You can see there weve got the express lrs beta fpv 1s board. This is the the cross shaped one there. Also in this build weve got the caddix ant, as well as the ishii nano vtx, some z props, which are nice and smooth props. If youre not familiar with them, theyre from newbie drone for those that are interested ill put, uh the build parts down at the bottom and a few links. But you may need to use your google foo in order to find them from the vendor that youre. Looking for because otherwise it would just be a huge long list of links and probably one of the bigger features are these uh tiny whoop motors, the 0802 22 000 kv motors from, and i havent done this much but oftentimes i get parts and ill show Them to you on the channel – and it takes me quite a while to kind of get around to actually using those parts. So i tend to do it that way, because otherwise, its not really relevant anymore, and i do use the parts that come to the channel. It just takes me a long time, and this is kind of just a proof of concept on that. I have a lot of builds kind of sitting on the shelves over here of the parts that have come to the channel and i fly them around, and i do that for various reasons. One is to gain more experience with those components, so i cannot just get the reports that i get from the comment section or things that i might be getting through: facebook, messengers or email, or things like that on other peoples experience.

But i also have my own experience with those components as well. Of course, in this case we did fly this board on two beta fpv ready to fly, quads or bind and fly quads. So this would be the third time ive used this particular board uh. The main thing that i think you have to be careful of is your canopy and your mounting with that express lrs cube antenna right up front weve got to get our canopy up above that and, as you can see with mine, it is just a touch above That little turning point in my canopy one of the other key components of this build is i used extra long screws in my canopy mounting, and the reason why i use those extra long screws is to basically keep those posts from snapping. They shouldnt be moving. All that much with those extra long screws they dont go through all the way to the bottom, theyre just the longest screws. I could find that i could thread down through there. You know they need to be thin, they need to be threaded, they dont want to be like a bolt, you want it to be a screw and that will keep the post in good shape. So you, when you crash more youll, be less likely to get any flex and therefore hurt that cube antenna or knock it loose or even just as i already mentioned, uh sever opposed or knock a post loose.

I think once the post is more rigid with that long screw in there its less likely to separate at the base, because it doesnt flex all that much in all our individual crashes, so ive been flying this around and i decided one day i should get out My audio camera, so i can put together a little video and then i could just show you uh. Keep his eagle eye out. Were gon na see a crash right off the bat here 12 seconds in so were going to make a lap around the house kind of my steady eddy sort of thing get the feel for things but im going to come around this lamp and find just cut It short a little too quick on the yaw action there uh, but we got our handy dandy turtle mode. We didnt used to always have turtle mode it used to be. We had to do the walk of shame. Every time we crashed, but thankfully uh betaflight came out with turtle mode a few years ago. Somebody else may have beaten, beat beta flight 2 turtle mode, but i cant recall that for certain it could have been that kiss or flight one maybe had done it first, but when it came to micros and more widely accepted turtle mode, i think most of us Think of betaflight, but i wont give betaflight all the credit for coming up with that first, and this is just a proof of concept.

As i said uh, this is on a 450 milliamp battery. I am using the gmv27 connector, which some people have had some difficulty with. I have experienced it as well as far as the connector making a solid connection, sometimes its on the battery side and sometimes its on the quad side uh. So we have to change out those connectors until we find a good one, and that is something that i think is going to hold back the g b 27 from being widely accepted, especially when it comes to bind and flies. If a manufacturer uses that connector and then customers have problems with the connector not being reliable, that doesnt bode well for it. So weve got to get that mold to where thats, steady and those pins are always in the right spot to where those connectors can become. Ultra solid, it could be that im using an older batch, because i did when the gnb 27 connector came out, i did buy. I think it was two sets of 10 and i do know that many people experience the same sort of thing on g and b connectors early on, but im, not certain if that continues today with current batches or not, but as part of this is sharing my Experience with it uh this isnt necessarily well tuned. So i guess, if you want the cli dump, i can put it down there. I get asked for pids all the time on all sorts of quads uh camera rig, testing, quads that are custom, builds or that are really old, and i almost have to talk people out of it.

I dont like doing that because it seems kind of mean or nasty, but it just wont. Do you any good to use one of my custom tunes in this case? Maybe because its not all that well tuned, maybe itll be better than what youve got so ill put it down there. You can use the pid section of the cli, dump uh slap it on your whoop and see what you get. Of course, if youre not at this weight, which i dont think i mentioned its 25 grams – almost 25 grams flat – but if youre not at this weight with these props with this sort of 75 millimeter configuration with these motors probably wont work great. I do see a lot of people asking about the express lrs and these boards running emu flight thats just not possible just yet. I dont believe i havent tried it myself, but last i heard on the development side that there needed to have another iteration of emu flight to incorporate uh, espresso rs, correct me down in the comment section if im wrong on that, if im just not following emu Flight developments closely enough, but ive seen a number of posts on facebook about emu flight and these espresso boards and them not being quite ready yet so i presume thats the case dont take my word for it as gold make sure you go down in the comment Section and see if other people confirm that or if im just telling tails out of school this flight, as i said its going to be about three and a half minutes, a good many of the flights come in around that youll see here when i land that I could have flown approximately another 15 to 20 seconds on this, because the battery does come back up above 3.

6 volts per cell, so i have a little bit of battery left over that i could have used. This very well could be my last video before christmas. So i want to wish you all a merry christmas and happy holidays to those that dont celebrate christmas. I hope you all get a moment to enjoy some time with family and friends and others that you hold dear and and close to you and get to enjoy the holiday season and maybe regenerate yourself a little bit to energize for the remainder of the year before We turn over into 2022, where we can all kind of hope that 2022 goes better than kind of the last two years, but i just wanted to take that moment to wish you all happy holidays merry christmas. If you do have any comments, questions suggestions or otherwise about this little quad yeah go down in the comments section. Let me know what you think. Let me know what questions you might have. Let me know if i need to do more of these proof of concept. Builds that i do with parts that come to the channel they most of the time end up going away in giveaways. Eventually, i did think about doing another giveaway before christmas, but then the thought occurred to me. I might need some of my boxes for the christmas presents that i have to wrap yep. I wrap all the presents here in our household, so i held on to those, but as we get into uh post christmas post holiday probably have another giveaway coming up ill.

Try to gather up some of those boxes as presents are opened and now save those to be able to ship quads like this off to you.