The worlds first V shaped bi copter.. This drone was actually released last year, but never hit the market officially until now., As I did many searches on YouTube, it seems like my video is the first English real life flying review. Video ever., As Zero Robotics told me that they havent shipped to any overseas influencers for reviewing either., So buckle up and hear what I have to say.. What really impressed me, of course, is the cool and innovative design., Unlike the dominant quadcopters weve, seen on the market. In recent years., The V Coptr Falcon is a V shaped drone which looks super cool.. Of course, Im not saying those quadcopters have a bad design. They look fancy too its just. We do need something new for this over saturated drone market dont. We, The folding mechanism, works easily when you unfold just put the two arms up fully. The motors as we can see, are rotatable.. When you fold, you have to press the buckle under the arm and put down the arms., The drone also comes with a stand for better landing, install it before flying its, not mandatory though.. As for the battery, you just slide the buckles on the side to take it. Out., The remote controller has an innovative folding design as well. You can switch between the sports mode and normal mode on the side.. There is also a Stop button on the front panel. In case of any emergency, the other buttons seem basically the same as DJIs.

Hold down the power key on the drone to turn it on.. You turn on the remote controller in the same way., The drone and the RC will enter pairing mode. Once the yellow indicator. On the remote controller turns to green, it means they have paired successfully. For the V Coptr. You have to use the App otherwise you cant fly it. Before taking off. As you can see, the motors will rotate themselves to the right position and then spin. When you push the throttle, it then takes off. Whilst its flying. It looks like a falcon in the sky thats why its called Falcon.. Let me talk a bit about my flying experience.. Well, one thing I noticed immediately was it felt less responsive than some of the DJIs. I was flying even in sports mode.. Well, on one hand, you could say its safer to fly in this way because its slower in speed, but on the other side, you will have a less enjoyable controlling experience.. I personally do hope it can be more responsive in Sports mode.. The second thing is the super long battery life., Though it doesnt have the 50minutes of flying time as advertised, because that data was from lab tests in ideal conditions, but its still way longer than some of the drones Ive flown.. It can easily reach 35 to 40 minutes.. I also like how low noise it is when, in the air., The hovering is stable, as you can see, even with the wind there.

, And here is the footage. If you are interested to know., It supports 4k30fps recording.. The footage looks sharp and vivid, I guess its enough for your normal daily life sharing on social media., But when I viewed it carefully on a bigger screen, I did notice. The footage is very soft on two sides, the middle, as you can see, is clear.. This is very weird, not sure if its the problem thats only on this drone, I was flying or a problem that exists on a larger scale.. Here is the App interface.. We see three choices on the home, page, Multi, directional, tracking Manual Controlling and Intelligent Shooting.. I tried the tracking mode.. Well, it followed me as you would expect.. I walked, ran fast and even hid behind a sign and then out seems pretty smooth. Until this happened. As I was approaching the drone it stepped back to keep me in the frame, but it didnt notice. There was a tree behind it and then crashed.. Do you think in this situation any drone can crash or just V coptr My opinion, since the V Coptr doesnt have rear obstacle? Sensing is that it could be an issue for this kind of drone in such situations. What do you think? My conclusion is that the V Coptr Falcon is a cool drone with a cool original design.. If you are bored with traditional quadcopters and try something new, then surely it gives you a fresh flying experience.

, But you have to know its not cheap at all and honestly, in my opinion, the V Coptr Falcon is still not finished.. The image quality has a problem that I referred to before, though, Im not sure if its just an isolated case or normal., The build quality is doubtful.. Remember it crashed, but later we found it and there seemed to be no damage at all on the outer shell. But when we were trying to fly after it couldnt. The prompt said the motor had an issue.. That kind of crash could never be an issue for my DJI Mavic Air 2.. I crashed the Air 2 multiple times and one time even the motor shell got broken, but I just snapped it back in and all was good. Nevertheless, Im glad to see some drone companies like Zero, Zero robotics are trying something new to give us a fresh experience. In the drone industry – and I want to give a big thumbs up for that., Because the more competition the more benefits to users., Will you support new drone companies like V coptr or are you are good with the old ones? Let me know in the comments section and please dont forget to subscribe.