Business bought the dji spark and it was such a hassle to set up. Then it didn’t even work right. I was very ticked off, returned it and wished. I could have sent them a bill for the time i wasted on it. I saw some videos on the seashen drone and thought i’d. Try it and see how it would work it got here in a day and after charging the battery up, i thought i’d, give it a try had to find the app lw fpv and it set up, which was easy and pretty quick took the gps stuff. A few tries, but after a short time i was buzzing it around my front yard, with lots of trees and some mild winds and didn’t have a single problem for the price and the little amount of setup and time with software issues etc. I am so happy with this purchase. We’Ll, probably order a spare and definitely going to order extra batteries as they only last about 15 minutes per charge. Hess had little play drones, but nothing compared to this high tech machine. He was able to adapt to it and fly it very easily. We are so impressed by everything that this drone can do when receiving it make sure to take the time to read the instruction manual on how to sync the remote to the drone and perform calibration it’s. Pretty simple then use the qr to download the app to your phone.

The labels are reversed, so it says ios for google play and vice versa, then go to your phone like you’re, searching for nearby wi fi and connect to the drone. You’Ll know which one it is it says gps in the title. Now you can control from your phone and take picture and videos from your phone with the drone’s camera. The battery is lasting days and it charges really quickly. We crashed it a couple times and it held up just fine, so it’s very durable. Neither my daughter nor myself have ever flown any kind of remote, controlled, plane or drone before, and we had this unpacked and flying within 15 minutes. The best feature for me is that it appears to be very hardy. We hard landed it quite a few times and it was totally fine. It was quick to set up and calibrate the remote and joystick are easy to use.