Would you like to get yourself the dji mini 3 pro? What would it everybody but theyre, pretty expensive? What if i could tell you, you could have a mini drone for under 100. Yes, here it is right here im laughing, because this is actually a foldable little mini drone that costs under a hundred dollars. This is the box, its called the v1 mini by mjxrc, and a lot of you know: mj xrc is a pretty cool company. They make a lot of drones, entry level drones. It even comes with a controller with a flip up screen, and if you want an integrated display, you just put your cell phone in it. You have a display to see what the drone sees, because there is a camera on the front, its a 1080p camera for shooting video, and it actually takes 4k photos in this tiny little thing and for under 100 it actually comes with three batteries. Now youre going wow that sounds phenomenal, but hang on hang on its not as great as you think, theres no gps in here so youre going to have to know how to fly a drone. Although indoors, you can fly quite well and it does come with prop guards ill show you flying it indoors. It has no sensors on the bottom, it has a sensor inside. So it knows when its off the ground, and it knows when it lands, but because it has no gps, if theres a wind outside its just going to float around with the wind, and you have to control it on your little controller.

Now, if you notice on the joysticks here, theyre both in the center, so that means you can switch this from a mode one to a mode. Two mine came as a mode two, but if youre a person that likes mode one, you just press a few buttons and you change it into a mode one. You will have to put batteries in the back. I think it takes three yeah. It takes three double a batteries at the back theres a little dial here to control your camera up and down, and it does absolutely nothing because this is the dial you have to use yeah. You have to take your finger and move the camera up and down. So if you want to look 90 degrees down haha, i just did it now. If i want to look forward ta da there now im looking forward dont, you love that type of technology. Now i did mention its a foldable drone, so you can unfold it and it does not have brushless motors it has like core motors in it. You can kind of see them on the back. If i hold it this way, you can see the silver so obviously for under a hundred dollars, youre, not getting all that high end technology. What this drone is is for somebody who loves little mini drones. You just want to put in your pocket. I would i dont know why they didnt name this a pocket drone because it looks like it should be: a pocket drone and yes, its a way under 250 grams and before some goofball lasts.

Can i put a gopro on it? No, you cant, because a gopro is bigger than this drone. Now, what makes this fun its fun for the family, because apparently theres settings on here it will do flips, it will do flips and rolls all sorts of things anything you want just by controlling it. On the joysticks, it does have a mode where it will spin really crazy fast, and it will also do orbits around things. So, once again, before you take off make sure you adjust your camera for the height youll, be flying. Speaking of the height, you cant go in the stratosphere with this, because this communication range is not very far, i think its like 50 meters, thats it and flight time on those batteries. If i havent mentioned it already, you do get three and you need three because flight time per battery is about 12 minutes. So enough of me talking how about we go fly this okay, let me show you how to get this going. The first thing you do is press the power button on your controller right here. In the center it beeps lights will flash. You do have a speed on the bottom that says low and high just leave it on low to start, if youre a beginner. Next, take your drone set your camera on the angle you want and then press the power button at the bottom and youll see a little light will come on down below its flashing red.

I dont know if my gopro can pick that up red light and then just place it down flat on the ground. Then take your left, joystick and go up and down there we go now were connected, were ready to fly. So this shoots out a wi fi signal and if you want to see what the camera sees on the front, then you have to connect an app so im going to turn on my phone here all right. So the record should be on my phone im going to press my wi fi and its going to find everything in my area. So we want the one that says: fpv 10 cd, f1 uh. Here we go and there we go so now we just go start up the app. The app is called m drone. You can download it theres a qr code in the instruction manual that comes with the drone, so im just going to tap. It then ill. Click on enter device and there we go see pretty sweet eh. I have a camera on the front here. You can actually use this as a spy camera and, as i look around look at that theres, my video coming back and youre seeing my phone screen, i havent even hit the record yet now, when you record video on this. Obviously it puts it in a file on your phone here ill show you what i mean: okay, so im going to put the record on just to explain it really quick.

