Electric scooter lets check it out. Music ill start by saying that the varla pegasus is one of those in between scooters, as in it falls in between the annoyingly, slow commuter scooters and the nearly highway speed death defying scooters at the pegasuss top speed of 28 miles per hour or 45 kilometers per Hour, i feel like im going fast enough to have a good time and get where im going quickly, but not so fast that i have to say a little prayer each time i hop on the scooter. I should point out, though, that despite the scooters 28 mile per hour rating, i found that, as the battery drained, i was getting closer to around 25 miles per hour of top speed. Even so, those speeds are still in that nice middle ground of fast enough. Without being overly aggressive and thats, just the kind of scooter that the pegasus is its not overly aggressive, the dual 500 watt motors put out a peak of 800 watts in each wheel, which gives pretty good acceleration. Though i wouldnt have minded a bit more power for that seat of the pants feeling right when you mashed the throttle, but still this is definitely a lot more thrilling than a typical xiaomi scooter with a third of the power. The pegasus also goes further than those other scooters, thanks to a 48 volt and 15.6 amp hour battery with nearly 750 watt hours of capacity, farla will tell you that you can get 28 miles or 45 kilometers of range from that battery im here.

To tell you the truth, which is that, with mixed riding, i got closer to 20 miles or 32 kilometers when i was laying into it hard in the highest power level. I have no doubt that the lower power levels can net you the full range, but who rides around in mode one. The only thing i can think of to use those lower power modes for is when youre trying to conserve battery – or maybe, if you want to let a friend, try this scooter and you dont want them to go all whiskey throttle right into a wall. Music, the varla pegasus doesnt just upgrade the power and battery compared to smaller commuter scooters. Its also a lot more comfortable to ride youll find swing, arm suspension in the front and rear which combine to give a surprisingly nice ride. The suspension even travels further than i would have expected. It makes for some fun riding and it even looks like it works better than a mail truck, though im not sure that scale is helpful. The solid tires dont lend any extra cushion like air filled tires would, but they sure do come in handy every time you dont get a flat tire. I know some people are very anti solid tires because they like that air ride and i get it i do. But you know what im anti having to carry my scooter home, because i got a flat tire and solid tires totally remove that possibility, which is also good, because this is a heavy scooter at 66 pounds or 30 kilos.

You can carry it, but you wouldnt want to do it for too long. It does fold nicely and theres a secure ring for keeping it folded when you lift it up, but still its not going to be a fun scooter to carry for long distances, but its not really meant to be the most portable scooter its right at the limit Of sort of being considered portable, which i think is a pretty good trade off considering it has enough speed and power that puts it closer to higher classes of scooters that definitely are not as portable and therein lies the goldilocks situation. Again. This scooter falls right in between the weaker commuter scooters and the big old tanks like the dueltrons and the cabos. So on the one hand, it has the disadvantages of both on the low end, its not as portable as a 25 pound scooter on the high end. Its not as fast as those 40 and 50 mile an hour scooters, but if you look at it the other way its way more comfortable to ride and a lot more fun than those little scooters and compared to the big old beasts. Its still quite fast. Yet is much more manageable, especially for newer riders and its also a lot cheaper than the big boys too. Those giant scooters can cost several thousand dollars, but the varla pegasus is priced at just 12.99 or you can often get it on sale like right now, where its priced at 11.

99 thats a solid, mid level price to match its mid level, specs, which i consider to Be a pretty good deal if youve been looking for an upgrade over a basic entry level, commuter scooter, you cant go wrong with the varla pegasus. It opens the door to faster riding and full suspension without going full mad max scooter on you. It keeps things reasonable and i respect that Music thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that review of the varla pegasus electric scooter. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos well see you here next time, Music.