car explosion in anamorphia too the cameraman destroys himself and everything near him. Not my car, i mean you cant even really tell because this is such a tight shot, but this is how you can use stock footage without anybody, even knowing thats it. I dont even think thats a car. I do kind of dangerous stuff, but i leave the real dangerous stuff for stock footage go to storyblocks right now. I left a link down below you can sign up. Lets get this car wow. You think like that. Only okay wait, we know were in plaid mode right now. Are we really right here? We go wait till we go straight. Lets find three two! Oh, oh, my god! Oh my god, dude my eyeballs went to.

There went to the back of my head Music, your glasses, flew off your head. Wait till we get a gap dude they rented this to me. No, no. How does it feel for you? I drive cars, hard thats, its like its beyond car. Now its like your planes taking off and its totally silent, theres like nothing, it sounds like nothing im, almost a little bummed, because the thing about cars is having that engine that rev its just pure feeling like that theres. No other experience than getting blasted back in your space. Oh my. You know that ride on at magic mountain, the superman. This is more intense than that Music, and that thing is also loud. This just sounds like a golf cart, oh thats, where the blinker is. What do you think about the yoke its not as weird as i thought it was or like what ive seen people talk about it? It actually makes you want to have both hands on the wheels like you, wouldnt want to drive this one handed, i would say im going to tell you home, but i think good luck me and keep it up ollie. If you can beat me to the office, you get the job you get hired. You go from intern to full on paid employee 200k a year with benefits, you get meaningful work Laughter. Well, i guess im. I guess thats not happening. Oh, my god i was like wow. I definitely should not be going this fast, so check this out.

My neighbor gonzalo. He has all of these super exotic cars. I mean hes got like a garage full of 10 cars like this is his car 600 lt. What do you think the horsepower is on this thing, probably like 600, something 600 so lets go see if gonzalo wants to uh wants to race. Josh says he wants to race, you for pings, listen, im, not gon na! Tell you what car it is. You can pick any car of yours, you want ill take. What horsepower do you have on the landfill, its uh 640 horsepower, but its an all wheel drive okay, but we got to go 300 miles Laughter. Have you driven one of these? I have its crazy fast. Its like, when you have a go car, i mean a remote control car yeah they just take off, but on a track ill. Take that one any day if youre revving it in the dark – and you see the rear view, mirror you see the flames Music hes walking us over to his garage hes got a bunch of other cars in there, its a great car, dude yeah nice car, its A really great car, all of these from here to there this is 69. from here down yeah and i have like dude. This is like gone in 60 seconds garage, its a 69 el camino ss yeah, which is like the chevelle ss. This you said this is one of my favorites.

You said this has a corvette engine corvette engine and a corvette transmission, pretty fast, like 1200 pounds plus the engine. So this car is super fast, but its not safe. There are seat belts, dude wheres, the seat belt 68 corvette. This is the whoa third generation, the c3 120 grand car. The stars are sought after, like crazy theres, not a lot of them left. This is an aston martin, dbs super legendary. Oh, my goodness. They only make 50 of these ones every year, 64 corvette. This is a second generation, the c2 okay, all right thats, my new favorite, but this is the lamborghini hurricane evo. That is a nice discovery. This is a british discovery. The its a right hand, drive 66 mustang convertible uh, all original air conditioning automatic power top so theyre, very rare. This is a replica of a 57 uh speedster. This is just the one year model that james dean died. Thats, the you know they used to call it the bullet, its, not a collection, its an addiction. I might want to add one more to the list. I know man im im anti tesla. I need to have the sound yeah. I totally agree. That was my first impression, which was like half the fun its good. It feels like a roller coaster, but like theres, no theres no heartbeat to it theres, nothing like organic about it. This is a 600 lt, which is the only model that the exhaust comes from.

The top, which is the one i liked i think i have this car in forza on my xbox yeah, emily hates riding in cars. She gets car sick. Are you fine to watch my kid for like like a minute? I dont want this. No stop stop. It was horrible because joshua loves making other people uncomfortable and terrified for his own when hes able to joke what i thought you were taking me on a nice ride, because its nice porn sound, driving, sound fart on demand, thats. What you need that you need? Oh yeah, so you can raise the suspension yeah. Oh you can fold mirrors child lock, Laughter, who recorded all these sounds no stop. I dont like it its even scary, because its not a roller coaster. Apparently this car accelerates faster than it can break, which is kind of scary, yeah, thats, fair. This car weighs as much as the sequoia because its all batteries isnt that wild ah yeah. Let me just turn on the signal here. Excuse me, you found this mode. You found it, i know youre loving it. I dont want this yeah didnt even get to listen to it, not once all righty love you bye, Laughter, okay, i love you.