All right guys so were just going to be checking out this drone here that i got from um. Brian he sent me tdr drones and e bikes and uh were not going to be doing a review on. It were just kind of going to be checking it out. He sent it to me a while back and im sure he already did a review on hes. The king of all drone reviews, so uh make sure you go check out his channel. This is what were looking at. This is the vizio by siloroid and what you get with it. Is you get your bag of goodies? It comes with the the charger heres. Your drone, you put your sd card right in there below that button right there heres your controller, its very well mapped out, so you can figure out what it says: um theres your speed, theres, your flips heres, where you put your smartphone, which im not gon na, Be using im not even gon na download the app were just gon na do a trial one run without the app usually with the wi fi drones. It doesnt end. Well, so heres the instruction manual comes with it. So lets charge it up and test it out. All right guys, so here we go turn it on power this up and now in order to sync it all you got ta do is lift the stick, all the way up all the way down, and then your sink to the controller, youre paired and then uh In order to take off you, either press the button here or you just press the stick up and then and then to calibrate it both sticks down and out there you go should be calibrated.

Okay, lets. Take it off check out now, if theres any. If theres any uh, i put sd card in there, so theres any any video ill be putting that on the facebook facebook group and facebook page like i always do. Thats pretty stable lets, see Music put it in get our granny gear ill. Put in second gear. Lets check out the all right Music, its kind of slow. It is a little windy about two or three two three miles an hour when right now lets see check out how stable it is before i go and send it. I put an sd card in it. So hopefully it takes some video footage, not sure if it will or not, but seems to be fine okay for now, but if it does have any on any pictures or videos, like i said, im going to post it on the facebook page, maybe ill put a Video in this one as well seems hes doing pretty good. This is second gear Applause. Hi lets see see if i can get uh some video here. Music lets see its blinking, so it looks like it should be. Recording trying to get some video footage of my flowers here in the yard Music as its flying pretty good so far, i only have it in second gear, too, lets go up with it. I guess Music Music, all right! I put it through gear, see what it does in third gear.

Hey. This thing is a really good flyer im, not using the app in this one, because i dont trust the apps with the wi fi drones lets go up a little bit, not too bad. This is definitely great flyers, nice and quiet too, its not as loud as theres. Some all right cut. The video footage out see i can bring it back home now, hey im gon na see if i cant get some pictures out of it. Um, Music theres, a little wind, is picking up a little bit, but still not doing too bad Music Applause, Applause, hahaha Applause, Music Applause. All right lets see how fast it is now take it down the street it. This is a little floaty, its pretty fast Music and not too bad its a fun flyer lets see. If i can do some tricks see if theres any battery life i get over here, see if i can do some tricks with it: Music, nope, Music, not sure why its not doing tricks – weird, maybe all battery yep, okay, thats, why its blinking, the batterys dying, all Right, Applause, Applause, so that would be why better zion thats, okay, its flying sideways – i see. Sometimes it flies okay and sometimes it kind of drifts one way or the other. Maybe thats. Probably the wind see how long it flies when the battery starts. Blinking come back here, its like an extra minute so far, Music huh yeah, maybe well have to the next flight.

Maybe well have to do some uh tricks with it. Thats all well.