Bear with me Music good morning guys, if youre wondering why im in my closet this morning, its because im, hiding from jaben and bella and trying not to wake up eliana its early in the morning been a may has already gone to work out. But i wanted to show you guys what just came in a box, but not just any box. This is jabens new drone and its exciting, because jabin has been wanting a drone for a long time, not just any drone. He wanted one with a screen that he could look and, and the drone has a camera and the controller has a screen and he can watch what hes doing hes been saving for it and at one point in his soccer we were trying to incentivize him to To be more aggressive, a little more assertive in his game because hes too polite, sometimes on the field mama, his mom, been him ahead said. If you score two goals in this game, i will buy you the drone outright, and so he tried so hard. Jaben tries hard and does well, but he hadnt scored a goal all season and that game he did so well. It was his last game. He he was the most assertive ive ever seen him. He was moving the ball, he was taking shots on the goal and he was doing so well rather than just you know, opting to pass to other players when he had a chance to shoot.

He was shooting, and so it was awesome and he scored a goal in his final game. He scored a goal, went over the goalies head, it was awesome, so he but he only scored one, and so i was like. Oh, we kind of felt bad because we really wanted him to you know to to be able to get the drone. Mama still gave him some money and he really liked that so hes been saving and and lately hes hes. You know hes been trying to find ways to earn extra money and working hard and then weve just noticed. Hes had a good attitude lately and we really wanted to bless him. You know hes been helping out without us asking him, and so we just decided were gon na. You know everything hes saved he still needed a small chunk or like were just gon na um cover that last bit and get the drone and surprise him. So here it is im gon na unbox it and show you guys what it looks like. I havent seen it yet either. I probably should have grabbed a knife or something oh, that looks so. Cool weve got a whole thing planned on how were gon na try to reveal it to him. Hopefully, it works out check that out doesnt that look nice now um, im gon na go ahead and link this drone in the description, if youre interested in getting one for someone or you want one for yourself um, it is a really cool drone, but well have All that link below, if you want to get one too, you can see um theres a little camera right there on the bottom of the drone.

And then, if you look at the controller, it has a screen on it and so the the thing we wanted for this um this drone. We wanted it to be one that you dont have to use a cell phone as the screen, because we havent, given our kids cell phones, yet theres a reason for all that, but uh that gets into a whole nother topic. But this has a screen built in to the controller, so were super excited about this for james, its gorgeous too its gold and black thats awesome. So i i didnt know how like chintzy it would feel, but it actually feels pretty substantial. In fact its. It almost feels a little bit heavy and im sure its not too heavy that the the blades cant handle it. But i dont know if you know what i mean, but i kind of wondered if it would feel like a toy, but it doesnt really. It feels it feels more substantial and im guessing its weighted really well and heres the controller there. It is theres the screen. Oh, i dropped it, okay, so which one goes which way. Now, oh boy, the propellers are different. Um and the way they thread on is different too and im sure thats. For a reason, i should probably read a little more ive got three propellers on one more to go. I need a b one now i wonder if i have to charge anything before i can mess with this.

I dont know if i have to charge it or it comes charged, hey guys. I just had to connect um the plugs inside each of these and and theyre already charged check this out. This things ready to go so isnt that cool all right im setting it on the floor. Im gon na see what happens all right: okay, im trying to figure out how to make this thing fly. I can see the batteries low on the controller and im guessing its too low on the drone, as well so im going to charge them both up. First. After all, so this afternoon i was downstairs trying to edit – and i hear i keep hearing like noise from downstairs im like what is going on. So i rushed up here and its supposed to be quiet time, but bella and javen are up. What were you guys doing so i wake up to use a restroom right and im like. Why is the doorway thats like wide open, like its spread, open so im, like maybe moms up here, and she wanted it open to make it smell better? So i go and im like maybe shes in the classroom. I shut the door and before i shut the door, i see a little bird hopping onto our table into our living room and then jump onto our dining room table and im like im going to go, shut the door. So i can like shoot it out and fly straight into the classroom so thats when bella goes down.

Shes like mom theres, a bird in our house yeah, and i was like a bird. What is going on bella was like there is a bird in the house so, like the bird flew over there by those doors it was by the kitchen in the in the classroom. This little one was sleeping. Dorys at work was at work, so it was like it was a fiasco up here. It was crazy, like theyre at one point like the bird was up here and mom was standing in it like it was like coming straight for her forehead. Moms like like, i dont, know why i got so freaked out every time it got all the way up. Here and i tried to catch it, and this moved mm hmm, so that was another thing: oh yeah, that because that could come and then when it it just sat in the bathroom, landed late on your towels, let on our blankets, yeah, oh yeah, so it finally Left, but that was i thought about grabbing the camera, but i was like huh, i dont know. If i want to do that, because i had to focus at the with the problem to handle the problem at hand. She didnt put it in the cage and like yeah, i didnt want anybody to get her. We didnt really necessarily want to hurt the baby bird. It wasnt it wasnt a baby, it wasnt, it was full brown, but it was little.