There we go. You see the record turned blue and theres a red light flashing below it. So now i pick this up and im going to point it at my big head. There we go. You just see the gop theres my ear, see that theres my ear all right so now, im going to put it back down on the ground, so say you finish the flight in your recording video. You hit stop. So let me hit the stop button, which is basically press the record again then, at the very bottom you have a spot. That says, show me what i just recorded. Click on that its going to say, do you want to see your photos, your video ill go to video and there we go, and now it should hit play as soon as i hit the center part and its going to play back and once again in living. Color were going to look at my ear, so you can see me pick it up and there we go were re watching the video now. Obviously, the video is not super smooth its a little shaky because once again its an under hundred dollar drone cool thing is. I have an iphone 11 pro max with a case and watch this. It fits in this little holder, so thats nice all right were ready to go. So if youre, a newbie and youre scared to fly it pull these down and in then hit the take off and land button and she goes up and you can see im blowing with the wind.

So you have to control it with that right. Joystick im flying with one joystick here it stays at the level it does have altitude hold. So whatever level you have it at it will just stay right. There we dont have too many leaves here. So i cant show you the wind but yeah theres, wind blowing. It back at me so im flying into the wind ill fly it over to the cameras, so ive got a little camera over. There ill aim it. This is so easy for me to fly, because obviously i fly drones thats. What i do for a living uh! So for a newbie practice in house first, i would say make sure you put on the prop guards: uh thats, so you dont mark up your wall. This thing would not hurt if it banged into you, see ill bring it over to the gopro over there. Little gopro, so you have two speeds on it: high and low ive got it on low. The reason you have two speeds is because, if its super windy out put it on the high speed, so you can control it easier hell, bring it over to this camera. Over there and bring it up so it catches it there we go and there we go. I think its a pretty cool little thing now, im gon na do some flips with it. So it says, make sure youre up about two meters before you do flips.

So here we go, lets bring it up and the way it does flips is the following see my right thumb here. This is so easy. I can fly this so simply with one hand, so now see my right thumb on the right joystick you push that joystick down, and then you move the joystick forward to the right to the left or to the back. However, you wish the drone to flip. So watch this ill see if i can do with one hand all right ready here we go the amazing flips push it in it beeps and then flip and hit the bird feeder and bring it back im still flying with one hand. Here i tell you: if you can fly uh any kind of drone. You can fly this simply its so easy to fly, and this is in the wind im flying it. So if there was no wind out, it would be super stable like when you watch me fly this indoors, its super stable, all right, so thats the flippy thing flipping in any direction. You want here ill, bring it closer. So you see a closer flip, really close to my head im going to do a forward flip, so there we go and bring it right back. You can impress your friends with the flips here. Lets. Do a flip to the left left here we go. Of course we have to do flip to the right in and to the right.

There we go now it has some cool little thing. It says if you press this top button, uh right over here, really fast its going to go into some sort of counterclockwise crazy, spinny mode. Here we go press it really fast, theres, my. How do you fly it now? Oh, i see so as soon as you touch the joystick after you do that, then it comes out of the crane, crazy spinny mode, all right. So what was happening there is when it went into the spinning mode it just blew with the wind. So let me go into the wind and try the crazy spinning mode again, and it will just come back to me in the whole backyard. Here we go going going going going going its going to crash into something, but i will hit the joystick and save it there. We go bringing it back to me. Okay, how do the photos look im going to take a picture of my bird feeder here we go there. We go photo and take another picture of my bird feeder. Here we go now. It does have another mode on it. It says if you toss it, it will just start up and fly, but i think what they mean is you have to start the motors. So let me just hold it like this. You know youre not going to hurt yourself starting the motor, so let me hold like this pull this in there i got the motors and i think what they mean is, if you throw it now that the motors are started, it will just fly because it knows Its up in the air so lets see lets see if that works or just goes into mayhem and destroys itself.

