It is a little 3.5 inch ripper available in dji hd, fpv versions and analog versions. So you can get the cheaper version for analog. Analog and dji differ between digital and analog fpv systems. Analog fpv kind of looks like old vhs tape, where the dji hd fpv systems kind of look like high end, like 1080p type television on the display. It looks really high quality, so some guys have been asking what’s the difference between digital and analog and that’s kind of the gist of it. But today don’t forget that on the channel coming up in june, we’re giving away an insta360 go brand new in the box to somebody on the channel. So you can make a comment on this video actually down below. You have to subscribe and let me know where you’re from to get entered into this contest. The winners will be chosen from the comments on this video and the official giveaway gift video for that giveaway. So you can go and comment on that video as well. So insta360 go and you also have a chance to win this bad boy. This is the flywood firefly and it has the six motors on here. It is a little tiny hexacopter with an analog camera set up on here. It has a dk’s gopro attachment on here. Also for the insta360 go comes along with it and it has a micro nano sized receiver on here from tbs, so that’s going to go to one person on the channel.

One lucky person is going to get that set up, but yesterday we reviewed the holly bro coppice racing 3, and that thing was a beast. A little three inch ripper and i had some good stuff and bad stuff to say about this one. The high end of the throttle had some little vibrations in it and it needed kind of a tune at the high end of the throttle but somewhere low to mid range to three quarters throttle. It did pretty good, so this one needs a little bit of a tune out of the box but very high quality and has a four millimeter bottom plate, so very, very nice, 3k carbon fiber. On that, you can go back and watch the review in comparison to this one if you want, but the big comparison today is that well, this one is a 3.5 inch, this one’s available in hd or analog systems, but the thing about the smart 35 is that This one came: it came tuned out of the box like another gap, rc banger uh. These guys keep releasing stuff that just works out of the box, high quality components on here and something that you can easily take off the top plate and work on and is crazy. I crazy, durable. It had a smackdown on the concrete and a really hard smackdown. My one of my batteries died and she just went straight in uh belly out on the concrete and i didn’t get very far on my first pack and i thought it might be the quad but nope wasn’t geparsi’s fault.

It was my old battery. So, with a fresh battery, i was often ripping with this guy, so i think this one’s going to be a five star. Quad guys very durable flies great great components on here and something that you can keep for uh for years to come without having a lot of problems and that’s. The cool thing about rc is that every time i get that black box in the mail croc baby five bucks, what whatever it is recently um and in the past couple years, get bar c is just just killing it. So let’s go outside with a smart 35. Let me show you how this one rips and i’m just gon na send it did i even smacked it into a tree i’m trying to just throw it through a gap. So you guys know how i do reviews i just go: full, send and we’re going to do that again today, with the smart 35, so let’s go outside let’s rip it and we’ll come back in and we’ll look at this one on the bench a little bit Closer and i’ll show you the hd version of the smart 35. You can check out the links down below if you want look at all the specs let’s go outside and do some ripping here we go Music, Music, Music. All right guys! Welcome back from the flight test, what do you think about the tune? First of all, i thought that the tune was very smooth and only moments during really extreme maneuvers on some really serious stick banging did i see a little bit of jitter and that is possible.

Sometimes it’s really hard to have a perfect tune on some of these quads, but this thing is about 99 um. I really like the cg and the balance on that top mount battery is doing really well. I think that the motors seemed to be the right size for not bottoming out at the bottom of a power loop. It seemed to come in deep from the top of the tree and really be able to handle a nice steep dive kind of in a late power loop and not blow out and end up on the ground. Now i did lose a battery. I had a battery totally punk out on me and this quad went straight into the concrete, so that’s. Another thing, the durability factor is pretty high on this quad. I think other quads in the past i’ve smacked down on the concrete, very similar situations and come back with a broken bottom plate. So this one also smacked a tree head on and i just went full sin tried to send it through that typical gap that i’ve flown before and it didn’t even break the camera. So great camera protection up front as well. So in the very front right here, there’s a little bit of scratches right here and there’s a little hardware scratches on some of those bolts and maybe a few scratches on the front arm right here from that concrete smackdown, maybe some on the rear. But i didn’t even break a prop when i hit the tree that’s the other thing about these props.

In the past, this style plastic, whatever it is it’s highly durable, i’ve called these kind of like skateboard wheels in the past, because they’re just like so ultra durable. It might be because the inner core is super thick right here and it tapers out super thin on the outside right here. So what this does is it gives you a nice extra pitch right here with this leading, or this trailing edge down here, gives you a nice pitch bump for mid range to three quarter throttle and at the high end of the throttle. This is so thin out here that it makes it a really nice smooth type of airflow and when you spool this up, it actually sounds really really really really smooth. So it’s quieter than anything like a five inch. If you’re looking for something to rip – and you don’t want to rip around people that are annoyed by a five inch, you can fly this around around people and not really get kicked out of a park. It is pretty quiet. So most of you guys, aren’t really full throttle all the time either, but hd version coming in on the website. 3′. Again analog 2′. This one, you can also get with the tbs crossfire nano rx, which i always recommend, get yourself a tango 2 and you can go miles out on 700 milliwatt and a crossfire nano receiver, so um this one is also, i believe, it’s 3k carbon fiber.

