This is by zero, zero robotics and uh. This drone kind of has quite a history to it. It was actually announced about two years ago, i think, was back in fall of 2019. They first announced it and put it up for pre order. It was supposed to be delivered later that fall november or december. If memory serves me correct, but in the end it was delayed and it was pushed to 2020. zero zero robotics, the manufacturer that was developing the drone did show up at ces 2020 and they did have some demonstrations of it and at that time they were promising Early spring, of course, then covet happened and everything got, pushed back, even farther 2020 came and went, and still no sign of the drone truth be told i kind of forgot. I even pre ordered it and uh. You know so i was surprised to get an email about a month ago saying that the drones were ready to ship and they were looking for their final payment. I did put down 100 deposit when i pre ordered it and final payment was 699 dollars. That was for the drone and for the controller now there is no way to really order it on their website anymore. If you go to it on the canadian version of it anyways, it doesnt really give you an option to purchase it. They did have a few units available on amazon, but they have since sold out so lets talk about the drone here and what makes it really interesting.

This is, i think, as far as i know, the worlds first bicopter drone means it only has two propellers. You can see here theres two buttons on the side we hold them in and we can fold these arms up and, as you can see there, it is quite unique. Looking now the rest of the specs of the strone are nothing terribly impressive. Its got an old sensor and a fairly small sensor sensors that weve seen many years ago. It does have obstacle avoidance on the front. Now it does claim to have a 50 minute flight time thats due to the efficiency of only having two propellers. I havent fully tested that out yet, but what i can say is i did two flights with it yesterday and, as you can see there, im just working on the third bar lets. Take a look around the drone here you can see we have our three axis. Gimbal on the front, it does shoot in 4k, 30 thats the maximum resolution. We have a fairly large battery that clips into the bottom on the bottom. Here we do have some sensors to help it hover theres three led lights on this drone theres one on the back and theres two there on each arm. As you can see, theres a usbc port on the side thats for connecting it to your computer. You can transfer files that way, but its also how you update the firmware. The firmware on this drone has to be updated on a computer theres, an app you download, similar to the dji assistant, app thats, how you update the controller and the drone on the other side here, theres a flap and underneath that theres our memory card slot and Right above that, theres a button for linking the drone to the controller when you purchase the kit, you also get this little mini case.

This is kind of nice. It only fits the drone, but if youre going to be sticking the drone in a backpack, this works. Well, to keep it protected and its fairly compact, so it will fit in there without taking up to terribly much room. You also get a screwdriver for changing out the propellers, and you also get two spare props one clockwise and one counter clockwise. Now i wasnt quite sure what to expect of this drone. It is quite different than anything ive ever flown before now i didnt buy this drone because of the specs or what it could do or how it filmed. I basically bought it because it was interesting im, an rc enthusiast, i own many rc vehicles, many drones. I have a few fixed wing planes i just like messing around with rc vehicles, so this was just a no brainer for me because it is so different. Now, if youre looking to purchase your first drone, because you want to capture cinematic content, i dont know if i would recommend this as your first drone just because there are better options out on the market right now. Even something like the dji mini 2 is a great option at an affordable price, but i must say my first impressions of this drone are quite good. It actually handled fairly well up in the air. The control of it was quite good and even the maneuverability i found to be quite on par with dji, so lets go ahead here, im going to play some footage from my first flight with it.

I just want to point out in the video when i first take off with it youre going to notice me point out that the drone is drifting now it wasnt drifting around. Like some drones. You know they just cant hold the position. Basically, as soon as i took off, this drone wanted to move backwards. Now it was just doing it a little bit it wasnt anything that i couldnt compensate for. You know, but that was a little bit concerning at first i had done all the calibrations of this drone. Before i put it up, i calibrated the imu. I calibrated the compass. I just thought. Maybe it was just due to the design it just cant hold its position very well. However, on my second flight, i did figure out the problem. The controller needed to be calibrated. Sometimes that does happen within the app you have the option to calibrate the control sticks and that turns out thats. All it was so once i calibrated it. The drone actually hovered quite nicely so lets go ahead and take a look at some footage from my very first flight, so were out here with the v copter falcon and were going to take our very first flight with it im not quite sure what to expect Im not going to do anything too, too drastic. Today, i dont really have a lot of confidence in this drone, yet its just a new drone company that ive never flown before, plus its quite radically different than anything ive flown before so were just going to take it a little bit easy today.

