It has amazing, 50 minutes run time, and i have never used anything like this before the design is quite unique and looks, futuristic its amazing to see that the two rotors can do. The job of the four update is also supported on both the drone and the remote controller. The remote controller talks to my iphone 13 using the lightning cable, so no wi fi pairing is required for each flight. This design eliminates complexity and greatly improves the range. The iphone is the receiver of the video feed from the controller and the remote controller charges the phone at the same time, its super responsive with a massive 7 kilometers range that is 4.3 miles. Image quality is excellent. Thanks to its onboard 4k camera on a gimbal, this video was downloaded from its 8 gb internal storage, which is equivalent to about 10 minutes of 4k video or 800 photos. The storage can be expanded using sd card up to 256 gb. The stabilization is excellent, with strong wind resistance. If you dont look close enough, you may think this is a steel image, but its actually, the drone hovering ill. Show you more details later in this video, its super easy to fly im by no means a drone expert. I was able to figure out all of its functionalities and fly with ease in under 10 minutes. It was very stable and a lot of fun to use one key return home feature that makes me feel im never going to lose the drone.

Even when the signal is lost, the drone can always return to where it took off. The reliability is top notch and really inspires confidence, its highly unlikely to crash the drone. Thanks to its obstacle avoidance feature, it can be turned off, but i will never do it. I have already seen two updates already in the past: one month select the falcon and it shows the firmware version and the remaining battery in cycles update start. It really means the company stands behind the products and constantly push out new bug, fixes or feature enhancements. It charges at 56 watts thats a really fast charger. Actually, i did not expect this kind of power output or power intake from a battery pack, this small thats a really cool case charger landing bracket, cord replaceable propellers, usbc data, cable, extra screws and screwdriver its everything in the box, the charger main unit carrying case replaceable Propellers message: when folding and unfolding we got ta depress those two buttons lets fly, the drone take it out of the box press on these two buttons to unfold. Otherwise it may not be secure. I already removed the gimbal cover now the controller mount my phone, the antennas, lightning cable. I got a very short lightning, cable here, power it on and power on the drone. Its ready lets go ill do manual control. I will also try to record my screen. Im gon na do record right now pressing this button, so it will actually record and im gon na record my iphone screen as well.