Obviously, your drone will fall like a turret from the skies. Look at that some flight performance wow, this middle reminder: raheem assalam, alaikum, greetings nice breezy morning, so i would say good morning, people good morning from china. How are you, i hope everything is good with you im riding my 13x, the 6000 watt beast, because i wanted to test the object tracking and follow me features of two drones. Yes, and welcome to this video. The zero zero robotics v copter falcon worlds. First v shaped bi, roader, teleprompter aerial, filming drone with 4k camera three axis stabilized gimbal front obstacle avoidance, sensors, seven kilometer of control range 50 minutes of flight times advertised well, if they advertise 50 minutes of hour time, i may take it but 50 minutes of flight Time well, we will put that to a test, but not in this video. Obviously, next video, i will test fif if it will fly 15 minutes or not now. Another important question is: does it have a tf card? Yes, it does take a tf card and it has a built in 3gb of memories. Also, no tests also pay attention. They advertise. These propellers are stealth propellers, so the by rotor is very quiet. We will find that out very very soon as well. Now the battery is a 15 volt, i believe 15.4 volt, 4, 500 milliamp 69 watt hour battery 50 minutes of flight times. Oh, we got ta find that out now before i take you to the flights, i want to tell you im fascinated with bicopters, and that is the only reason i got this because i really dont need another aerial filming drone.

I have absence you know mini pro, which is doing very, very good job and i have dji mavic air 2 as well that i use for aerial filming. So i really didnt need another uh aerial filming drone, but i i simply cant resist bicopters and i want to tell you a very, very important piece of information, a project that im working on and it might take about a year or so so. Im gon na disclose that information at the end of the video okay stay tuned for that now, as much as you want to see this fly me too, i just cant, wait to put it in the air, but before that lets quickly go through the blast off Controller, they call it the blaster controller that is designed for the v copter falcon right here. So this is the controller right here. I like it, because the antennas yeah look at that antennas are facing down and your phone comes up. How cool is that it comes from behind like this on the forward side, your thumbs are here on the sticks: okay, uh. We have this slider, which is very important. You know you can set the exposure value of the camera during pictures and video. How cool is that thats, really a nice feature pitch camera pitch control? Video photo emergency, stop button. I dont know why they gave it here, because when you hold the radio you say your thumb is right here, so you have to be very careful not to push it theres, not rth.

This is rth. If you push this for a few seconds. Obviously, your drone will fall like a turret from the skies we have on off switch and my favorite sports mode. All right and the sticks are right here – backside so lets put this bird in the air quickly and if you want to know more about the features of this quadcopter sorry by rotor, go ahead check the link in the video description and read all the features there. I just want to fly it as soon as possible and see how it performs, because i love bike. Roaders man, i simply love, buy rotors lets fly. It lets turn on the radio and lets turn on the drone. Okay, how do you turn this on press press and hold sorry? Camera is initializing. Gimbal is initializing, pull the props slightly open thats what they uh just said now, once you start, let me take a screenshot. You get. This only follow manual control and track shots. Okay, so im not going to go to omni, follow im just going to go to manual control all right, it says: warning weak gps signal. Okay, the signals are okay. Now that was very, very quick, and here is the screenshot of the app all right ill show. You the app very, very quick later in some later videos. Well, do some complete uh overview of the app for now. Please, let me just fly it. Okay, so im just gon na say, take off take off.

Oh, look at those propellers going up and down and then take off people come on. Yes wow. I just noticed how quiet it is notice that man, how quiet it is, and the wind is coming from my right and its still trying to hold this position really. Nice and solid look at that. Superb all right. How does it fly lets find out? I told you man, i am fascinated by by rotors just now. It did some kind of jerky movement its because the obstacle avoidance is on. So, if im coming forward, look at that full stick forward and its not going any forward, it will stop at this distance. I did not even calibrate anything. You know, oh man, what a nice machine look at that. So what is the speed that it gets in forward flight while its going forward in normal mode, three meters per second maximum, three meters per second coming with the wind two meters, three meters, four meters per second okay, that was that lets switch to my favorite mode? Shall we, the sports mode, hold on okay, so switching to sports mode say switch on this yeah? Now we are talking. Ah wow. Look at that man. I cant believe it man. This is a bi rotor, look at the amount you know by router. One thing i just noticed that the yacht control is very, very nice. The way i wanted it, i found dji mavic air 2, hubsan xenomini pro and other drones.