So lets go ahead and well hit the take off button. Take off now you can see its doing something a little crazy there and there it goes its kind of drifting a bit, not sure why its drifting ive connected to 12 satellites. I did do a calibration, but it is drifting a little bit, but it seems pretty stable up in the air. Surprisingly put it over into sport mode. They have two modes on here. They have whats called leisure mode and sport mode Music, just gon na move it around a little bit. Its actually kind of impressive to look at with only two propellers Music seems pretty agile. You can see its spinning around there here ill, bring it a little closer. So maybe you can see that Music only can actually spin quite fast, but yeah that drifting is quite concerning. I dont know if you can see that on camera but ill, just let go of the sticks and you can see now Music its wanting to go backwards. So not sure what thats all about, but uh lets go for a quick flight here. Well give it some altitude turn the camera down a little bit. One thing i am noticing is that the feed on it is uh nice and clear some drones, the fpv feed that comes back just doesnt, look too great but uh. What im seeing on the screen looks nice and clear. So lets just go for a little bit of a flight.

This supposedly has um seven kilometers range, but im. Definitely not gon na go out that far with it. Like i said today, mainly, we just want to uh test out the flight characteristics and um just see how well it flies check out some of the colors from fall. Weve kind of missed the peak season. Okay, im not going to go any farther because the road down there – and i dont trust this thing quite that much yet lets head back over this way, well just stay above this forest area. That way, if something does happen, its just going to fall down into the trees but yeah, i wont know what the video quality looks like till i get home and analyze it um yeah, so it looks uh pretty good im, pretty pleased with the way its flying. Actually, the horizon in the background, looks nice and level it doesnt have the best dynamic range you can see when i have the camera down it, you know goes all white, which is pretty common for a small sensor like this, and you can see here im flying At seven meters per second eight meters per second – and this is in sport mode – full stick forward, so it doesnt fly too terribly fast. I think i have obstacle avoidance on. Let me just check. No, actually, i have obstacle avoidance off. It must not be available in sport mode, but yeah, so it doesnt fly terribly fast.

Lets uh try some rotation movements lets see how these sticks are yeah, not too bad a little bit different than dji, but the controller. I was a little on the fence about at first but uh. You know now that im using it its actually uh quite comfortable to hold its a little toy ish but uh definitely ive used worse. The hubsan controllers definitely feel a little cheaper than what this does. Yeah im actually quite pleased with how its flying so far, but i dont know what the video quality is gon na be like. Like i mentioned, i got ta wait till i get home, but im gon na bring it home. Now, like i said just a quick flight today and im going to do some more testing with it because it does have some interesting features. It does have follow me, but im not going to test that today. So yeah im, just gon na bring it down for landing, get a little bit of b roll footage for the edit and then uh ill come back with a final thought, so that is the v copter falcon. I was actually quite impressed with its flight capabilities. It did fly a lot better than i thought it was going to and it was actually fairly stable in the air just due to the unique design i wasnt quite sure how well it was going to hover and how well it was going to maneuver up in The air, but i was actually quite pleased now, as for the video quality, obviously i couldnt tell until i got home and took a look at it, but i was pretty pleased with the quality of the video.

It was nothing spectacular, nothing that any other drone isnt. Currently capable of but the image was stable, the gimbal worked well, there was no micro jitters or any kind of jello effect in the video. The colors were decent, just right out of camera. The only thing is, it is a very small sensor, so the dynamic range isnt great, depending on how you have the camera angled, your sky could be blown out if you dont have enough of it in view now, as mentioned at the beginning, this video, if youre, Looking to purchase your first drone, i dont really think this is the drone for you. There are some better options on the market if youre an rc collector of sorts. Definitely, i think, youd have a lot of fun with this drone im actually looking forward to getting out and flying with it today again still waiting for my mavic 3 to show up. So this will have to hold me over until until it gets here so yeah, that is the v copter falcon a very interesting drone. I never really honestly thought it would see the light of day but uh here it is in front of me. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it.