Do a review so stay tuned for this episode of rc, crazy, Music, all right guys! So here we go. This is the new version of the voyager aero aeronautics. This is the va 2080 ultra compact folding micro drone. Its got the six axis gyro does 360 stunt rolls ultra compact folding arm. So this thing folds up three speed settings: thats cool its also got like a beginner training mode on there, so theres their new training mode helps beginners to learn how to fly so lets open it up and check it out, alright guys so heres what you get Besides the headache from trying to open this up and take everything out, you get your directions. You got extra props, heres, your controller um. You get your charger right here, your screwdriver, your um, get some prop guards in there aka tree grabbers, and you get your one drone, its a pain in the butt you have to take these screws out unscrew these screws. This was a nightmare trying to open up. So all right guys, so it looks like this – takes two aaa batteries. Okay, here is your speed button. Here is your stunt button. This is your power switch right here on and off this is your yaw. This is your left trim right, trim backwards, trim forwards, trim directional. This is auto, auto start and land to go into beginner mode training mode. All you got to do is hold this button, youll hear a long beep and then that means youre in it or out of it in order to do stunts with this.

All you do is click this button and you flick this controller up down, left or right and then thatll do your stunts. Alright, so lets charge up the batteries and throw some batteries in here and take it out and test it all out guys so heres. The new one from voyage aaron aerodyn dynamics 2008 um. In order to turn it on. You got ta, hold the power button for a few seconds all right. In order to sink it, you got to press the directional button up and down and then its synced Music. Oh yeah, there we go okay, so this is first gear. This is granny gear. Does drift a little bit looks like granny gear, Music, theres, a slight breeze, not too bad out and its handling it pretty well its like, maybe one or two mile an hour breeze. Its actually handling it really. Well surprisingly, all right lets. Stop it all right. Did you hear the two beeps? That means its the second gear Music lets. Try out third gear, see how fast it goes. Wow holy cow look at the pitch on that thing, its crazy. This is a floater, definitely floating Music. All right set it down. Music, okay, lets, take off all right lets, see what it does with some. Some tricks here see how it does Music nice, not too bad. Oh all, right yeah. So this thing is pretty zippy holy cow hes cutting right through that wind too, so im pretty impressed with it.

Yeah lets lets get back over here, check out the yellow right uh, the yacht race, not very impressive, but its okay man. This thing is fast: holy cow, look at that thats, the third gear. This is really sensitive to guys. The sticks on this are really sensitive, very touchy, which is which is okay. If youre kind of a i mean this is their gear. So if youre like an expert flyer, then you can probably handle it, but if youre a beginner id recommend, probably the first or second gear until you get the hang of it, Music, nice Applause yeah, it does the tricks really well and it cuts right through the Wind, so i cant complain im not going to complain that im im liking this one. You know look at that. Look at that pitch guys, wow and thats like cutting right through the wind too. You know hey these guys. Definitely did their research did their homework on this one. Music. Look at that thats, pretty nice, Music Applause, yeah id id say this is a pretty good flyer. Holy cow check out that pitch wow yeah its definitely fast. This thing is definitely zippy holy cow, Music, wow, holy cow. This is a third gear too, so lets try something hold on. Ah okay, so you cant do that. I was trying to do like a forward roll. You got to do it like separate. I was trying to do it while i was moving nice lets see what the punch up punch outs are lets get over here.

Oh this guys, not very fast. Austria has something to do with the altitude hold stuff, because the punch out was not very, very good. At all, find this pretty aggressive, so im not expecting a long battery life, but i bet you if you put it in like granny gear, something you get to double the battery life thats im, assuming Applause its like its like a three second um response time there. When you flip it around in order for it to turn around its like a three second respond time stay away from the wires. Thank you very much. Yeah im, pretty impressed. I mean drones have been out for a while. So youd think that theyd have a pretty good idea on what to do and what not to do. This is kind of a fairly new company. As far as i know with drones, they only have a few models out, not too many, but i real. I was kind of i did kind of what i wanted to do. I did oh hello. I did a forward roll with it. While i was flying, i was trying to do that earlier. You just got ta let off the stick and because theres that three second delay itll actually do it Music see. If i can do it again, there you go man. This thing is its got: a pretty good battery life holy cow im. Doing all these. These uh stunts with it and flying in third gear and um its still going really putting it to the test im trying to see how long i can get for a battery life.

Third gear Applause – Music. No, it wont do backflips when youre going when youre moving forward. I was hoping, oh its blinking, so that means i bet you, the batterys dying thats. Why? Ah so the batterys dying so thats, why its not doing tricks anymore, see that blinking Music, not too bad? So off the oh there he goes landing it auto lands, all right, cool good deal all right guys. There you have it. That is the va 2080 by uh aeronautics, and let me tell you holy cow. That thing is amazing fire. So i highly recommend this um for experienced obvious, obviously individual flyers and i enjoy it really much and you can pick this up for 20 bucks at walmart. So if you like what youre seeing dont forget to hit that subscribe, button, dont forget to like it dont forget to share, come check us out on instagram, facebook and twitter. The links will be in the description below if you need to get all this. For any reason, we do have an email address and that will be in the description below and dont.