It flies very well, is easy to control, does a few tricks and takes pretty good pictures and videos. I attached one such picture update the company had good customer service and replaced with a new drone. First of all, i would like to say it is a cheap drone built cheaply. Things started falling apart after the first few flights, it’s been only two days since i bought this. One first thing to go was the propeller caps, sometimes even without a hard landing. I had to use bare ones. Two then came the propeller guards which cracked, after a few small falls. I always kept the drone between 10 to 20 feet only three second day on wards. All i wanted was the drone to work consistently. I kept the drone steady under six feet. One of the driveshafts became loose and just started spinning without getting hooked onto the propeller. This made that propeller stop the drone would not lift off. Without that propeller i had to wrap a tape on the metal needle to keep the drive shaft in place four. I know it has a short flight time, but sometimes i just got like three minutes of flight time after charging for more than an hour five when it works, it works great with perfect control and stability and then all of a sudden it goes rogue moving in All directions which prompts me to turn it off. That is the main reason i never take it too high.

I could live with the cosmetic problems like damaged propeller guards and propeller caps. My primary concern is the driveshaft not staying snug with the motor which prevents the propeller from spinning and does not lift off. Maybe i just got a bad piece update. The propeller has become loose and would not stay in place. The drone does not lift off anymore Music. Defiantly recommend this quadcopter to anyone. Great flyer and good video quality even has sound like most don’t. The camera is nice quality and the quadcopter is a smooth camera platform. Some really nice features, but controller and receiver are not too reliable, so recommended for indoor or short range use. On one occasion we experienced complete loss of control and a flyway away at when the drone was about. It went full tilt up and the high altitude breeze carried it away out of sight. Customer support helped us get flying again and is excellent service backing up your purchase. The cw4 was my first drone and i’m really glad it was for several reasons: colin won. It has altitude hold, which means that you can fly it to a certain height and it will hold that height, more or less drones without altitude hold are much harder to fly too it’s very sturdy face it you’re going to crash your first drone a lot.