You know so, as always white light means is the front and the red means its back. Always you know so this is the controller it came with okay, so you can see its connecting to the drone and now its connected. So this one is you cant do it manually, so you actually have to start it like this with the press of a button Music see, so this you cant do it manually, but its still a good drone. Anyway, i like the design of the drone tools. Really nice drones to have and play with basically film videos really nice, camera too, as you can see, i got this color black um. Well, i dont know how many different types of colors there are for this drone, but i like the drones that they make about of these these type of drones they make because not that high price 42 dollars isnt bad and the camera quality is really good. So yeah its really good drum after all, so these are the trim buttons right here right here.