But i like it. I like this, drawing it’s very powerful and easy to control it controllable and the camera is not that much good and i have another video that i teach how to modify the this historian battery. So this is the drone and the batteries here. Oh, it comes with three batteries, one two and one here. So batteries like this. Okay, the battery is all right. This is the camera. The there is a sticker on it memory card, microsd memory card to record uh videos – if you don’t, connect it to your cell phone. So you can have the recorded videos and pictures on this memory card and then transfer from the memory card to your laptop. Your computer, so the battery and it’s foldable it’s very light and see when you unfold it unfold. It it’s a very big drone and the controller here and you can. There is a holder for your phone. You can put your phone here and connect it to your phone, so it needs. I have to check others. This is the user manual, so it’s easy. It needs three double a batteries for the controller and the drone. There is a switch on and off here. So i’m, going to i’m going to choose yeah. If you want to remove the battery, you have to push it down and remove it and then put it back so i’m going to put the battery on the controller, and it comes with some spare parts like four and four guards, and this is the charger that You connected to your usb uh block charger, and this is the the battery charge like this.

There is a charging plug on the battery here, put it here and then connect it to your usb power and one screwdriver so i’m going to try the outside and see how does it work? First of all, i turn on the uh drone and leds are blinking slowly now i turn on my controller and they are blinking faster and on on the left, analog controller. I go up down now. It’S connected see no more flashing, the led so to reset to the everything to the factory, these analog controller on the sides it’s reset. Now, if i want to start to fly, i can press this down this button. If i press it, it goes up very fast. So i want to start the drone first, so these two analogs inside like this, then i go up okay, i’m, going to show you some tricks. There is a button named speed when you press one it’s, it’s adjusted for 20 percent of the speed. Now we might press it uh what okay it’s 25 percent it’s 50 percent of speed. One two three three beeps means 100 percent of your speed. So again, it’s returned to 25 percent of speed, 50 100 percent so and for 360 flip there is a button named flip. Okay, when you are flying your drone is flying about three meters or maybe uh six feet yeah something six feet above of the ground. So i you press this button and stay your controller start to beeping now with pressing this lever direction, if you press it and left and right up down it’s, the drone goes to make it 360 flip like this way or front or backward or left and right.

So after you press the flip button, you can choose which direction you want. 360 flip this way up and down and after that you press the flip button. One time you press this don’t go going to do the 360 flip and if you want to do it again again press this one in any direction. But nobody knows this after each flipping 360 flip, you have maybe, after five times you have to make these screws tight again tie them up. Why? Because when you make it 360 flip, these goes clockwise and this one goes back. So when they start to returning back these screws going to be loose, and then you see you’re gon na see your blade flying blade is gone and you lose your your screw. So after about five times 360 flips bring your drone down and tight, these screws tie them up these screws. Again you remove this cap or screws here and then put back the cap back. So this was the trick, and this is this. Button is written automatically when your drone is going far away and you cannot control it. You can press this button. It goes back to your to you this one. This is emergency. Stop. If you see the drone is going away, and you know uh, the ground is safe. If your drone falls on everything, you say, if you, when you just press this button, stop working and your drone is going to fall down and if you press it again when it’s falling down, if you press it again start the working so, but this is an Emergency, i used this just one time on my previous drone and this is the take off and land this when you press it, it start suddenly goes up and you cannot do anything unless you press it again, and this is for, if you want your drone stay On the air like this, and it goes like left or right, you can adjust it with these buttons, and this says, is this campus? I don’t know what is this.

I have to try it and that’s all that’s all the things i knew about this i’m. Going to go out if i it’s, like it’s kind of windy, a little bit i’m going to try it. If i can show you, how does it work alignment so i’m going to put it on high speed? This is 50 and 100 percent. Oh daddy! Oh! But i’ll try to love, fix wan na, be strong, strong, we’re doing wrong wrong, but i’ll change. It bye, foreign foreign, oh uh, my oh foreign! For another time.