. You can see that right here, and this is the instructions for it and uh yeah its great just tested out the thats, not the light, its uh. Its definitely definitely bright. For sure the red, the green and the white theres no problem with that at all the only issue i have with it um – and i just put the velcro on the back right here – is: let me change uh change hands here is how sort of flimsy the Velcro is um, so if i put it see, if i can see it here, put it down right and im im pushing it down, so you can see that thats im really giving it some some push. Um is looking look how much that wiggles im not even pulling it up so thats a little disconcerting to me, especially if im flying fast, uh yeah, i dont know if thats uh going to be a problem or not, but its definitely not doesnt. Give me a warm fuzzy feeling thats for sure, but yeah i mean i can pull that up pretty easily. Actually so yeah, i dont know thats uh its its sticking to the um, the velcro sticking to the back really well to the drone itself into the to the light, but that connection between the two is yeah thats uh thats, a little worrisome im, actually even even Uh thinking about not flying with this because thats uh yeah anyway, but thats just wanted to uh, want to share with you so thats it thanks Applause uh foreign.

So this is going to go super bright, super quick. So i got the flash on Music push button. Very simple operation usb to charge battery backup on the back. This is your night flight. Strobe now were going to hit this button. Ive got it programmed on the green strobe Music. Again, it goes to long stroke hit it again.