Until i hit the home button it shot up about 30 and took off in the wrong direction. Then it hit a tree worked with the company in an attempt to make it right after some interaction, they sent me a completely new drone i’ve since has no issues with it overall, a great beginner drone and the affiliate gps app works great with it as well. The drone is limited on how far you go approximately 110 yards and it loses contact with the app far enough for me. Had some calibration issues, one time and crashed the drone it’s built pretty sturdy great customer service Music. This drone is more than i expected it. Even arrived four days earlier than expected comes with a nice case, and good documentation has directions in german, which is great, since that is rarely seen, must be manufactured in germany. Parts all seem to be high quality. Definitely a good drone for beginners to intermediate flyers. Video footage is not as steady since they’re, not a three axis gimbal like the higher priced drones, but it is still considered pretty good, very easy to set up and fly takes great. Video and pictures comes with a very handy case to carry everything in about 30 minutes of flight time per battery. Has gps return home function, so you can lose it perfect for a beginner Music expect features such as follow me mode. That gets the drone to follow. You no matter how fast you move long flight time of 26 minutes from one battery and gps assisted functions such as return to home.

This is the best drone for the money. It is something that cannot be fully described. You have to experience it. I had this drone on my wish list for a couple of months and decided to purchase the drone when i saw that it was on sale boy. Am i happy i did received my drone today and i couldn’t wait to fly. It took it out of the box and immediately noticed the nice carry case, unzipped the carry case and was pleasantly surprised at the size and the quality of the drone. The battery was half charged so only wanted to do a test flight even at half charge. I got about 12 minutes out of it, but enjoyed all 12 minutes of flight. It had all the basic features i expect in a gps drone such as one button return to home rth lost signal, rth and low battery rdh. I have about 30 flights under this drone for about 12 hours of total flight time day and night, and i can tell you this thing does not miss a beat low, wind, medium, wind, 8 to 10 miles per hour gusts and it holds position pretty rock steady.