I love it. Look how quiet it is even going sideways. So kind of you know drone overheated in the air and im getting serious low battery warning just gon na pull it. The camera on this drone is really nice as well. It does a very, very fine aerial, filming, very stable, no horizon tilt issues, its actually a very good aerial, filming drone, Music, Music, Music, so Music. Welcome to second video of zero zero, robotic v, copter todays sun is going down, and this is the only time i could find to test after my teaching job, and i believe today we can also see how good the low light shots are. If i can take possibly get lucky to get uh, you know sunset shot too so lets fly it and see how it goes ill. Do some active tracking, normal flying and also ill just keep flying it until battery runs out to see you know how much flight time im getting in real? I will try not to fly in sports mode too much just normal flight mode, okay and see how much flight time we get. I will also try to see if i can go slightly farther. All the way up to marina and hopefully the live feed will still be alive, so lets get to testing. Okay, everything is ready. Let me just see hold on. I have to go back to home, okay and go to me. Storage management, empty, empty.

Okay, i dont know how to choose sd card for recording because mostly it records on its uh. You know uh internal memory, so i havent seen any option here that says that i could actually change uh. You know: storage to uh the uh sd card or tf card that i have here. I have 4k 30 fps grid diagonal grid lines stuff like that nothing else. So it does show here that now i have 29 gs of memory. Well, that should be more than enough, so lets take off. Shall we – and here we go, take off my favorite part and it rises majestically. Oh man, i mean you know we copter or bicopters, are simply majestic mashallah beautiful, all right, im, gon na take one shot and then im start im gon na start flying Music, okay enough shots now flying in normal mode by the way, im also having difficulties. Seeing my you know: uh flight logs, i dont know why i have updated the app and if you want to update the firmware, you have to download something called flytec a kind of kit. So lets just say: i took off at lets, say uh. Let me just go 5 23. I believe i took off at 5 23. Okay lets just say: i took off at 5 23, so well keep a record of time. This way, if nothing is recorded, all right lets see obstacle. Avoidance is working. Oh no! I didnt turn it on, i think, hold on its.

I almost hit it. I hit myself lets just say that um return to home calibrates obstacle avoidance is off and i just flew it into me all right. Yes, now its working and fly it around and see what we can get, what kind of shots we can get in this low light. Okay, im just gon na go a little man. Look at that the way it climbs hold on. Let me just bring it back and show it to you hold on switching to expert mode, okay, my favorite mode, oh mashallah, what a beautiful stance man so im, just gon na switch to normal mode once again: okay and now im gon na punch it. So this is here ready. The climb rate is amazing on this one, and so is the descent rate. Look how easy it descends, how easy it climbs, but when you are going sideways and if it is detecting some things, it will actually, you know kind of, do some jerky movements all right now that i have updated the firmware. Let me test the obstacle. Oh sorry, the uh active track all right, so im just gon na go here. Im just gon na put the camera down, go to the omni, follow mode. Five meters altitude, im just gon na bring it closer four and three four meters. Okay, go start two! One start recording now im just gon na ride. My electric scooter. Okay, come on baby lets, see today after updating the firmware what you can do before i tested it less than five meters altitude it wasnt following me.

It was just holding at one place and wasnt following me so today lets see. If it will follow me at this altitude or not look i can leave both hands masha allah, the 13x is very, very uh, responsive and stable. Hold on looks like my drone. Just stuck there, oh, it lost altitude thats. Why? All right so were gon na go, raise the altitude um yeah, now its going backward okay, its back to tracking, oh, oh, oh, hold on hold on theres a tree behind you! Okay, come on come on. Follow me. Follow me so im just gon na go forward and see if it is coming or not. It looks like im gone too far and its not coming yeah im going too far and its not coming. So let me just stop the active track and bring it closer to me. The majestic bird man. The stance is awesome, really, okay, this time, im gon na keep it at six meters. Altitude, okay, bring it closer to me, put the camera down. It finds the target. I will say: go: oh, i found theres a new option today. Pivot. Maybe i missed it so ill say start three. Two one and whats happening theres, nothing, no, its, not pivoting. If i move, maybe it will start circling around me. I dont know so lets just find out. I hope we dont crash it. Hello. Are you coming no, its not coming its just holding there all right, im, gon na say, go and this time no pivot.

