Now i already just played a little bit of what this this new uh it’s, not new uh. This new videos uh, is about this new video’s review is about and it is called velocidrone so that’s the fpv simulator that we’re going to talk about in this video, but before we jump into that, i am sitting at 1040 subscribers here on youtube. So i very much appreciate you subscribing to the channel uh here, as well as over on odyssey, where you can get lbc coins, uh it’s kind of like an airdrop, only it’s all the time. This is a cryptocurrency, but you can get it for free i’m sitting at 46 followers here. I would definitely appreciate if you follow me on both. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency. The link to my cryptocurrency channel is in the link it’s in the description down below uh before we get started uh first off. This is what i’m using i am using. The fr sky xsr sim usb dongle. This is so that i can play wirelessly there’s. No special software, anything i have to install there might be some drivers, but my computer did that automatically. I just connect to that just like any other type of receiver on any other drone there’s a button right here that you just kind of click that and you you know you know you pair it up with my controller right now, i’m using the fr sky, terraness Qx7 now i am, i did break one of these switches on it, but everything else you know there’s enough switches on this, where that’s not a big deal, but i will be making a repair view soon, as well as i’m, going to be making a review video On the tango 2 and the beta, the beta fpv light controller, so there you go so now we’re going to be going over velocitron, so velocidrone is probably the most realistic uh simulator uh.

You know i’m, a big fan of uh dcl and i think that’s, one of the most fun ones, especially because you can get an actual like contract and actually make become a full time racing pilot uh. The cool thing about velocidrone, though, is that, if you go to any of those multi gp races a lot of the different clubs and stuff they put their races uh on here now, i haven’t exactly figured out how to do this track sharing because, as you can See here share all your custom tracks with anyone that joins your multiplayer session. I need to figure this out personally, but i do know that the club here in dallas they have posted there. So i need to just figure that out, but remember you can do online player track editing, which is pretty cool time attack racing against yourself to improve your lap times line of sight flying which i’ve done one time i didn’t really like it i’m terrible at line Of sight flying so maybe i should do a little bit more uh real life drones, so every drone that’s on uh this game they actually kind of they they try to directly make it with like a real life drone. You can even make your own drone in the game. So if you uh custom made your own drone, you can actually do that here, scenery, editing and all of that, but let’s jump into the game. So this is what it’s going to look like here right.

So you have your track, editor, your tutorials, your options and then, basically, honestly, you just go let’s. Do a quick start, we’ll just jump over into single player. You can even like select a quad or add a new quad, and this is what i mean on how a lot of the quads are pretty realistic. So you can even add a quad let’s. Add a top mounted battery quad that’s, more freestyle, because that is what i like to fly, the most in real life on the sims honestly on the sims i like to do racing, but in real life i like to do freestyle it’s, just like i don’t know It just is what it is. So let’s just go with this one it’s, pretty basic we’re, going to select this model we’re going to name it i’m, just going to name it basic because you can name it whatever. You want we’re going to hit save and then you can do all of your different editing here as well so i’m going to edit the camera angle, because when i do freestyling stuff i like to do around 20. um. I also like to have the battery effect on here. Typically, i fly with a 1550 and a 4s and we’re going to do this to where it’s uh 50 um prop size, propeller prop wash um. We can add some prop wash in here. Let’S go five percent. You know you can make a lot of this as realistic as you want so i’m gon na hit okay we’re gon na leave it like that.

We’Re gon na select that squat that quad now we’re gon na select our scenery. This was the track that i was just on: bando pylons, it’s, a pretty cool track um. I also like uh the castle snitznick track uh. Usually i do pylons if i’m not really sure and that these are different races, so um, yeah and we’re just gon na hit game type. You can have all of this where it really does like track. Everything open class lapse means it’s, really not going to do a whole lot, but this is definitely the most realistic. The gravity is not floaty, like the other uh sims. Definitely in like dcl and liftoff. The gravity is pretty floaty. This you’ll see when this starts loading. When you lift off the sticks, you do start kind of dropping kind of, like rock, i mean in real life it’s, not as fast, especially if you have air mode on now. I did turn off the music, but this is all the sound effects going on right now, so we’re, just gon na fly for a little bit and we’re gon na talk about it as we go. So i set up my controller Music, Music, Music yeah. You see how fast you’re falling in the other simulators you actually wouldn’t fall that fast. Let me turn down the volume um we’re gon na hit so i’m, going to turn to the main menu i’m going to turn down the volume a little bit uh.

I think just so you guys can hear me talking a little bit better yeah. You can control the sticks mode, one more two uh! You can control all of this stuff. It’S it’s, actually really cool, um screen settings. You can control all this stuff. You see how it says, like fisheye camera. So if you fly with a drone that has a pretty fish eye camera a lot of the even some few cameras, depending on what you have so we’re gon na go back. We’Re gon na pick a different setting and i’m gon na fly up really high. Just so you guys can kind of see like as far as the number of tracks go. Definitely the the the that game that’s not really meant to be uh. The world’s adrift is definitely gon na have the most but i’ve said this before that’s, not a real uh that’s, not an actual fpv drone simulator. After that one. This one is definitely the most, especially because you can share tracks with people. Um let’s go with. Ah, the red bull ring is a pretty cool one, yeah it’s. Definitely after the world’s adrift is this one, but the graphics are not as good, but i would say the flight characteristics of your drone um compared to real life. This is more accurate than the other ones right, um, so how i said the other ones are around, maybe 70 to 80 percent there. This one is probably around like 90 to 95 percent there to real life, but remember you still have all the other stuff outside of this.

You have to learn how to use your batteries. Betaflight uh your goggle connections, all of that stuff, but um. Definitely i would say this is gon na, be the most realistic um, but it also it’s kind of one of the more most expensive uh sims and i don’t think it’s as fun to play. I think dcl to really get that stick time in, especially for something that you enjoy to do. I think dcl is better, but guys. This is not the last simulator. There are more simulators for me to make reviews over, but until then let’s just enjoy the flights Music, Music yeah. You see how kind of in the distance it’s still like it loads as you’re getting closer to it. I see this part of the stadium, the part of the stadium right there, that wasn’t there earlier and now it’s there now that we’re closer to it a lot of the other sims don’t do that Music, wow Music. I think the biggest advice even on the sims is that remember. Your drone is always moving so whether that’s going like going like this it’s going backwards or it’s going down or it’s going up, it is always always moving. So you always want to be aware of not just what’s directly in front of you, but what you just passed: what’s behind you, etc: Music, Music, Music, Music, me, Music, oh Music! Ah, lift it all right! There you guys go! This is uh velocidrone guys! This is definitely the most realistic, sim um there’s a lot more customization.

I think in this on on kind of your camera angle, the drone the battery the prop wash all that kind of stuff. I think this has more of that and you know definitely a lot more levels and it’s the most realistic, in my opinion, simulator now, honestly dcl, you know the fact that they’re willing to give you a contract if you’re good enough at that game – and you beat A lot of that people. They definitely believe in that and believe in the realistic uh effects of that simulator, but um yeah there you guys go. My name is spencer.