It has enough power to overcome indoor air movement from fans, etc. The controllers both work well, Music, the standard controller, has all the needed buttons for flying modes in the hand, strap controller is incredibly intuitive for a different way to control flight. Only complaint is that the quadcopter lights are uniform around the unit. I e no different colors to indicate front slash rear. Overall. This is a great little drone for indoor and outdoor flights. The battery lasts long enough to enjoy flying and is easily swapped out for another to extend flight time. Slash use, updated the seller, remedied the situation below. I really like this drone and my son enjoys putting it on the mode where it flies around on its own, avoiding obstacles using the controller. I have not had any issues. The mode using the small remote for autonomous flight still makes me nervous. It seems that it still wants to run away sometimes so we don’t use that mode outside. Overall, i feel like the seller made the situation right. We only got to fly this twice the second time we flew it using the small teardrop remoted flew away and got stuck in a very tall tree. We followed the instructions, exactly powered. The drone on by holding the button on the drone for two seconds then pressed once to calibrate, then press the single on the teardrop remote. The drone took flight and hovered. Briefly it continued to climb to around 20 and drifted away.

I followed it for about five minutes pressing the button on the remote to make it land with no response Music. Eventually, it flew into a large tree and got stuck i’ve got one upset little boy on christmas night, not a happy camper Music. My brother gave this drone as a birthday gift to my son. It was easy to set up and to flight outside using the regular remote. The g sensor watch remote is not so easy to learn, but it is easy to use it as any other drone. Just ignoring this special watch remote so far, we haven’t tried it inside the house, but we’ll certainly give it a try Music soon. What a neat little drone picked this up for my eight year old daughter on her birthday and the face she made when unwrapping was priceless. Both kids are thrilled, took a little help to get through the manual given. This is intended for 14 plus, but these kids are fast. Learners flies great indoors. The primary remote in the photo is the preference, but the wrist finger. Remote is really neat. One downside is the batteries get super hot from charging Music. I love this drone for flying fun. More than any of my six drones, the watch is incredibly precise and so easy to fly with no video of flight, as those drone does not have a camera, but a pic of the three different control methods for use and drone is shown.