Nowadays, the smartphone game is so competitive and something i always look for is what makes the device stand out. Youve got phones from samsung that literally flip and fold. The iphone has the ecosystem and its legit a status symbol at this point. Hi everyone ta here. So what makes this phone special? Well, the hype behind this phone has to be the cameras. This is the second year in a row that vivo is working with zeiss, who are very well known for their digital camera lenses, its a big part of the marketing for the xmd lineup vivos, not shy about it, either with zeiss branding stamped in three different places. On the back of the device they want you to know, i have a lot to say about the cameras, but lets take a look at the rest of the phone first. The specs are very impressive. This has some of the top hardware that you can find right now. So you already know the phone runs like a champ. Unlike last year, theyve also added a lot of the missing high end features like wireless charging, plus reverse wireless charging and ip68 water plus dust resistance rating, and thankfully stereo speakers having those features, makes the x70 pro plus very competitive with other high end phones, which wasnt The case earlier this year in the box, you get quite a few goodies if youre an apple or samsung fan. You know thats kind of rare nowadays theres a 55 watt power, brick a charging cable, a pair of headphones, a usb c dongle, because theres, no headphone jack and even a thin, but surprisingly decent looking case in terms of design.

It gives me that executive vibe, especially in this black color, the giant glass slab beside the cameras, is an interesting choice. The finish on the back is super bold and i kind of like it its different, its shimmery and almost sparkly. The screen is really: nice were talking 120 hertz amoled with a 1440p resolution, its an ltpo display, meaning it should be able to refresh between 1 to 120 hertz as needed out the box. Its set to adaptive and ive only seen it jump between 60 or 120 hertz, nothing in between or lower than 60.. If battery life is what you care about, you could always lock it to 60hz. Consuming content on this display is a great experience, its completely on trend with slim, bezels, curved edges and the hole punch, stereo speakers arent the best ive heard, but beats the single speaker from the previous model by a long shot. The phone is running: android 11, with vivos fun touch os skin. On top the software is relatively clean and reminds me a lot of the pixel launcher. Youve got round icons the good old google feed to the left and a clean, looking app drawer im, not really a fan of the notification, shade design the square buttons. Just look out of place to me, theres quite a few apps that are pre installed too. Some of them you can install but theres a bunch that you cant get rid of and because i cant create folders in the app drawer, theres, no way to hide them, theyre kind of just scattered all over the place.

Dont love that, on a more positive note, im really digging some of the extra software tricks that vivo has built in, for example, when the screen is off, you can hold the volume down button to turn the flashlight on and off thats seriously helpful. If you want to quickly launch a split screen, just slide up with three fingers and then select your second app easy as that here, let me do that again. Tell me thats, not quick, similar to that sliding down with three fingers will quickly snap a screenshot of whatever is on your screen. This is probably my new favorite way to take screenshots, but yeah dig through the settings and youll find a bunch of other customizable features. Like these that are low key useful in everyday situations, all right, like i mentioned earlier, vivo, worked closely with zeiss to co. Engineer the photography experience on this phone im, just gon na say it. I think the partnership is paying off, because this phone takes some of my favorite photos period. There are so many times where ill take a picture not expecting much then check out the photo afterwards and just be blown away by how good it came out. That happens. A lot with this phone, with a total of four lenses, theres a lot of flexibility to frame your perfect shot. That includes a two times plus five times optical zoom. Pictures in general are bright and colorful with really good detail when lighting is harsh.

Pictures can sometimes be a tiny bit overexposed for my taste. The hdr also goes wonky once in a while, leaving you with pictures that might look artistic but arent. All that realistic, dont get me wrong, though. The pictures in general are amazing. Under portrait mode, youll find four zeiss inspired styles built in which are supposed to mimic the iconic zeiss bokeh that their lenses produce. They look cool and you can adjust the strength of the blur, but i mean its still pretty obvious its software. If you have kids or pets, youll love the sports mode. It lets you snap blur free photos while theyre running wild around the house. Usually the majority of the pictures i take of my dog and are full of motion blur or look muddy, but this completely solves that almost every single shot, no matter how fast hes moving is usable, very, very handy. Pictures from the front camera are very flattering. I see that because it tends to lighten up your skin and narrow down your face. Just a tiny bit seriously, though, depending on, where youre from that could be ideal. Colors are also a little more muted than i like, but overall the front facing camera aint bad theres plenty of detail, and i can see a lot of people being more than happy with their selfies low light. Shots are crazy, good. It essentially has built in night mode that kicks in automatically, so you technically dont even need to switch to the dedicated night mode.

The amount of detail and light it pulls in even in really dark situations is really impressive. Theres also a zeiss coating on the lenses that i initially thought was all marketing, but you know what it actually cuts down on reflections from light when it comes to video whats unique, is that every single lens is optically stabilized. So you can expect stable footage across the board thats, something im sure everyone will appreciate, because who likes jumpy footage right, like last year, video recording isnt nearly as impressive as the pictures, its really hit or miss with nice. Soft lighting footage looks really good and im sure you would agree with harsh sunlight, though it still tends to crush shadows and clip a good amount of details in the highlights thats, especially true, with the ultra wide lens. I mean just look at this. Its really inconsistent. Sometimes i love the footage. Sometimes it ends up looking way below average. If you need a reliable phone for video, this might disappoint. You selfie video maxes out at 1080p, which is probably fine for most but lets be honest. 4K isnt. All that uncommon nowadays heres a quick side by side with the iphone 13 pro. And while you check that out, let me talk to you about todays video, sponsor surfsharkvpn. So what searchtrack does is that it encrypts all your data before it goes over the internet, meaning people you dont, want having access to your personal information wont, have access to it, especially relevant on sketchy public, wi, fi being canadian one of my favorite use cases for Our search track is to access content from other countries with one click i can binge watch.

My favorite episodes of friends, which you cant, find on netflix canada, whats great, is that they dont limit the number of devices you can connect at a time, meaning your whole family is covered. So if that sounds good check out the link below and use my promo code, tau youll get 83 off and three months completely free. The 4500 milliamp hour battery is a respectable size. It easily gets me through a day of typical smartphone usage. Ive been averaging around six hours of screen on time. Whats great is that it charges really really fast too, so you can quickly top it off in the morning or before heading out for the night, the battery shouldnt be a problem. When i reviewed the x60 pro plus earlier this year, my biggest gripes were the single bottom firing speaker and lack of an ip rating with the x70 pro plus theyve addressed both these issues plus through and wireless charging and a bigger higher resolution. Screen too, i mean thats a nice list of upgrades that now makes this a legitimate flagship. The pictures are seriously impressive and is easily the biggest appeal of this phone. That zeiss partnership seems to be working out very nicely for vivo. I dont have exact global pricing for the phone, but direct conversion from pricing in china has this ringing up to around 850 to 950 us dollars, theres no official launch for north america yet, but if this is available in your country, i think its worth a look.

Anyways, let me know what you think about the x70 pro plus in the comments as usual.