You ready here we go light toss thats, not how it works. Okay, ill! Try it again without the motors running. You really cant break this. Unless you, you know smash it on pavement or something so it cant destroy itself in grass. Here we go im just going to toss it. Oh my god, it works. Look at that holy cow, well, thats, pretty sweet, Laughter! Okay. That blew me away and scared me. A little bit too because i was expecting total destruction but uh yeah wow, okay, now im impressed thats, pretty cool. All right lets see if i landed in my hand here put my hand out and there we go weve got it baby, nice all right, theres one other feature on here. I want to show you its orbit mode, so uh in orbit mode its supposed to do a circle. I dont think theres enough room back here. Okay out in the front yard, cool thing is im still on the same battery. You know it comes with three batteries and i still flying the same one all right. So here we go cars out here, so they dont smash anything and uh. Here we go lets just toss it again. There we go. I love that toss feature. It says if you hold the button down on the right, the one i did, this crazy spinny mode it will orbit so lets. Try this now lets put it over the sign here and hold the button down long time.

There we go. Oh so thats what it does. Okay, i could have did that in the backyard it orbits, but at the same time it just keeps on turning just move a joystick to stop it. If youre worried there, you go bring it back, so pretty darn sweet now, youre, probably wondering how high can you fly? It well im out here a little bit of battery power left here we go ready all right im going to put on high rates because im going up in the wind there we go high rates now going up up up up up there, you go, oh so Higher than the houses here, i think it goes up like 50 meters or something its ridiculous. I dont know something like that: its craziness anyway, look at that im flying away up in the sky. I could turn it look over the houses slide back this way and bring it on down its just a dot up there coming down come down and to celebrate im going to do a flip. Here we go doing a flip. Now: Music, thats, pretty cool all right. So lets go back in my backyard. Ill just fly this in the backyard. This thing is so easy to fly and ill show you some footage flying it indoors uh before i show you the indoor footage how about? I show you what comes in the box, so here we go check out now. What comes in the box for this little guy? This is the box.

Your drone comes in inside the box. Youll find everything wrapped up in protective plastic, removing the plastic. We see our drone and accessories. The drone is extremely small. You can order this drone with one two or three batteries. The tiny batteries are 730 milliamp hours each and each one will get you 12 to 15 minutes of flight time. You also get a usb charging cable, the included controller is small, but not too small fits well in the hands. You can flip up the top part so that you can insert your cell phone. You will need three double a batteries to power it. The included accessories consists of two spare props, a micro screwdriver and prop guards. Total weight of the drone with battery is 73 grams. If you add the prop guards it bounces it up to 74 grams. Finally, a user manual is included all right flying this indoors. I do not have the prop guards on if youre gon na fly it indoors as a newbie put the prop guards on, because it will save your walls from getting marks. I dont have to worry about it because i can fly this thing easy, so joy sticks in and take it on up and its also very stable. Here i can walk around. It will move it around and bring it towards me move it this way. There we go very easy to fly indoors if youre new at flying drones. You might find it a bit of a challenge, but for most people its pretty simple, walk along, take it wherever i want it over there.

All right lets bring it over here and, if i leave it still lets see how lets see how stable it is. If i leave it still, it moves forward so slow that you can easily control it like nice and slow come on back dont touch the walls yeah very easy to fly all right guys. When you get a low battery, it will do that sort of sound right. There and then bring it down for a landing there. We go all right final thoughts on this little guy, its a lot of fun and for the price its well worth it. So you kind of be silly not to buy one, but then again, if youre, someone who doesnt own a drone and youre. Looking for your very first drone that you want 4k video stabilized and you want brushless motors and gps, and you want it to have a 40 minute flight time. Well then, this is not the drone for you. This is for people who just want to have some fun with their kids at a park or flying around a house or youre at a campground, and you have a little drone. You can buzz around you get some video footage or youre out on a boat. You can you dont worry if you lose this thing, its its you know its its its disposable all right guys. I hope you enjoyed this video links are below to where you can find this product.

As i said, i keep saying its not very expensive. Youll be surprised at the price there is a discount code below, but try it without the discount code first, because sometimes when items like this are on sale, when you put my discount code in it means it puts the price back to full price and then takes The discount off it so if its already on sale, dont try to put a discount code because well just raise the price, all right, guys, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up.