You know drone companies out there, so we got the strobe look at that first and then we got the gps mate and well get that second and the strobe is pretty interesting um. This is what you hear with it. You got the strobe itself, usb cable here for charging the battery, and this is a micro usb, a little short cable here and you get some velcro for sticking it on to your drone. So one goes on uh strobe and then the other one goes on. Your drone, so obviously the strobe is for night flying. You know for those of you that perhaps want to do that. This is extremely bright. Heres, a quick look at the manual so theres green, red and white leds on here and there i forget, with the power s5 by three watts: im, not exactly sure what that means: five by three, because theres only three lights so lets take a look at that. In a second – and you can also go to these different modes or basically through the different colors and lighting patterns and ill just go ahead and show you. This is extremely bright by the way, so just prepare yourselves its gon na, probably blind you here. So long press to turn it on and you can see the flashing camera is probably compensating, as i uh, when its actually way brighter in in real life than i can see through the uh lcd screen on the camera.

So this is the default white, color and strobes. If you short press, it goes to the next mode, flashing, solid color, and then you get the next one. Is the red, strobe red, flashing, red solid? You have a green strobe, green flashing, green solid and then they go back to white and then long press to turn it off and i believe lets see what i say here: um it is one and a half hours to charge and four hours of working time Now so, as you can see this up to three miles, i did do a little test in the neighborhood. Just put it on the ground and yeah its very bright. You can see pretty far away im, not sure about three miles. I dont know no wait for me to test it because i dont fly at night, so uh it is pretty bright. This is what it looks like comes with a 1s battery heat shrink all around here, its not weatherproof, so it could short out if the water got in here. Your button, your leds and your micro usb for charging all right so set that aside. Well, look at the gps mate, which is this interesting device here, so you know people they make these like lost model alarms, but now they have this like gps, helper and uh buzzer combo. So its got this battery on here for basically powering your gps uh, so that it basically locks onto your satellite, so the rest of your quad is not turned on so, for example, if you have like a dji quad with a vista or an air unit, you Dont want your quad sitting there plugged in waiting for satellite lock and its going to get its going to get pretty hot.

So this is what this is going to be good for. I put that on here. Basically, this will power up the gps. Youll get a lock and then you can power up your drone and itll maintain that lock, obviously through the power cycle, and then it basically saves uh. You know your video transmitters from overheating so its a little well its, not exactly straightforward as to how this works, but its its a pass through method, so so heres how the um the gps made is wired up. So this is their diagram here in the middle. You have your flight controller with five wires goes to a plug, so normally its four wires. It goes to a gps, but this one has five, because one of them goes to a buzzer, because it has. This has a built in buzzer on here that um. I guess it gives you some signals as to one is, i guess uh got a lock or whatever and then uh we have. Then the wires go out from the gps mate to your gps and those are just the four wires here. Of course you have your power ground and rx and tx now the they give you two wires here. So this one here is the five wire and this plugs in over here and then this other end is just bare wire and you have to solder that to your flight controller and basically thats the power ground, txrx and the buzzer and then the other end here Is uh the plug that goes to the gps and thats the four wire here? This corresponds to these four wires over here and these other end here is not bare wire, but it has the connectors already crimped on here in the end, and then they give you a four pin connector here its a one, millimeter connector that these fit into.

So the reason they they give it to you like this, because not every gps is going to be. You know the wire order might be a little different, so you have to keep your mind as to look up the documentation for your gps because its going to vary um how its going to be wired up, but theyre generally all going to have four wires. Basically, you have power ground, tx and rx, and you have to wire it up, so it matches up to your model. So you have to look up your documentation because theres about i dont, know 150 models out there in that right now. So youre gon na have to look that up yourself, but i think this one here this little project im working on here im gon na – actually use this on the seven inch conversion project that im working on this is a um youll, see this soon in a Future video not sure exactly when this is the parts from the tyro 129. I havent been flying it very much, and some people were asking me for a conversion project, um uh, into a nicer frame, and this is like a 50 like clone frame or something from banggood anyway. This is going to be perfect for this sort of a gps. Quad, because i can you know not – have the vista powered im going to convert this to dgi by the way and im going to sell satellite lock.

