I know whats going on its your boy d, man and today we back with another one and today man, i went to walmart and i saw this this bad thing so hey because i always wanted a drum or whatever. So ive been looking on, you know different websites without you know, prices different uh on things whatever, though so today i was actually bored and i was like you know. Why not lets you know. I saw it and im like you know why not lets get one. So you know here it is its everything you have got the auto hover gps. One key return follow me out, so we about to um unbox this thing about the unrivalled thing for everybody to open it up and were about to film get to it, get better with yall all right. So, as you can see, man just open this up. I, like extra um wing things Music. I guess these things that go around the tips of these to keep this safe or whatever a little battery camera camera. Oh, this for the phone dont hold the phone on, and there give you a little book plan pamphlet and you just put it up to your camera. Itll pop up and then show you itll, give you instructions on how to um put it together. So all right! So get this thing activated and going do your own calibration just hold these two like that for a couple seconds and then let it go calibrate damn do you just keep turning this into the tooth on rails in the front turn solid red yeah, so they turn Solid red i cant, really see because this sun is that all right, then you gon na turn these, so they turn green.

So you can get like good connection, good, satellite, all right! So now you just gon na take a minute to turn green after its set. Okay, okay, its good gps sitting, all right.