They are kind of sluggish on yaw, but look at this, the yaw is just responsive. Look at that man, that is some flight performance. I would say that is just some flight performance, wow, okay, im gon na come straight and full forward and see with the wind full forward im going nine ten meters per second with the wind and Music without wind. I mean against the wind nine meters per second thats good enough speed, man thats good enough speed and, yes, you got ta, give it to by rotors man. They have this badass stance. I mean the stance that you cant beat man as something you cannot beat. I can tell you that, so now, flight performance is tested man, i just you know. I got this drone just because i want to fly it as a by roader, not as an aerial filming drone, because i am simply fascinated once again with buy routers and i wanted to study it for my future project yeah. At the end of the video ill. Tell you that, okay, so this is this: how good you get a you know video or a shot in the sunshine. Let me find out so switching to photo modes and standing with my beloved scooter and taking a shot now, im gon na shoot a video and just let it go manually. You know its pretty strange in the app. I actually cannot see the auto circle feature. Maybe we can do all the circle with tracking feature, because once the camera is tracking you, you can probably do all kind of circles you want, because camera will be focused on you all the time.

So that was a nice 4k clip right here. One moment im just gon na, come closer to myself and do a zoom out ready here we go sweet, so that was a nice clip right there. Okay now come back man. Look at that, how beautiful it looks, allah, what a beautiful stance, man, what a beautiful stairs i can tell you! I didnt get it for aerial filming. I got it for its spy, roader stance. Okay, now lets do the follow me all right. So im just gon na leave the controller on the ground or over there hold on and lets see. If the drone can follow me on the scooter switch to normal mode. I believe this i dont know if it will do less altitude or not not sure so. Im just gon na go manual only follow no target detected. Well, you have a target. Oh wow. It found me right here. Look at that theres a go on a scooter, theres a go on me! Thats, nice man, thats nice ill just say: click go on me start three, two one and its following me: now: okay, so im just gon na put the radio controller here and try to move on the scooter, slowly, Music. It has me in the focus but its not moving. Why is that? Hey man, you should follow me right. Its not just track. Follow me come on come on. Are you coming? Ah now its coming but thats the subject? Its really far i mean okay hold on lets.

Try it again, and this time a moment this is still tracking me, but why it isnt following me: maybe the altitude is too low, and that is why okay so hold on im gon na. Do this one more time higher lets say just this high, okay, five meters, altitude and say go and the drone will start recording as well. Okay and now lets see. If you will follow me or not, i hear it coming anyway. Ill just have a nice sweet ride on my scooter, i hear it behind me, oh its here. Okay, this time its following me, pretty nice, okay lets enjoy more ride. Man. This 13x is an amazing skewer and if you want to watch a complete review of this scooter its on my channel its a really nice computer, i actually commute every day to my job. I go to school on this scooter. Okay, im gon na go a little fast and see if the drone will keep up on me with me or not its far behind so next i have a track shot and lets see what do we get in the track shot so im just gon na put The quad im, sorry by rotor here and da da da, i think all these kind of drones, except dji, have to be at a certain altitude. Okay and ill say: go start three, two one guess its time to wave hand Music yeah its time to wave hands its going.

