We are fpv duo day, um fpv duo, walmart 199. theres, an unboxing a couple days back, put a link in the description, anyways, okay, im gon na turn it on today, its all about flying it, seeing how the flight characteristics are and how the goggles, how they Are how you, how good they are, how bad they are and how the camera goes, because i do have oh there it is. I do have an sd card in there ready to go so lets turn it on and see what happens. Lets turn on this. Okay turn this on. Okay, now guys im gon na go through this really quickly, and what i have to do is weve, never flown up down. Okay, ive never flown this before weve, never done anything except right now so im going to calibrate it real quick with the geomagnetic calibration, where it right here. Okay, i have to hold the button. Lets put this back on it, so i know whats going on. They give you the coolest little thing wow, it tells you exactly what it is. Okay hold this down, okay and then pick it up and go clockwise until it beeps again: Music. Oh damn! I forgot, you got ta aim it down and go clock there. It goes until it beeps like that and then its done and then when youre here, if you put it on on a flat spot right after that im a little dizzy, guys im serious, put it on something flat, pretty flat and which one is it you hold.

Both of these in the seven oclock location, see it. You hold them both like that see the light blue, yes, okay, so were done now we take off and fly yeah. Well now we link the goggles up and we fly ah yeah thats. It guys im going to show you something insane insane in the membrane. Okay, first thing is the goggles are magic and they spit out extra propellers dont. Let me forget that all right, so if you look at the top fpv duo, chb off on an s, these are channels and stuff and theres your usb plug to charge them and your instructions down. There will tell you everything lets just try to change a couple channels and search for that if theres extra people flying also theres a thing on the bottom of the drone, you flip the numbers to link up to stuff theres only if theres a bunch of you But now watch ready on. Can you see something yeah watch out? Let me look oh yeah buddy. Oh, i can see that that is insane guys. Look at that wow. Can you see it? I think so? Okay, its just so dark or bright out here, im gon na put it on okay, okay, uh, how to lock and unlock okay. If you look right here up here, thats how you lock and unlock it and thats to get the motor spinning and whatnot so lets, go and im gon na hit record.

So let me put these on okay, so i can see the drone right now, all right. Okay, so i do know that this is speed. Thats, two thats. Three. I need to go to one okay, i do know thats a picture. Excuse me: okay were filming yes, okay, so to take off it was what this way is. It spinning looks like it sounds. Like it so im flying yeah, how does it feel in there pretty cool youve? Never done this before no watch. I watch this hold on its actually amazing. I mean i know what duration i mean: theres, no app, so its weird isnt it or anything guys. So its just you and the drone here, as you see us um its amazing, it looks like its auto hovering. It is its on gps. Wow i didnt know racing drone would do that. You can do well this one isnt, a full blown racing drone. We got ta, we got to say this. This is a vivitar racing drum from walmart, so its trying to get people into the you know the driver yeah the world without being so hard wow. But, to be honest with you, i think its amazing yeah im absolutely loving it. I can see everything and ill put this up on the screen, so everybody can see it its starting to get a little foggy right now, but not really. I cant yeah, i dont. Even there it is yeah.

Okay, hang on okay, now, im in second speaker, she is moving a little faster. Can you see the drawer yeah im zoomed in now, im zoomed out scared me a little okay, so im going to check out speed three ready, thats three. What does three means? Uh? Oh so, im gon na turn it around. Is it faster. It looks like it shoot its coming: wow yeah its faster geez. Okay. So can you do me a favor yeah, im gon na push. Stop on the record. Oh wait wrong button thats that way: oh no thats thats right! I was spinning okay, oh theres, wind. Today. Yes, oh i hear it dang that things moving guys theres wind blowing too. Okay, so can you take the goggles and hold the camera and film them yeah? So you might want to turn that way. You know what i mean the sun out of it see what i mean: yes, isnt that cool okay so now lets bring it over here lets you know what lets land it: real, quick, Music, so Applause, Music, so Music, so Music, so Applause, Music, okay, guys so For the one one thing that i did notice and i did figure out its a beginner first person view drone. I dont believe they want to call it well, they do call it a camera racing drill yeah. So it is a racing drone, okay, but then heres. The problem you see this camera on the front right here it does have like.

If you hit the ground amazing flexibility, its got a shock on it, its beautiful right, you can adjust it down up, but a racing drone leans when youre going fast right. The camera doesnt lean up enough, so all youre seeing is the ground and it scares you in them goggles wow, because all you see is the ground yeah. You dont know if youre going to run into anything, so yeah thats right. So you got to be high up, so basically i mean if youre high up youre great yeah. Basically, you dont want to be real low run into stuff yeah. So so theres no obstacle courses keep that in mind, but for 199, if it keeps flying like it is, and everything keeps working right, its its a good deal, because racing drones are expensive. How much are they normally a racing driver like the wizard? Well, the wizards going to be well. You got to remember that oh thats, a professional drone 350 now, but that thing is like thats not taking a box. Yeah push go and fly like this thats you have to get on your computer. You have to program some stuff. You got to do this. You got to do that. You got to know what youre doing racing league drl, okay, so theres a lot that you got to know to do that. This is aimed at getting your feet, wet people that are new to drones. That think about.

Maybe i want to fly a a racing drone and lets see what its all about you get your own goggles. You get a nice brushless drone thats, so quiet its ridiculous. I cant believe its brushless by the way its beautiful, tiny brushless engines, a nice controller. It does everything it says its supposed to do it also. You can take it off a gps mode for like indoor flight. Oh wow do that um lets see what else you can do uh i dont remember, but theres a lot of stuff. You can do with it, so its worth 200 im going to give it the thumbs up, because i, like flowers yeah, seems pretty easy. It is its take out of the box, do a few things and youre flying guys and youre recording in your first person, so you cant beat it its dont. Take a 199.99 right. There, hey 4.3 inch fpv screen. I mean its just its all its good yep. I have nothing bad to say about it, except for the camera. Doesnt go up a little bit, but honestly it doesnt get leaned far enough for you to worry about it too. Okay, its they did good whats. That is oh. I forgot to turn this off. All right guys, thanks for joining um, if you havent seen the unboxing ill put a link in the description below we love you all on thumbs ups and shares its never too late to do it just go.