How am i going to find it here so we’re going to strap this little air tag to my tp3, uh and we’re, going to see whether or not, if i crash and lose this and i’m deliberately going to do that deliberately going to crash it deliberately going To lose it to see if this air tag can find it Music, Applause, okay, so these are apple air tags. They are designed, let’s take them out. They are designed to help you find things now. The things apple want you to find your keys, your wallet, your bag and just things in general. Now i have things and i lose things. I lose my drones when i fly them, so that obviously occurs when fly a little bit too far run out of battery. I have a mechanical issue or a fail safe now, singed, switching since switching to express lrs and when i was on crossfire file saves not a problem but running out of video running out of battery and perhaps going somewhere. I shouldn’t be or having a mechanical failure and then crashing. I lose things so we’re going to strap this little air tag to my tp3 and we’re, going to see whether or not, if i crash and lose this and i’m deliberately going to do that deliberately going to crash it deliberately going to lose it to see. If this air tag can find it all right, how much does an air tag weigh 12 grams, pretty heavy little things? Um let’s get it on the cord.

We might have to be flying the tp3 on 3s, as opposed to 2s. Okay, we’ve gone with a janky setup um, the jank is real on this one. So basically i have some electrical tape. I have it under the rubber band and the electrical tape goes over the top the front over the back and hopefully that’s enough to keep this little layer tag on when i crash okay, so we’re down here at my usual flying field and um, as you can Probably see there’s some dark rain clouds, overhead and that’s the direction we’re going to send it so we’re going to send it out over there, and hopefully, air tags will find it for us time to get set up, alrighty, Music and we’re off and away all right And here we go oh and we’re gone well, that was it it wasn’t too big or flashy. We just flew out probably about 500 meters, far enough to not be in reach of the air tags and in a shitty spot in the bush now it’s time to go, find it okay. So the first thing we’re going to do: okay, we’ve got screen, recording, turned on gon na go into the find my app and where’s the toothpick well according to well. According to the find my app the toothpicks with me but i’m going to notify when found i’m going to yep we’re, going to enable loss mode or pop in my phone number next we’re going to activate loss mode and time to go and find it in the Bush so it’s still saying it’s with me now i’ve got my tx turned on my transmitter, so that will let us know when we’re close and time to go down the bush track.

Welcome to the australian urban bush, so probably a good time now to we’re going to turn on find mode searching for a signal now nowhere near nowhere near the signal, so a couple of things with so a couple of things with air tags. Firstly, the way they work is about using the apple find my network, which is basically a low power radio signal. I think it’s bluetooth being admitted from the air tag and being picked up by other apple devices anonymously and then updating the find my network, which, when you’ve got it registered, you can go back and check it now. Is it going to be able to find a lost drone? Well, this is the question we’re certainly trying to ask, but the way we’re going to go about finding it is we absolutely can’t purely rely on air tags to go and find it ourselves. Now this quad my little tp3 it doesn’t have. I got to watch where i’m going, because this is quite a rocky path. It doesn’t have a gps. So, ideally, if you’ve got gps on a quad, you would record the dvr you’d have the coordinates or your file saved. You can punch those into your phone and then lo and behold you’re, a ballpark of where it is. Hopefully, you’ve got a buzzer if not you’re, going to be using d, shot beacon, but that’s only going to work just as long as the quad has battery. So if you’ve sent it and we’re not talking, you know 500, maybe a kilometer.

I don’t know i’ll measure that when i get home but a good 500 meters away, if you’ve sent it talking, several kilometers chances are by the time you get to your quad. The lipo would have died um, especially with the vtx and everything, and even with the motors going d shot. So ideally, you’d want to have a buzzer with an external battery like the firefly v2 it’s, a really good one, if you’re trying to do long range but long range pilots. You already know this freestyle pilots and park grippers if you’ve got space in your build, probably handy to pop in a firefly v2. Now, as you can see pretty bushy, the other thing is we’re using our dvr to figure out whereabouts. We landed so i know this park pretty well having lost a few quads here before and had to go trudging around the bush and trying to use my ears to find where, where it is, but you know have taken ages to find them so we’re, hoping that This is going to help um well we’re, now in apple maps, and we want to be in find my so according to find my the baby tooth is still last where my phone was when it had reception, i.e when i took off and flew that was the Last time it pinged, so it really hasn’t been updated and on the map we’re well and truly into the bush um. So you use your dvr to find the general proximity of the area where you crashed or fail safe and then from there.

The hope is, you’d hear the buzzer and you’d go towards it. Um the air target 15 grams, pretty big and heavy for what for what it is for a quads purpose. Probably do it on a five inch: oh here’s, some fun. I have to navigate this, so you probably put that on a five inch and by the way the radio still hasn’t picked up any signal yet and um from there you’d probably be able to find it. I wonder if we can d case the air tag and it would still work build a tpu uh cover for it. Here we go, i might have to bleep that out. Okay recover so that’s positive we’re in we’re in the ballpark we’re in the ballpark. So this is the case: um items directions, no loss mode, enabled let’s turn off lost mode, bring the right spot. Let’S click on that um play sound, so we’re in the vicinity lost now apple still says yeah, so apple still says, we’re well and truly away from it. So if i click on that still thinking it’s back where it was um enable loss mode again, yep activate play sound, so we’re heading, you know we’re in the vicinity, but like how close? Are we Music mind? You i’m, just aimlessly walking on this? Oh it’s gon na be great for the car um i’m just walking on this track. Now i did purposely choose to fly over and generally in the direction of a walking track, because i figured there’d have to be some walk to go and find it and, as you can see, the scrub is pretty thick.

So air tag not reachable so still not reachable. Now i know i didn’t get further and this what’s that now it says my tp3 is now with me, but i heard the beeper, which is the d shot beacon before and if i hit find it says five meters. So, okay to my right, it’s, five meters ahead. Oh i think we see it and oh great, we have oh rescued the quad. Of course the battery came off in the crash. We have rescued the quad, so i guess the question is: can you find well let’s? Unplug that, first, can you find a quad with air tags now to be brutally honest. Um let’s just turn that off to be brutally honest. No because that’s just to be really honest, you can’t, because i heard the d shot beacon playing its buzzer before apple’s find my network picked it up, and that was only five meters away when it happened. So i got to got to about here and it was over there and that’s when the find my network picked up the the air tag. But i heard the buzzer first now sure the air tagged helped me get within five meters of it and get me that last five meters. But when you look at the apple advertising and that you’re able to you know find it, you would hope that you could actually use this to find your stuff a bit more or to find a lost quad out in the middle of nowhere.

Now i think, some of the things that would have helped this process is. We are on a walking track now, let’s just say: hypothetically the lipo died and you know it was pretty much no power, no chance of finding it with the transmitter as well. Someone walking past this passed it uh down the walking track, provided they had an iphone would have updated the find my network um potentially, would have notified them. There’S a a lost air tag and hopefully would have found the drone and given me a phone call, but to be fair well to be really honest, that’s, not the experience i was kind of hoping for. I was hoping that within 20 to 30, meters of the crash site i’d have something uh, maybe even 10 metres of the crash site, but not five. When i could hear the beeper and then it suddenly goes oh it’s over there, so i don’t think personally, i’d.