But you can see this is the plug that came with the drone, and you just have to pay attention to the wire order on the plug, so heres the plug its the same plug that this comes with lets see here and you can see the black and The red on the outside and the tx and the rx on the inside, set to match up the same way to whatever model you have so im. Assuming you have a gps already and uh have that wired up quickly enough. You have a different plug. Some gpss come with a bigger plug, i think, with the 1.25 millimeter pitch plug, then youre going to have to cut the connector off there and do some soldering and stuff to match up the wires thats, essentially how you put it together. Um ill go ahead, ill. Just actually wire this up really quickly and show you how this what this looks like okay. So i did a quick like um wire up here for the gps on this flight controller, and i can see now pretty close to getting a lock here on this because you cant really tell, but they got the red and blue flashing lights here. Its picking up a bunch of satellites uh it turns out my battery was dead. It takes an hour and a half to charge it so um. Let me have a bad battery. This one should be new, not exactly sure, whats up with that, because normally you can just not have this powered up, and just i was just going to turn this on and then have this power of the gps until i got a lock and then uh, but Now this wouldnt turn on basically this little button up here on top long press that to turn it on and then ill send power there, but that wasnt working.

So i see a little bit of an issue here with this system. Is that if this battery is dead, this obviously isnt going to work and it takes an hour and a half to charge up that battery and which means you have to have some sort of power source on this plug here to charge up that battery, see a Little red light right there not really sure if you can see that a little red light right, there means its, i guess its getting power to the battery and yeah. I dont have a lock yet im, not sure if you guys can see that we have a blue and a red flashing light means its trying to acquire satellites. I see that its got a lot of singles drive, but actually off here to the right. You dont see it off screen im looking at this guy, if its connected to a computer and im seeing um yeah its got pretty close to a lock right now, but um im gon na actually yeah i cant demonstrate i was gon na. Oh, i could just unplug this and then this will just lose power, and i can just wait for that to get locked, so um yeah, unfortunately yeah at least i cant demonstrate it right now. Maybe ill ill show it to you in a future video uh working on the this uh conversion project over here, so that one will probably be coming out. First, oh, there is the beep.

I think that means that it is close to getting a lock lets see what that means here anyway. These are just the instructions of what i was talking about here to turn on the gps mate right, holding down the power button for more than one second, and if you um, theres, no quad battery connected itll shut down after 30 minutes, basically to save the battery Thats on the gps mate from dying, and you can turn it off by either holding down the the power button on the gps mate for more than one second ill turn it off. But it says that we recommend disconnecting the quad battery. First then, turning off the gps mate, you can also disconnect the main battery and then reconnect the battery for one to five seconds and then disconnect it again and then ill also turn off the gps mate, so thats, basically how it works. I mean uh, basically in the field, once you have this all properly wired up and by the way do you pay attention to speaking of wiring up the tx and rx and where they all go, because they have tx going rx here and then tx and rs Going over here, so it is very confusing when you look at this and you see you can easily mess this up. Trust me, i actually messed it up twice on this end and on this end, because this is a little bit confusing and i and i kind of know what im doing so, uh be very careful when you do this, because the tx and rx will get mixed Up pretty easily so make sure you have that all um, properly wired up and assuming you have this all properly wired up inside your quad, then when youre in the field, all you have to do is instead of plugging in your quad battery.

You just press the power button on the gps, mate to power up your gps. Wait till you get a lock and then uh you can go and plug in your quad battery and take off so thatll save the vtx and the vista and the air unit from overheating. Thats, mainly what this is going to be good for. So this is why putting it in this long range 7 inch anyway. I hope you, i think you guys get just a bit.