Just start three. Two one go alright come on baby. I saw it twitch and moved backwards. Are you coming? I put it slightly up. Okay, it seems its coming now. Yeah ill raise the altitude a bit more just to give it some leverage. It stopped right there, its coming it moved. It goes backward pendulum effect. Still tracking me right is it coming looks like looks like its still coming. Yeah. This time is still coming coming at a good speed. I hope it will not hit anything im gon na get faster mashallah. The riding is really nice on this scooter man, i can leave hands just like this. Look at that and keep going wish. It had a you know, cruise mode, all right, so that was omni follow and, to be honest, im not much happy with this omni follow because its like kind of on and off it works. Sometimes it doesnt work at other times all right, so that was the tracking, i believe. If youre jogging and uh you know running, maybe its good, it will track you at those speed and keep going around with you. But if you are on something, i still believe you should look at some other drones. So far i had dji mavic air 2. Best of luck never leaves the target and, of course, the sky do2. If youre in usa dont ask questions just get a skydio2. If you want something, follow me alright, this is this now im just going to fly it around.

I still have 77 battery left im gon na fly it around and take some shots. Okay, one moment, while the camera is still running, lets test. How far i can go in this direction, if i can go to the marina or not all right and ill, keep it in normal mode. So lets start a new clip. Okay and i will start recording the video. There goes my v copter normal mode, low light conditions. I believe i should climb up to 120 meters because really obstacle is detected. Is there a ghost in the skies? I have no, so its going its climbing. I can see nice and clear videos so far. No glitches im gon na put the antennas pointing to that side. Climbing 165. I can still see the bird in disguise. Oh sorry, thats uh distance altitude is 75 meters im just gon na keep going in this direction and see how far i can go still going. Still going nice and clear video today last time i was flying at a lower altitude and i went all the way. 400 meters and i lost. I mean video was glitchy, but today its nice im still going no problems at all and it seems the video is being recorded on a tf car today, which is very nice. Okay, so far, so good still have video. I pointed antennas this way so its pointing towards it, and you know its surprising that i can still see it going theres a dot there in disguise its still going.

Okay, i saw some message. What was that i have no idea? I missed it. I missed it. Oh, that was obstacle detected. I believe that could be the only thing losing and gaining satellites. 10. 12. 11 drone is overheated really come on. Thats, not a good deal, people all right, so im just gon na return to home thats, not good. I dont want to push it because 524 meters – and it says drone – is overheating all right, thats, not good. Now its coming back, videos are still recording. Where is my dot? There is my dot. I can see it. Man, masha, allah and alhamdulillah have a good eyesight. I can see it coming with your transmission signal: weak okay thats, what thats what is happening when its returning, so that means the antennas are at the back side. Huh drone is coming back and you can easily see what is the quality of video at the moment. Okay, later ill take some pictures, as the sun goes down ill, be able to take some pictures. So kind of you know. Drone overheated in the air nah drone is overheating again: zero, zero robotics! You got to figure this thing out, man in the air. It should not overheat. I have flown it during the daytime on a hot day. It did not heat up, but today i have no idea whats going on this is happening after i updated the firmware uh using the flight tech, the the tool flytech tool that is used to update the firmware for drone and the flight uh blast off controller drone.

Overheating, yes again, the same message so im not gon na land, its back here, drone overheating, lan asset, okay, stop recording and its landing all by itself. Of course, i have control over it. I can still fly it. Im gon na cancel the auto return to home and bring it down. Drone is overheating land sf man that is kind of disappointing? I love it for its stance. I love it for its a buy router. Apart from this, what is happening? Its kind of sad man come on. I hope the company can actually do something about it. Okay, im gon na see if the obstacle avoidance is still on. Yes turn off. I turn off all the obstacle avoidance im, not shooting any video, so lets see. If i get the overheating message again or not and ill keep it on this dry land – okay, because i dont know after overheating it will shut down itself or what i have no idea about that man all right now the sun is setting. I think it will be a very good time. I love it. The way it shoots in the skies the ascendant descent raid is really nice, and this is normal mode. Look at that, so sun will be setting very soon right now. I can see its still bright, but hey lets take a picture nice and slow flying backward. I hope thats going to give me a good shot. Okay, thats that im still flying 523 or 522 was the time i took off.

Okay, im still flying and having fun with it. You know again, i simply love flying it. So today i didnt do sports mode, mostly flying normal, no sports mode. I still have 57 battery remaining so im gon na stop my head camera recording, okay and do some more shots today in track mode. I have seen something new. It says a spiral i dont know. Maybe i missed it last time. Last time i just had search like going up in one direction like zooming out, so lets see what the spiral looks like. Okay, i hope it has enough area to actually climb up and its climbing up really slow in a short radius spiral. Okay and ill. Just keep my finger here just in case a spiral becomes long and goes into the trees uh. It will clear the trees, it will clear the trees – yes, yes, it did, it did and its getting faster. Okay, so the radius is kind of innocent. I mean not not bad, i thought it would hit the trees there and i was ready to you know, stop it and now its coming back beautiful stance of a wee copter by copters. You cannot beat it by the way im still flying it and i did not give it. You know any hovering time. You saw the videos that i was shooting and i have 36 percent battery left. Okay, its back. I have done surge so im, not gon na.

