Now, if you guys are familiar with my channel, i actually covered them about two years ago at ces and its probably one of the most popular videos from that ces when it came down to drones and what was new that year ill make sure that videos linked Above as well as down below in the video description, and the main reason why it was so popular is because this right here, the v copter, is a bi copter and the one thing that they had plastered all over the wall was that it would get 50 Minutes of flight time now, the one thing that was very positive at that show was the fact that they did have a couple units flying in the cage. So at least it wasnt just like a prototype that they whipped up. They had a flying drone in the cage, so i knew that at least it was possible. I knew that they would probably ideally come out with the actual drone. So i was super surprised when i got the email a couple weeks ago. Saying hey: are you still interested in checking out the v copter, and i was like absolutely so in this video lets. Just do a quick unboxing of the v copter falcon from zero zero robotics. They also sent me this, which is called their blast off controller im. Assuming its to control this so lets just do a quick unboxing of these two products right here, the v copter falcon from zero zero robotics, and if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio.

I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats something that interests you please consider subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, all right lets just jump right into it, because this is something that i know a lot of people kind of uh does not think that including myself to be honest, that they would ever come out with it, because its been so long. I had a couple emails back and forth with them right after ces and then they pretty much just went dark after about a year quick opening of the box. Oh nice, nice little packaging. I like that little info card and has a foam case. I like it. Oh look at that. It says v copter right up front, so nice little nice size got instructions, some information about what is inside of the box. We have all the accessories. Well just take them out one by one. Before we get the drone out, we got a little tool set. We got extra propellers, uh, usbc, cable, yeah, usb to usbc cable power. Cord for the charger looks like we have a little um a little bracket here, maybe its like a landing pad. I should probably read it huh: what does it say? It is a landing pad see landing gear. I was right charger and that is whats in the bottom of the box.

A nice little foam container lets open this up. Oh, that looks pretty nice. Its got some weight to it check that out there. It is the v copter, so it is just a bi copter, so you only have two propellers on it: its got some yellow tape. All the way around it says important, uh, completely press and hold the arm buttons, while folding and unfolding the arms just so cool to see something different, and you know i dont know how well its gon na do in the air, but i mean it has to Be good enough for them to continue manufacturing it im assuming so we will definitely see how it is uh flying a bicopter versus a quad undo that and it says press and hold tight. So i will press and hold tight and then you just bring them up. Both of these bring them up and then let go so its a little locking system, and there you go these motors actually turn so when youre in flight, you will actually turn and when youre moving forward itll turn this way i cant wait. I cant wait to see how this looks gimbal guard up front. So let me try popping this off here. That is holding the 4k. It is a 4k camera and it is a 3 axis gimbal. Camera kind of looks like if, like a osmo pocket or like the mavic camera, has a very similar look to that down below.

Here we do have the battery weve got the battery indicator at the very bottom. We do have some sensors here at the very bottom sensors. At the very front. There are no side, and there is no back. Sensors looks like we do have a little light here at the very back. Weve got some vents here on the very top im. Actually pretty impressed with the build quality, it does feel like its solid. It doesnt feel like a cheap plastic. It feels actually really really nice has that flat black color to it, and this is how it looks just sitting there just like that. So i am very curious, like i said i have a bunch of videos at ces when they first unveiled it there, and you know you can kind of see when the motors start up. They they go from sideways like this, they kind of turn, and then they start spinning, so thats going to be really cool to just test out so unique compared to all the other drones on the market. This is the blast off. Controller comes in a little plastic, wrap open this up, but there you go different style controller. Look at that very unique! This swings out here, thats kind of cool, so this swings all the way around. We get the antennas that come up and we have the sticks. Sticks are here on the very back on the top. We do have a couple scroll wheels.

We do have the photo button. Uh, sorry record button for video and here on the left. We have the photo button. We have a couple of triggers here, more likely, maybe some customized buttons return to home button on the top left of the front, and then we also have this stop on the right hand, side and on this side we do have an s and an l and Then we have the power button here on the opposite side. On the bottom, we have a usb c as well as a full size, usb uh, maybe its for charging your phone and or doing some software firmware updates on the remote control and there it is guys just a quick unboxing of the v copter the drone. I think a lot of people were not sure if theyd actually come out and yes, it was two years later, but we do have it. The v copter from zero zero robotics, a very unique bicopter that theyre rating for 50 minutes of flight time. So i will be testing this out, as always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated and, of course, if you guys want to see some follow up videos on this right here, the zero, zero robotics v copter ill, Be doing a little test flight seeing how the characteristics are seeing how well the image quality is make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel.

This is aldrin estacio with flightpath.