Alright, so is there anything else in the track shot? I dont actually see much and, to be honest, i did not read. I mean i didnt have much time because these days im very very busy with my teaching job teaching english as foreign language job, and i have very little time so i didnt read much about the features i just brought it out. I didnt read much about the uh app. I just brought it out for testing and flying. As i said im i didnt get it for aerial, filming people im repeating myself again. I got it for its a buy rotor that im fascinated with okay. So its back right here and i believe our shot is done. Oh look at this shoot man. It takes altitude really fast. Lets just shoot this video as well. So we can figure out what this drone is capable of as well. Keep going ill just go like about 400 meters. More than enough okay, and now i will say, return to home return. Now i can see its turning ill start. Recording a clip anyway, hey thats, not home, video transmission is weak. I know: well you advertise six. Seven kilometer of range people why video signal is weak anyway, i dont want to fill my 3gb so im, just gon na stop, recording and im just gon na wait for the drone to return home. I see it coming the beautiful bird in the air man.

I can tell you man, this v shape, looks beautiful in the air its coming. I can see that i dont know if you can see it from this camera. My head came or not, but its coming back and its coming back. Really nice and precise all right. So tracking did not work as i expected and, to be honest, sorry to be honest, uh the best drone that i always use for tracking, no matter where i go on the scooters on a motorcycle walking in in the thick of a its dji mavic air too, Because it has this, ah man that algorithm is smart and the best thing i like about dji mavic air 2 is that at any altitude you can activate tracking and say, go without worries and start walking, start riding and rest assured. It finds everything with its obstacle avoidance system and avoids them. It just keeps coming man that thing scares me sometime, because how intelligent the dji mavic air 2 is, for its you know, tracking algorithm and bypassing, and avoiding all the obstacles. Okay, so quad is back, not quad. Sorry by rotor is back and its landing Applause. It was a nice and smooth land, but hey hold on hold on, i believe, given my bag right, there i took off from here oh thats, a lot of deviation. There zero zero robotics. Well, you know im a positive guy and i would say if your drone is back safely and land it safely.

You can pick it up. Take it home and fly again well lets just say its a good drone. Okay, because it came back all right, but those who are perfectionist – and they say you know it – took off from here – it must land here. Well, some drones have apron landing feature. You can try that all right now that i still have a lot of battery left. I believe i have a 48 battery left. Let me just do some aerial filming fly it around and then we will see how things look like from the eye of v: copter fog, Music, do Music, so Music do Music, so Music, all right, im back home and uh copying the video files from my cameras And i also copied from the v copter falcon, and i am surprised the camera result is fantastic man. I like it. The piece of information that you have been waiting for is that you know bicopters are like my dream, so im working on a design, its almost done and it is going to be a main birota. This means a single seater by rotor aircraft that i can sit in and fly myself now we thought to use turbines like six turbines, three on each side and each turbine gas turbine, the rc gas turbine is going to generate about 30 to 40 kilograms of thrust. That means six turbines is a lot of thrust more than i need the problem with that is um turbines.

Are you know, fuel hungry, so the flight times are going to be an issue and its going to be way too noisy. So guess what one of my friend is actually developing a turbo prop? Yes, you heard me right: hes, developing a turbo prop using a 40 kilogram thrust turbine or even a 30 kilogram thrust turbine. My friend said that this turbo prop, when ready, is going to generate 80 kilograms of thrust on a single rotor and that we are talking about a small rotor, not a large propeller. You know a small propeller is going to generate 80 kilograms of thrust. This means, if, as they plan to release it next year, they release it, we will be able to inshaallah make a bi rotor in a small frame. You know because the propellers are going to be small in a small frame and and it will have more than enough thrust and more flight time as well. So this is the project that im working on. As i said, i simply love biocopters and inshallah. I hope, as soon as that, turbo prop is out were gon na, make it insha allah and it will be probably the worlds first main single seater by rotor drone, and i hope i can do it. Wish me luck and lets wait for the turboprop to come up. So this was the piece of information and you know if i can make it happen. Inshaallah. I will have my dream of flying coming true again and this time with a manned by rotor aircraft.

So stay tuned for that now i hope you enjoyed this video. Give this video a big thumb up. Stay subscribed to my channel, hit that little bell icon and turn on all the notifications and stay updated for all the upcoming uploads mashallah. Look at that solid hold martial. This looks like an alien in the air man. Look at that Music come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there. I know you can do it. Oh, while you are at it, also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.