Now this is the only new review aside from the unboxing that we’ll be getting out of it because inferno and air raiser and cheater i’ve already gotten and reviewed and i’m not going to re review them uh just for the sake of uh, promoting the box. But um yeah, this one came as part of a free box from hasbro a promotional mailer that they send out. I was lucky enough to get on the list to get one and uh, and so we’ll check him out now that he is, he does have the uh a faction symbol there that looks like a quintesson. It doesn’t look like the mercenary looks like it’s. Actually, a quintesson faction symbol. Let me see if i can get it up here, so you can see it there. We go. Look at that that’s, a kind of a cool little uh skull squiddy face there um. Oh it looked like that. I i didn’t actually lock in the auto focus and it actually looked like it did it pretty smoothly there so we’ll see how it looks in the final product, but uh pretty happy with that. I may have to stop leaving that on. Usually, i lock in the focus just to keep it from getting blurry because it used to have a hard time doing that. But if it’s going to do it that smoothly, maybe we just let it go anyway. I learned something today, but yeah he’s, a black and charred version of ironhide um.

I don’t think it’s actually supposed to be ironhide. I think it’s just supposed to be a generic trooper figure, but we’ll find out if they actually show them in the kingdom show so yeah he’s got the same little weapon that can be a gun or a little missile hammer there, just pegs in and again it Is kind of a neat war and paint job, they did a good job with it um, but it’s the same basic ironhide figure and it’s. The siege version of ironhide it’s, not the earthrise version of ironhide, so he’s, just kind of a boxy brick with the feet. Hanging out on the back – although i guess so was iron height, but he did have the top part to make him look a little bit more, like a van, so it’s, a very basic transformation where we just pull these out to the side. Unpack these and pull the arms up, and we just fold those down to form the legs that’s pretty much done there open this up, bring the arms out to the side, untap the uh, this piece here and rotate that around like that and then flip the head Up snap it into place bring this up and around. You can bring this kind of forward a little bit just to give a little bit more texture a little bit more depth and then bring his arms down like if the hands don’t even fold in there’s. A hollow space there, but the hands don’t even fold into the arms and there he is in robot mode.

You can take this and you can have it as a missile launching kind of plug it in here over his back we’ll fit in this peg hole. So you can set this up, so it is uh that’s locked in a little better than this. There we go. Oh there we go like that, so you can set it over his shoulder like a missile launcher, although it does stick very far out the back um. Maybe a little bit nope that doesn’t really improve it at all, but then you’ve got a couple different options. You can have him hold it like this, like a long gun or attach it to his arm as such, so you can hold it like a bazooka or you can attach it to his arm on the side like that, if you wanted um there’s a couple different Places he can grab. You can either have him kind of like a short hammer here. Um. I don’t know why he’s having a hard time it will pop in, but getting it to pop into the fist properly there you go it snaps in you, can fold this forward and have it as kind of a short hammer there or you can uh plug it. In down here as a bigger hammer, if you want a missile hammer and those are your options and again he’s got the uh – the quintesson logo there right there on his chest, now got very nice blue eyes.

They pop very nicely in the black and silver around them they’re on the head and all i think i i may like him more as this drone i wasn’t expecting to, but just because the iron height he was a little the earth mode iron head was okay. This one was always felt a little off and now that he’s just kind of a generic bot, he doesn’t the the differences and the irregularity, not the irregularities but like it, just doesn’t bother me as much still i mean like it’s, still, probably one of the last Ones i pick up on my own um. I i really want that sparkle spot. I know from far away he kind of looks like pooh, as some people have said, but when you look up close he’s, actually a really neat kind of marbled, scratchy orange and green and teal and blue uh deco. That uh actually looks pretty nice in person because i did see one in walmart and passed on it uh the other day and then, when this box showed up i’m like oh well, i’m gon na have to pick him up now and i went back to walmart And, of course he was gone, so i may have worked out a trade for him, though so all’s well. It ends well, but yeah. All in all, not bad he’s got the same. Articulation he’s got a ball jointed head, although it’s really more of a side to side, he can look up a little bit, but his chin kind of keeps him from looking down.

Dual hinges at the shoulders. Bicep swivel single hinge elbow does have wrist swivel, which is uh uncommon on a lot of these these days, even when you think they should have it a waist swivel dual hinge: hips thigh, swivel, 90 degree hinge knee and he’s got some ankle tilt but, like i Said it’s a decent reuse of the iron height mold i’m glad they put something like this in an exclusive line to walmart that’s uh. You know, doesn’t really interfere with some of the weight, mates, there’s, still more beasts. I would like to see actually show up in the line, but um oh well, and just real quick for a comparison, since he was right there and available here. He is with inferno. Now this is the one i’ve already reviewed. I haven’t opened the one that came in the new box, but just to give you an idea of how what they look like together. Will we see him in kingdom uh, i don’t know but um. I hope they at least explain where all these sparkler spots, because there’s a sparkler seeker you can get now and then the sparklers bought and then this guy, who does not appear to be sparkless he’s, just dezius army drone. So maybe drone implies sparkless, but it’s not listed as sparklers on the box in the way that the seeker and the barricade remold are the prowl barricade that that mold, so we’ll see how it turns out.

But uh, like i said, it’s a it’s kind of a neat figure. I really like that. Quintesson faction logo it’s just it’s an okay repaint of one of the weaker figures in the war for cybertron line. Overall, i feel so uh it’s lower on my list. I don’t know that i’d be beating down the door or rushing into walmart to pick up this one specifically but uh. It was nice of habsbro to send it along in the box because it’s a figure that i otherwise would not have checked out, and i appreciate the chance to do so there.