Do that manual control only follow go. Oh altitude is too low wow. I love it. How you shoot man five meter, pivot pivot. The drone will hover at the current position and track the target by ru. Okay, so pivot means it will just track you. While you go around man, thats pretty useless, actually so im not gon na. Do the tracking again im gon na just fly it a little bit in sports mode. Okay, so switching to sports mode, im gon na take one shot, video shot of that a baby shooting a video as well. I believe so. I have to watch him. I love it man, the way it flies in sports mode and its quiet. I love it. Look how quiet it is even going sideways. Now, im gon na get very, very dizzy: yeah im about to fall down hold on beautiful man. The controls are simply amazing on this bird now, if xero robotics can get rid of these overheating issues and improve the video transmission signal, especially when drone is coming back, it would be really nice. I want to take one shot in sports mode, which will actually finish up the battery, so lets just give it a try. Okay, im gon na keep it here now lets just go over the over the drink, shoot this clip fast. Look at that how its going sideways – i hope i dont lose it. Oh, its getting dangerously low okay, that was a nice clip im gon na go forward and shoot a clip wheres my drone still flying, i believe so, all right thats more than enough! Oh wait! Wait wait, wait while im here ill, wear the drink, ill, take a picture, okay done, dont land just say return now, so, while its returning ill take some rest, its returning in sports mode, so it should return faster im.

Just gon na keep it right here and see its coming back really, nice and fast. There is my baby. I can see it in the skies and its back. Nice breaks its coming down. Im gon na stop the return to home and im getting serious low battery warnings, but ill fly it slightly more 25 battery switching to normal mode and probably im gon na. Give it a little bit of hover time right here and see if i can get the sun setting in the middle of the props. I wish i was at a good angle, so i could take the sunset right in the middle of the props. Still gon na fly it not landing it. Its just gon na forward backward 22 battery ill land somewhere lets say 10 battery, which is kind of you know safe to land. Remind you once again. I gave it very very little hover time, almost none. Just in the beginning, when i took one or two shots, and then just now apart from that, no hovering time a mix of normal – and you know sports mode flying, but today, most of the time normal modes, yeah im trying to get dizzy again, Music, you know, If you ever get this, i mean if it ever gets to sale in international markets, and you want to get it. You will probably just love to fly it around because its a buy rotor and you will love its performance.

Apart from that, those features and those issues that im having the camera on this drone is really nice as well. It does a very, very fine aerial, filming, very stable, no horizon tilt issues, its actually a very good aerial, filming drone as well, and given that bike rotor combined with aerial film and good aerial filming this does it does become a good desirable product. Given that again, zero tech Applause, please remove those glitches, 17 battery im, just gon na pull it thats. My favorite thing to do bother the drones its like come on. Man dont bother me leave me alone Applause. So if you bother it, it tries to hold its position and altitude, see im pulling it down 15 battery Applause, nice and solid, oh its, like dude dont. Bother me nice 15 battery is still flying im gon na waste more until its ten percent Music 12 percent. It says low battery im gon na give it a sports mode punch back to normal mode, hovering 11. I need one person down: punch fly around 10 battery all right, nice, 10 battery im gon na land now lets clean up this place. Huh. Can i land here yeah, i think so – and controls are mashallah very, very precise, very precise, so now that we have landed, lets see the flight time 558, so 522, 523 to 558 wow. I have some very nice pictures here. Man look at those okay. Now that i have landed flight times, im not gon na go on the flight logs, because theyre still processing and im not sure how do they actually work now lets assume if we took off 523 and landed at 558.

That makes 35 minutes and lets just be generous about it and say i took off 5 21 that makes 37 minutes advertise flight time 50 minutes actual flight time that i flew today is 35 to 37 minutes. Xeno mini se from hubsan and xeno mini pro are getting around 30 33 minutes on a single, fully charged battery, so zero zero robotic, i believe, tested 50 minutes of flight times are hover test. That means it can hover for 50 minutes, but when it comes to flying around doing aerial filming 35 36. 37. If you dont do sports modes, not too many climbing around here there, i believe it is safe to say you will get around 40 minutes out of this bird lucky to have 41.42 maybe depends if you are really flying slow, slow, slow, no hover, no sports mode And maybe youre giving it more hover time, apart from that in real life, the real time flying it gave me 35 minutes. Thank you very much for watching stay tuned for more videos on my channel people and if you want to see any more flight testing of v copter from zero, zero robotics drop. The comment in the comment section and ill try to bring you more flight testing of v copter. I simply love flying it as a v copter or bi copter. Only. Thank you very much for watching this video give this video a big thumb up. Stay subscribed to my channel turn on all the notifications by hitting that little bell icon and stay updated for all the new upcoming uploads.

And yes, if you want to see any more tests on this beautiful birds, let me know in videos comments come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work.