It is 155 milliliter millimeter wheelbase from motor to motor here, and we have the vista nebula nano on here. This is the nebula nano. It looks like they have nice carbon side plates here and they don’t have any extra tpu on the inside of those iflight tends to put some tpu on the inside to give it some extra dampening there. They have the cable, nice and tidied up in there as well, which i think is great, and we have an f4 flight controller on this one. I figured they were going to do the f7 on this particular quad, but we’ve got the gap. Rc f4 11. On here so f411 and 35 amp aio flight controller, so everything is all in one stack under there and beta flight hooks up on this side with an android style. Cable right here and you’ll have to register this with the dji fpb assistant software, using a usbc type of cable. So you might have to supply that yourself, but once you get it activated, you can update it to the 50 megabit firmware, which is really really nice. High quality and you can run any type of action cam on this one. If you wanted to run the insta360 go to, you could do that. You could put a d case gopro on there um and you can still keep this little guy under 250 grams. So i’m, just gon na turn on the scale and zero it out.

It’S gon na slide the camera up for you guys right here and let’s, show you what it weighs on the scale turn the scale a little bit: it’s all zeroed out, we’re at 142 grams right there, 143 on the dot, so let’s put the 650 on there And the 4s 650 is looking like 202.4 that’s, crazy, so 202.4. Let me move that, so you can see it 202.4, so we can still get like a dk’s gopro on here or the insta360 go and or the insta360 go to and keep it under. 250 grams. I’M, pretty sure so here’s the instance 362 and that’s at 229.3. That’S crazy and i have the original insta360 go. I have one of those and let’s see what that one’s at that want to bring us up to 220.9 and that’s my battery of choice. I love the 650 it’s great power to weight ratio and this is a dk’s gopro and still at 240, 240.9 grams, so way under any type of registration point. So that’s awesome all the cameras and a battery that’ll get you about four and a half to five minutes flight time. If you’re just cruising, i know you can get five minutes flight time with a 650. You can get longer flight time. If you want to run an 850 but you’re going to be putting a lot more weight on here, so the 4s 850 is still under 250 grams at 240.6 grams, and i was going back through the specs for the smart 35 um.

They do show that they have a new gap: rc gopro, hero, 8 d, cased coming out so um. This will have a mount that will be available for this coming up to be able to ride on top of this one so um that is very similar to the one i showed you guys before when i was weighing it, but it also comes with a nice Little polarizer lens so um you have them. It looks like an nd16 filter or something like that, but i also have news that these are actually avon: props they’re, not gep, rc brand rebranded props. They are actually emacs 3.5 of on props, so um. Nobody has to get upset about get rc cloning, those props – they are the same props that are on the emax baby, hawk 2 hd, so um. That is good, and you know what i’ve never seen gap rc include props from another company because they always use their own props, and so i just automatically assume that maybe they did have some type of clone of that prop but get brc is a nice company And i don’t see them kind of taking advantage of another company like that they’ve. They have been consistently making their own gear for years so i’m happy that this quad can be flown under 250g with and any type of action camera on there. It has great power system the power to weight ratio. It must be 10 to 1 on here, really really nice and you’re going to have components on this one versus something like, maybe even the holly bro you’re going to have gear.

That probably will outlast some of the other brands out there. Um now some of my gap, stuff has lasted me. I still have some some old old old gap, rc quads that are still going so um we’re. Looking at the uh. Remember that i believe there’s one called the cheetah. I think it was um. It was like a stretch x and that one’s still in my shop and still fly so um, really really cool, and this one is another one that is, you know. I i stand by this one and i would recommend buying this one, either the analog or the dji version. I think it would be an awesome addition to your collection. This one is five stars: two hands two thumbs up. Five stars flies: freaking, amazing and um. You know i i don’t know what to say bad about it: it’s just a very simple classic design and i think it’s every bit as good as the baby hawk 2 hd, so which one should you buy? That’S the big question um. But me i go with the gap rc one because it’s going to be reliable, that flight controller and that esc setup and these motors they’re going to last you for a while these 1404s, and these were 3 500 kv. They freaking ripped. So guys, thanks for watching my reviews and my honest opinion on these drones, you can check out the links down below. If you want to grab one, it definitely benefits the channel.

So please do subscribe and be sure to sign up for that that giveaway coming up in june for the insta360 go and that cool little firefly, quad it’s all going to be given away on the channel very very soon so um stay humble and be kind out. There in the fpv community be nice to your friends and uh stay outdoors and flying during all this crazy, coveted time guys take care.