Welcome to my channel well in this episode were checking out an rc race boat. So i dont review a lot of boats on my channel, its a drone channel, but in the summertime it gets really hot and we have beautiful beaches out here and a lot of people ask me about rc boats. So every now and then i review an rc boat. So what i did is i contacted banggood and, i said, send me your most popular rc boats, the one that have the highest approval rating that are not super expensive. That are the best of the best that a person could buy because a lot of times when youre looking for an rc boat, you dont have a clue what to buy and you buy something. Cheap banggood sent me a few boats, and this is one of them. This is called the udirc and its called the zero zero five or im just going to call it the arrow, because, on the side, its written arrow five, let me bring it close and tell you about it. So its a very sleek looking boat. It has a brushless motor inside it runs on a 3s lipo battery. The battery is included on the back. You have a beautiful super thick shaft here for the prop. It is water cooled as you would expect. It does have a rated speed of 50 kilometers per hour and let me show you the remote control, the included remote is apparently supposed to get you 150 meters of range.

Let me get my head in here 150 meters of range, and not only that its supposed to have two sensors in the remote and the actual boat, to tell you your batterys low, so it will beep or its going to tell you youre getting out of range. You might want to turn around and it will let you know that on here as well with the beeping sound, i dont know, i havent tried it now the best thing about this boat. When i asked banggood, i said, send me boats that are great for beginners. So they said well for beginners. The boats youre going to want are boats that self right. If they get upside down out in the water, they will self right. So this is one of those boats, its got a double haul system. If i take the top off here, just to show you, you see theres a second hole inside so water doesnt get inside the best thing about this boat is its very inexpensive, its under 200 dollars, like just over 100 bucks, at least last time. I checked, i think, its on sale right now and you do get the three cell lipo battery with it, and this battery is a 2600 milliamp hour lipo battery with an xt60 connector thats. What we use in the hobby thats the best connector to get, because you can use this in anything so yeah. If you already have batteries with xt60 connectors, you can use them in here and if not one comes with it for the price.

So what im going to do now is im going to take it out along my river here and drive it up and down just to see how fast it is no ones out its early morning. It is super hot, its like over 30 degrees celsius right now. So, im not going to last too long out here. First thing: im going to do learning this from experience is im going to take my shoes off, because i am going to have to get my legs and feet in the water and in the past i have walked into the water with my shoes on so these Are coming off and i want to warn you now: do not adjust your white balance. Yes, this is the color of my legs all right. First things first lets power on the remote there we go. This is powered on next. We just have to connect the battery in the boat. You can see how its locked here youll see this on. The unboxing makes a tight seal connect. The xt60 connectors together and life is good. There we go theyre all connected lock this back in place. The water doesnt get back in and put on the top portion to keep even more water out so on the back here, our rudder should move there, we go and our motor all right lets go drive this all right lets plop this down in the water and See how it does all right, so i can see already it leans to the side of the battery, but when it gets moving, it should be fine.

There we go Applause whoa, it really corners holy cow. Now i know why people like it, i had to get out of the way Music whoa. This thing quarters watch this im going to make a corner. Look at that curl around here, going around the gopro trying not to hit myself look at that. That is incredible! Music im getting soaking wet here, okay lets bring it slow lets see if you can drive it slow. So if you want to drive it slow drive, slow bring it out here. My cameras are lenses, are all full of water im sure. But here i got to go in slow now, and it also has a reverse there. We go well, of course, reverse youre youre just pushing against the rear, but at least you have something and you can steer it in reverse. Uh lets try the flip over thing. So im going to put it upside down right here and lets see what it does so lets see were in the water we, i dont know we hit a wave or something shes upside down, normally to flip them over. You just hit the little throttle and you cause it to rock. So all i have to do is that and do the back and forth, and then shell flip over, so here we go there we go. This is a little gopro session, its very old, its, not very good, but it is waterproof and it does weigh quite a bit im gon na.

Stick it on the nose of this boat and im. Hoping two things will happen. One is that its not too heavy that it doesnt cause the nose to sink down, because then it wont dry very well, and the second thing is that it doesnt fall off and i lose it because then thats gone. So i think it wont go very fast. With this on the front but uh lets give it a shot: well, its moving Music, its moving its schooling, its trying to go full blast right now, theres full blast. The nose is being held down with that gopro on the front. So this is what you get. Should certainly run smooth even with the gopro up there, Music, that is pretty cool, Music, whoa and im upside down shes upside down because it smashed into the beach see if he can flip it with a gopro on it. Oh, i can flip it with the gopro. Pretty cool Music whoa i just killed my gopro, i smashed my gopro, oh thats, not good, pull your back up any damage, not too much damage. No, it just looks like i hit it pretty hard, though im going to take the gopro off and try something else. Im very curious about a different camera. This is a little insta 360 go. It is water resistant, not waterproof, but im going to try it on the front its very light – and hopefully i dont lose this one.

Actually, im not going to put on the front im going to put it on the top right here. Lets see like this. We get a different view here we go if youre seeing any video, it means it works and it i didnt lose it. So here we go, this is the insta360 go and lets see what it does, at least at least the boat is a little lighter now for it and it should drive normally. Okay should be like a rocket, so that should be faster there. She goes Music. Let me reverse this camera, so it shoots out the back and you can see the rooster tail. Music, Applause, Music, yes, Music! All right lets, bring it on back, bring it on home up the beach. Oh, there goes my camera oops. That was a bad idea. Next thing i want to show you about this: really cool boat is what comes in the box, so check it out heres the box, your arrow 5 comes in when you take it out of the box. It looks like this, and i will say it is one of the nicer looking boats on the market you can see. The tail in is comprised of plastic and metal components. Here we can see the internal electronics, you have the esc, the receiver, the brushless motor and the servo a 2600 milliamp hour lipo battery 3s is included with xt60 connector, as well as the charger. The includer remote control has all the features youll require.

Please note that you will need four double a batteries to power it here. You can see other items that are included in the box. Finally, an instruction manual is included all right, checking out the inside theres drops of water inside, but theres, no like pools of water. You know its just the water thats coming off the outside, so what im going to do is disconnect the battery now because im finished and there we go were all done, and i guess i should give you my final thoughts now i want everybody to remember. I dont drive a lot of rc boats and rc boats. Are you know you can be a beginner and do an rc boat because they are so easy to drive. Just be careful. Something like this. Its so fast uh be careful that theres nobody else in the water around you, because this little nose, oh that would hurt if you got that in any part of the body. So i have to say this thing is a blast to drive. I had fun out here. I did have a spectator of an audience of kids over there who were checking it out because they thought it was pretty cool. So what im going to do now is im going to put links below to where you can find this. Once again, banggood said it was one of the most popular and popularity once again goes by price features and user reviews. So this has one of the highest samples of user comments and reviews.

They love this thing and its at the best price. And if you watch videos on youtube of this because its been out for a little while uh everybody its like a thumbs up for everybody. So they sent it to me im showing it to you guys. I had a lot of fun out here: im getting a sunburn, so i got ta go in. So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. But i appreciate that if you have questions on the boat theres, not much, i can tell you its pretty basic standard straightforward, but ask them anyways and ill. Tell you all about it. And finally, if you enjoyed this video well, then stay tuned for more videos on boats and other rc products coming in the future. Alright guys catch you next, video, bye, Music.