I know those things are tiny. Its a bench space all right, do you mind taking out the trash for me, and it was quite thick, oh, that it just had the audacity to walk into our lives. Not though thats it can we help in like that. The door has been open for a while, and it gets comfortable enough yeah its gon na just walk right in it walked right in, like it was its own house. It hopped in like and im like whats this burger, and here she is, she can reach this. Now so we need we have to constantly. Oh, can i get some water before you do that hurry, please. I always have to lock this when youre done. Please like it. Yes, okay, thank you. Oh this is trash. You need some too. No, you have water right in my love here. You dont want your water. No were not doing that its a. What is that its a box katya, we dont, want you to choke my love. Oh just chop. It david help your sister, hey, kiddos, okay, throw it up Music ready. I got it, throw it up. Okay, my mommy! Well, i dont want to get it. You ready! You went right back yeah this afternoon. We were watching something and she kept saying. I want to go to javen. Jayvin was right next to us and she kept jayden so that all three have a good relationship. Um all right, throw it up its like they go in spurts, where david wants to like keep wants to do that too.

But yeah dave has been helping us quite a bit too with just house stuff, and i am painting yes house tour, updated house stuff coming soon. George just got home, yeah and ellie for two minutes. Then you have to go shower. Okay, ellie wanted to jump with dad you ready for this. I just got done jumping through the big jumps. Look at her. She said shes, afraid, Music, dad you want to play with me, okay here it goes again, so you try to keep it honey. She was laughing like a frog, all right, daddy, daddy, shes nervous. Are you nervous, sit down sit down, please i want to get the house ready that way we can go if we need to go tomorrow. So all right, okay, im just going to let them know joeys going to go out im going to call there. We go, you got to go, help, someone and then the nature of the job, yeah whoa so well. Be here hanging out our friends, you cant go away our friends just um stopped by she has a new baby, hes, so cute another sibling. Oh brother, here goes a brother hes, so cute he is so cute david. What did you think about? He was adorable. I didnt get a chance to hold him bella, was holding him and said. Okay, i want another sibling. Yes, what do you think about that buddies are so hard dancing abcs to him. It was adorable.

You guys. I didnt want to just throw the camera on their in their faces. You know, respect other peoples space and i dont think she knows we have a youtube channel. So yeah were gon na tidy up its getting late. Are you guys excited for ellie? What do you think mom? We did that drive through thingy, but careful building? All that you know. I think it was neat for what we could do right, yeah, the fun there was people who had shirts at a booth and they said um the shirt said um. I think 20 20 and like with an x over the zero and one dropping in like 20 21 fare because they couldnt do it 20. 20. yeah. So anyway, i was so nice. This morning we sat out there read the bible. Did our um. What do you call it devotional? It was so nice and then this evening we have supper out there, so its been kind of a its been a good day, yeah yeah, okay, guys outside testing the drone right now, i think, were about to play a game. Wheres that thing oh badou, all right. So here i want you guys all over here: okay in the classroom, this is gon na, be fun. Im gon na hide this, and they have to try and figure out where it is go in the classroom get hot and cold yeah going to classrooms. But this is where the bird walks like go in that corner, because i dont want you guys hearing me right yeah.

We should go in the bathroom bye guys, so i parked my car a little ways from the house im like a quarter mile from the house in a cul de sac – and i was gon na fly it from here to in front of the house. But i i really uh i kind of underestimated how hard it would be to fly. So i think im gon na have to call bename and tell her that i need to like sneak up close to the house and fly it just gon na text. Her dory just texted and say hes having a hard time flying. I texted bename. I havent heard anything yet so im just gon na head that way and – and i dont know what else to do, because im running out of daylight, so im gon na make a little note. I actually brought along a little piece of note paper and a pen im gon na put a cool little note on there for javen, so lets do that he just called Music up money. Its so hard pulling off surprises pick up a pick up, hes, not picking up. I have to go out there and make sure i can. I can all right im on my way up towards the house. I left my car back there im just gon na run up ive got ive got the drone, and the controller here and im just gon na run up there and try to surprise javen all right here i go Applause im getting close to the house im gon Na go up beside the garage next to the neighbors theres, our house, probably gon na, come back here by the garage and try to surprise him from here.

Im gon na set up the camera and see if i can get a video of him coming out. Music. Oh Music, hello, yeah, hurry up not yet crashed. Okay, come on Music. Okay, come out! What about me were playing a game. Come on huh, go ahead very cold! No warm bevel is one cold leave me alone, yeah youre, both warm. What was that? Can you go and get my my my cap? Oh no, its okay, its okay, honey, okay, Music! No, you guys are close, but not close. Lets! Try it again! No, not with these. You guys. Dont got its pretty easy. Oh dad get back its pretty easy yeah! You guys are close. No bella is asking whos that, after that, all right one last time dreaming jayden come here. Yeah come here for a second jamin come here. Can you go grab me my green hat on the front porch, please and then well finish, playing the front porch. What what? What is it that my drone? What is that? What is that hey? What does it say? What is it Laughter, Applause there you go buddy! Thank you, mommy and daddy youre welcome its really complicated its its a lot harder than it looks buddy. What do you think about it? I dont even know you guys are doing this. How did you, how did you turn it on turn on, since you still had a little bit more money that you needed to earn and because youve been helping so much without us asking we decided to just cover the last amount and you can give us what You have and well well just consider it even for the last amount.

