Ive had a lot of people. Ask me about this and uh the reason the vendor didnt send me the version one is. I think there was an issue with these bt 2.0 connectors, i guess um. Maybe they went with a supplier, they used fake ones. I suppose im not exactly sure, but this is the version to the bt 2.0. Connectors are actually real, so you have these bt 2.0 connectors and also the ph 2.0 connectors for your whoop style batteries, and these what these whoop style batteries look like if youre coming to this video and youre looking for a charger that charges like regular batteries like This one here, this video is not for you. I have other videos on that check out my playlist on battery chargers. This is not for those kind of batteries thats for these 1s whoop style batteries. Now i have previously been using this beta fpv whoop battery charger, which has also bt 2.0 connectors and also the ph 2.0 connectors, just usbc, this high volt and 4.2 volts, which this does as well. It does all these things by the way. This is like 20 bucks. This is about 30 dollars and what makes this thing different is it does storage voltage, so it does 4.2 volts and 4.35 volts, but you can do storage charging on this switch right here. So all the way up to whatever the settings here for full voltage, 4.2 or 4.35, or if you want to do storage, voltage slide that over and ill do 3.

85 volts. Now the setting that you set here is universal for all six ports. You cant set each port individually. Unfortunately um, i think youll need one of those more sophisticated battery chargers with some adapters. If youre looking for that kind of capability and those chargers are going to run you, you know uh 100 bucks or so plus all the adapters that youre going to need ive done videos on this before on how to do 1s charging and storage charging its a Bit more complicated to do all that if you want individual ports to do individual things and – and even in that case, youre limited to um one battery per uh port on the charger and a lot of these chargers are going to only have two ports anyway. So if you want that capability up to six ports, you can control individually plus full charge and storage charge, etc. I dont believe that product exists, yet i might be mistaken if you think that it does. Let me know what it is down in the comments below, because i havent heard of it. Yet this is the closest thing that youre going to get here in terms of something thats going to do: full charging and storage charging and thats one of the things that people are looking for from a whip. Charger is sometimes you come home and you dont use all your packs and you want to just go ahead and put back in the storage charge.

You can do that with this product. So, in terms of input options, here you have a 55 21 barrel connector and an xd 60, and the input voltage here is 7 to 21 volts and a maximum of 30 watts. And then you have usb c here and that uses power, delivery or quick charge protocols, but it must provide 9 or 12 volts on that usbc power, brick. So if your power brick only supplies 5 volts, you cannot use the usb c port. It does not work on 5 volt power bricks; it has to be power, delivery, which will give you, i believe, 9 volts or 12 volts and obviously it switches the current based on what the chargers are requesting. Now, just a quick look at the specs here. So im not going to go over every little thing. You can pause the video if you want to see something that i possibly missed so heres the specs and little diagram, and also some more of a description of some of some of the stuff ive talked about. So, im going to do a little demo here with just this uh 3s lipo im going to plug this in and ill power this up, and it shows you the input voltage of the battery that is currently plugged in and see its currently set to storage charging. So you can use a switch to flip it over to full charge and changes to full charge. If you want to change the full battery, voltage is 4.

2 volts currently switch this over here now its at 4.35 volts, and then you can see the current staying there at 0.2 amps. So you can short press. This stop start button to set the current. So you can bump it up to 0.3 0.4. It only goes up. It goes all the way up to 0.9. Then it goes back down to 0.2. So, depending upon the size of your body, you might want to adjust that again that this setting is universal for all of these, so youre going to want to charge batteries of the same size on here. So, if youre mixing and matching like this 300 and this 450, you youre going to probably want to go for the lower current for the you know, whatever is the lowest common denominator for the smaller battery, so you dont fry the battery, but well go plug this In and on port, one lets just show you the voltage of that battery on port one right there. So you can see the different voltages there. It corresponds with these numbers here, 3.71 volts and then to start so once youve basically set your settings long press the button to start itll start charging and not sure. If you can see that theres a little red blinking light there. That means that its charging, now something to note, is that all of these ports are active once you start charging. So if i decide im just going to go ahead and plug in another battery, here, itll start charging on that port at those settings so ill plug.

In this battery here you can see an where it goes to 3.93 volts on that one there and you can see the little red blinking light there. So it indicates that its charging so something to keep in mind once you start charging one battery its going to apply the settings to every port at the same time. So now, if i want to say, stop this go ahead and long press and itll stop, and you can see this ones at 3.9 volts. This is at 3.72 volts. We can switch this over to storage voltage and if we start this, then itll actually bring this one up and then bring this one down so ill show you that go and start, and then it says, storage charging. So this one you can see here when its charging it blinks red when storage charging it turns yellow. So these are different, led colors there based on whats actually going on. So this is going to bring that down to 3.85 and this will bring this one up to 3.85. So this is. This is the main deal, the main feature of this charger in the extra 10 dollars youre. Paying is for this feature, so you can basically bring all your batteries to that store. You know nice storage charging level which is going to be nice and stable, and your batteries arent going to puff up and stuff like that. Something to note here is, while its actively doing whatever its doing, if you just unplug the battery, obviously nothings going on there anymore goes to zero.

Everything still continues, but all these ports are still active. So if i want to plug this back into like a different port over here plug in over here, you can see there its now starting active on that port on over here. So these are all active while youre in in this you know basically storage, charging or charging mode, and then you have to actually physically actively turn it off to deactivate that ports. Otherwise all these ports are actually live, so something to be aware of. If you know, if youre not using all the ports, you dont want to accidentally short it against something metal like a paper clip or something like that, then youll have some youll have a bad time. Probably some smoke will come out somewhere, yeah, not a good thing. Anyway, so thats pretty much it for this one, uh, pretty simple to use, works really! Well, you know this is currently, i think, uh 29.99 at race day, quads, so yeah. If youre, if youre a whoop flyer, you have a lot of wood batteries and you like would like to do some storage charging um. I know basically theres a lot of options right now out there in the market for storage charging, whoop batteries, and i think this one will fit the bill for a lot of you guys. Now i did ask the vendor: um v fly if they would sponsor a giveaway for this, which i would like.

I would love to do to give you you know, give you guys a chance to get one of these. They did not respond to my request about that. So what im going to do you know what you can do here is if youre, if you would like the vendor to sponsor a giveaway leave me a comment down below about that, and then i will. After i publish the video and ive collected a number of your comments if they see that theres a lot of interest in that ill point that point out the fact: hey you guys to check out the comments. A lot of guys would like you guys to do giveaway and then maybe ill uh. You know post something later in the future, if that, if they decide to agree to that or not so its kind of to you guys more noise, you make maybe theyll catch their attention. If uh, you know, maybe 20 of you guys raise your hands. Theyre, probably like not going to really care its going to probably have to be like 200 or 500 of you guys. Basically before theyll, you know: oh okay, theres a lot of interest lets go and do a sponsor giveaway. So its all really up to you guys.