Okay, all right, youre welcome! You have a drone. Draven again turn this thing off and on you have a drone. Okay up takes it straight up down straight down. Okay, stay back! You got to be careful its a little hard to control okay. So then, now you can use your controls, like i taught you, okay, this is up. Okay, okay, thats. The little guy were trying to go. Hes gon na go up ellie. This is the two to go sideways or forward or back yeah. This is up and down. Okay, and i dont know if youll need to turn it, but back and forth here is turn okay. Im gon na go okay, so stand back: Music Applause, Music, wow, hes, doing pretty well, oh jesus Laughter, double down double down! Try landing good job Applause! Oh sorry! I wasnt hi good job buddy! You left me hanging. Oh there you go youre getting it for you. I wouldnt i wouldnt do any chase. This is so cool. You can see the picture mm, hmm on the screen. That is awesome all right: okay, Music, good job and shes running. Just like the colors. Just look, okay, thats cool right here. Let me try! Okay! Oh, you feel the wind Music, you got it good job buddy, you stopped it just in time. He looks a little nervous, though hes, like hes, got kind of a nervous, grin hes like theres, also a different color. I think theres a white yeah, youre right white and gold yeah, but he wanted black yeah.

So we got it right. Yeah, theyre, really cool. We had no idea, we picked it up in the front. Oh yeah, you guys had no idea, it came out and it was in that box. We were helping ellie, and these two are still practicing like the way yeah. It is Music that was pretty good. Hey jay ben yeah, majestic fams gon na need all sorts of images from you. Okay, so you got ta practice im going to teach you whats this. Can you take pictures its just so cool that it is im so excited for you welcome baby? I saw i saw pink flashing lights im like thats, a drone that looks easy, but did you know it was his drone um sorta? Okay, i mean i was just thinking. Oh theres, a drone lets go grab it. I was just excited, you know. No! No! No. I mean like the first time something hit the house: did you go thats, a drone? No, oh you didnt know. I knew i saw dad running back and forth. Im like is that one of our neighbors? Oh, that lost something Music. The kids are trying to name the drone, say g flash d, slash dad had to hide it in there. I wasnt sure if you guys would see me leaving so that way, i could say i was just taking the cooler for work. What do you think bud? Im happy oh yeah yeah. I didnt actually go home.

That was all a story, a gun. You knew he wasnt going to work. Oh yeah, that was strong. Mama was on the phone with me. While i was freaking out. I was like this thing is so hard to fly. I keep crashing. I heard mommy mom was like uh huh, okay. So this is what the note said. Is it an autofocus? Yes, hi, javin, im union buddy? Oh yeah, remember that remember that crash. You heard we thought it was a person and you were like. I saw a black figure like come like sprinting across the front of the house. Im, like is that, like one of our neighbors and i was like oh thats, just bad well, you said i could go. You were like theyre in the back, you can go now. I was having them hide. We were playing a hiding game and she must have looked out the window yeah ive saved 140 to get the drone because its 160. So i was trying to earn 20 more dollars by like cleaning and babysitting and just trying to work around the house and then when i, when i saw those that mom and dad had already got me the drone. I was like yes, yes, so yeah. We did it because hes been very helpful, um and so yeah all were putting in is 20 well eliana eliana. You need to wait. Mamas talking, okay, oh all we have to put in is twenty dollars hes.

He did most of them yeah. He saved a lot of money, so im proud of both of them yeah. We know this was going to bless his heart. Did you tell them where this all began or begun uh about the soccer goals? Did you tell them that yeah you did it in the closet, so yeah, yeah and now bella has something on sunday. What so you need to do what uh run a mile under nine minutes, uh huh and then what did you want? Uh fifty dollars worth of legos yeah thats how she won. It was 50 worth of legos, so i said well, you need to run in this mile and get under this minute. So shes been practicing with dad weve been running five days a week, yeah so that in case someones wondering we didnt leave our daughters out were just saying they each they each have their own thing that they love that were trying to work out. What do you love that you would like a joan you wan na draw, so where did we get drones from uh from from ali? Okay? So aldi has drones, yeah, okay and you would like a drone little big one, theres a little big one in the tiny one. I dont want like a tiny one like a little one for ellie, yeah. Okay, so cute dont touch sweetie pie. Okay, are you so happy for jayden yeah? This is going to be fun to get the hang of it, youre not going to be able to sleep youre just going to be like go ahead.

Okay, what did you just say? It feels surreal that i have a drone you youre shaking is that yeah im like like im a drug im, glad it made you happy huh, yeah its kind of speechless. Thank you mom and dad. Are you welcome? Well, you did a lot of the work to earn that buddy. You did most of it and we love you all of us. We love you guys. It happens. You want to give david a hug. Ellie go, give your brother, he would Music. Thank you ellie. You can give it to me youre welcome, although we only did 20 bucks of it yeah, you did most of it. You did most of it, you yeah, but good job, on setting a goal for yourself obtaining it yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching this.